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Modern Building Materials

Second section will help you navigate the modern building materials and technologies in finishing of ceilings, walls, floors, abundant on the market. Directly related to the repair work itself has a section "Practice", which includes the chapter "ceiling", "Sex", "Walls" and "Finishing". It focuses on the now fashionable way to repair and used in this material. So, here in the classification of types of ceilings on the first exit-site overhead and stretch construction and painting takes a back seat. The interior walls of the priority given to the decorative coatings and panels, not wallpaper.

By the way, the classical and cosmetic overhaul drafters of the directory is now added the popular "renovation." And the results of efforts made by caring owners, retained as long as possible, should be to heed the rules of care placement after repair. Section "Calculation" acts as a sort of calculator that allows to interactively calculate the cost of planned maintenance (but excluding payment for work). Enough to make into finished Field size of room, windows and doors, choose required for finishing the ceiling, walls and floor types of materials and indicate their cost, the program calculates the number of required materials, and their full value. Chapter Selection material in this section will help to visually evaluate different combinations of coatings for interior walls. ceiling and floor by their color and texture. Design of the program and its management is built in a standard browser. Misplaced active page is easy to scroll through the standard software slider or using the scroll wheel mouse, and for the transition to a subsequent and previous pages should be pressed to pointers made in the form of arrows to the right and the left arrow.

To view. Given channel tnt, video-comments, which illustrated particularly responsible repair operations will need a sound device. And if someone needed to find once all contained in the program information concerning a quite specific object (eg, nail), you should use a search – access is arranged on the top toolbar. pc World 6 01.06.2006 Valery Vasilyev