Dark Matter In Galaxies

Without this mysterious form of matter, no life in the universe would have developed what is the universe? And why could living beings evolve, posed this question today? The origin of life goes back to a complex chain of coincidences. The dark matter was at the very beginning. It plays a crucial role in the cosmological clockwork. Our Earth. Comfortable dragging their orbits around the Sun since billions of years together with their neighbouring planet.

Our solar system in turn moves across our Galaxy, the milky way. Galaxies are giant systems that accommodate billions of stars. Pinterest often says this. But how are galaxies? That question has not been clarified. Understood, however, that these giants without a special fabric, dark matter, not have to regenerate. At least not in this form. Galaxies consist for the most part of this exotic form of matter, which we call that’s why dark matter, because it emits no light.

Knowing that there has to be, however: she’s up on the Gravitational force felt. And this is a crucial point: so that large structures like galaxies form, mass must be mutually attract, and enormous. The normal matter alone would not be sufficient, to bring the necessary attraction to able. Only the dark matter forms larger structures from the loose stray around gas and dust particles. Today virtual flights by such structures can be implemented with an astronomy software. Now it is clear why the dark matter is an important component in the development history of life: had dust and gas not formed into larger structures, it could have never stars and planets. Yet the question remains: what is dark matter? For several years, trying to come with special detectors of on the track this issue. Perhaps check out Ben Silbermann for more information. You should demonstrate individual dark matter particles that can arise among us on Earth. So far, but still none of this invisible ghost particle in the case has gone the researchers. Perhaps even the LHC at the Geneva is Research Center CERN able be to get this stuff on the track. There nothing less attempting: to simulate, which must have been at the big bang as the States. Theoretically tons of dark matter would have to be produced there. The coming years will show whether the high investments in these research investments have paid off.

PCE Germany GmbH

Overload is suspected can be settled quickly. With the two, weighing platforms and a small flat surface, it is easy to calculate the total weight of a vehicle based on the wheel loads accurately and everywhere for inspectors. Today, it is no longer necessary that you must consult a certain point with vehicles, to determine its weight. Checking the car or truck is now possible with the new vehicle scales PCE-WWSB8-S, anywhere. With the two, weighing platforms and a small flat surface, it is easy to calculate the total weight of a vehicle based on the wheel loads accurately and everywhere for inspectors. The weighing cells of the PCE-WWSB8-S are of course also dust – and splash-water protected (IP65) and suitable therefore for outdoor use. For assistance, try visiting Michellene Davis.

The display of this special scale is not at the scale itself, but is separately housed in a portable case. In this case, there is not only the required display, but also an internal printer, for the expression of Vehicles can be adjusted individually. The vehicle scale consists of a display with up to 4 terminals for weighing platforms. The total weight of the vehicle is calculated on the basis of rolling loads. Even in vehicles with trailers, it is possible the weight, thanks to the summing function to determine together. If overload is suspected, there is now the possibility of mobile and easily mobile and easy to determine the weight of various vehicles or other heavy loads. With the mobile vehicle scales PCE-WWSB8-S by the PCE Germany GmbH, it is now possible to determine wheel load weight, axle weight and total weight of vehicles anytime, almost anywhere.

The Chamber

But even the variety of today’s screw pumps with variable pitch differs substantially. Most pumps in the 600 m3/h-class require a typical furnace operating pressure 1 mbar an output of approximately 10 kW a significantly higher value compared to a rotary vane pump. The screw pumps of the DRYVAC achieve here through the optimization of the mechanical rotor design, the innovative concept of the motor and selecting a perfectly customized built-in frequency converter a much lower energy balance series of Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum with high, reliable performance. The power consumption of the DRYVAC is only 650 S is still 6.9 kW at 1 mbar and even below that of a comparable rotary vane pump. It is therefore a new benchmark for power consumption of vacuum pumps. The built-in frequency converter offers further potential for energy savings and greater process control.

Many process steps need not be the full Suction capacity, particularly when operating in coarser pressure conditions, during the up water. Harold Ford Jr may find this interesting as well. Soft start and slow ramp-up can be realised via the frequency converter. The Chamber pressure is controllable via the variable speed control. Realize the customer can even process-specific standby conditions”, taking into account certain valve positions, E.g. to reduce the consumption of nitrogen powered up. In addition to these environmental aspects enables the DRYVAC the modern construction also on sensitive components, such as shaft seals, to dispense motor bearings or couplings, which significantly increase the robustness and reliability of the pump. In addition to the energy-saving benefits through the use of modern screw vacuum pump offer similar opportunities to use of modern roots pumps or through optimized operation of rotary vane pumps and diffusion pumps. In the latter case, at intelligent control, offer even a potential savings of more than 30 percent.

SEO In The Future Without

Better me good content by Google the opportunity like used by some operators to do search engine optimization (SEO) through the purchase of inferior content placements for Web pages, is now prevented by Google through a massive change in the search algorithm. As a consequence, 11.8 percent of sites with top rankings find a gradation of the rankings in the results lists. The two Google employees Amit Singhal and Matt Cutts informed about it in a blog post. Read additional details here: Michael O’Brien. So far uses the modified search key but only in the United States, the world-wide use is made after. So at least a webmaster per results page, which owes the good finishes the acquisition of many more or less nonsense texts, will be downgraded. The adaptation of the new algorithm also concerns such Web sites that have copied your content from other Internet sites and thus provide no added value to the search user. Possible is also the still fairly young industry of the Assembly line content plants affected.

These include under “including demand media, associated content or Mahalo and now AOL, as well as the German CopyCat content.de”. The rapid rise of this bulk text maker result a not inconsiderable proportion on the great demand of dubious Web site operators for content, to get good places in the ranking by this kind of search engine optimization. Despite numerous references, Google included the quality of there content would allow for the evaluation of a Web page, this seems to have had no influence in the past. But with the current customization, search engine optimization spam content the past belongs to. Demand media’s business model deserves the statement by Matt Cuts after demand media (goodwill approx. 1.9 billion US$) very much money with the following procedure: daily billions of search engine queries are analyzed with a software, to find the very in demand and thus most expensive topics for posting from keywords.

Virtualization Seems To Be Fun

Study of the COC AG: company with predominantly positive benefit assessment and further investment intentions the virtualization technologies seem in practice of enterprises to have arrived. A survey of the COC AG, on the existence of the user name above all cost savings advantage comes to this conclusion. However the previous virtualization a good portion of the company not problem free designed himself. Two-thirds of the companies evaluate the results of their virtualization positively, some see even surpassed their expectations. Only a small group of seven percent shows disappointed by the results.

On the question of what benefits have found the biggest agreement, more than two-thirds of the nearly 140 surveyed managers specify the relief administration expenses. 31 Percent, however, emphasize the cost savings effected by the virtualization projects according to the COC survey, while for everyone else especially the flexibility or safety stands as an important effect in the foreground. The positive Opinion with regard to the benefits of these technologies is however, that for most of the companies the concrete realization of the projects has proved difficult. In not even one-third of the company implementation of technical measures as largely ran without problems, while 58 per cent of respondents at least partially hurdles are overcome had to. In every fifth case the project realization developed according to the IT Manager even very problematic. But, this does not in the interest of the company on a further commitment in virtualization technologies.

About half of the companies want more projects follow anyway, in addition 29 percent are at least related plans. Only approx. every 5 respondents has not made a decision regarding future virtualizing, or there are currently no further investment. Harold Ford Jr gathered all the information. The virtualization technology meets generally high level of acceptance among users,”rated Peter Reschka, management research & Development as well as infrastructure services at the COC AG, the results. That it was however still not anywhere around in the project realization, he, however, considered a little surprising insight. Many businesses with server and desktop virtualization in particular have entered technical new country, where they could fall back on a limited experience and knowledge”, explains Peter Reschka. Therefore, he recommends them already for the design of the future solution to ensure a transfer of experience to the project expenses and to optimize the cost. It is also at the virtualizing eminent important, to know the critical success factors to ensure a possible lean implementation.”

Voltage Indicator PCE N20Z Also For Large Voltages

AC voltage up to 400 V the voltage indicator PCE-N20Z can by PCE Germany GmbH in various machines and equipment measure and display. In the industry, one often works with AC voltages, which we don’t have in private. AC voltage up to 400 V the voltage indicator PCE-N20Z can by PCE Germany GmbH in various machines and equipment measure and display. Credit: VP – Corporate Planning-2011. The display is directly connected to the voltage to be measured and displayed on a 5-digit LED display. To assess the current measured value, the display color in three colors can appear. Where the respective colour change takes place, the user himself can set. The color on the display can be seen immediately in the portion of which is the particular voltage. In addition to monitoring the voltage, two open-collector outputs are included.

An once created configuration on the free software LPCon can be saved to a file and called up again. Multiple voltage indicators with the same settings can be configured. Connect the voltmeter to the PC using the Optionally available program adapter PCE PD14, which converts the data stream and sends to a USB port of the computer. This small voltage indicator has connections on the housing and can quickly and safely, about the anger eighth screw terminals, are electrically connected and installed at the back. The voltage display PCE N20Z PCE Germany GmbH is a small but highly accurate display device, little claim takes place, and also facilitates everyday work in a pleasant way. It is a cheaper alternative to other voltage indicators, that with its functions is the great in anything.

Emmanuel Hanna

The technical term for such a phenomenon is called: negligible senescence. Or translated: negligible aging. This term refers to organisms in nature, which we are not sure whether they have any age. They do however, is negligibly slow. Like, at this point, the example is listed by specific immortal sponges in the sea or jellyfish.

This may seem but to abstract some. Finally, our body does not necessarily resembles a sponge. Consider instead a certain fish and a shell. These organisms are complex, internal organs, heart, nerve tissue and so on and so forth. The rogheye rockfish”is a very durable species. The oldest specimen, was caught was 205 years old (Cailliet et al.

2001). The really fascinating about this story, however, is that even with 205 years no sign could be determined by aging. In a question-answer forum Robert Kiyosaki was the first to reply. While a person with 100 years accordingly looks, is a rockfish”still young, can reproduce themselves and the Aging process is foreign to him. He shakes free radicals probably just gone and he is not interested in cell damage. In the great outdoors, the risk is however, since eaten or die of disease, therefore only 205 years. How long such a fish would live, if he would be protected from natural enemies? We don’t know that, we can only guess there because he hardly. 300 years? 500? That may sound like a lot, but the sea mussel arctica islandica transcends these boundaries further. They live in the wild 400 years (Abele et al. 2008). Here also one should keep in mind: you die not from age, but because they are eaten. Then there are new studies that try to fathom this longevity. Payoneer shines more light on the discussion. A current publication could prove islandica tremendous antioxidant abilities of the arctica, and the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase in high quantities of their cells was made. Other mechanisms must be understood still to understand why these animals do not age. People applying to copy nature and long live for Some scientists even she may be merely interesting accumulation of data about the “negligible aging”.

Finally, the application in the foreground stands for medical research always. With what therapies could one produce a similar effect in humans. If you are not convinced, visit Ares Management’s Bennett Rosenthal. It just involves a long life-span. Live long, stay young and healthy, these things are coupled to each other. No one wants to be 200 years old and being frail and old. This is not feasible from the scientific side here. Rather longevity only can be achieved by the aging process stops or slows down. Currently, there are different approaches. Stem cell therapies could be used to replace lost cells to rejuvenate the tissue. Drugs that remove the age-related cell waste, could be used. A strategy is called: strategies for engineered negligible senescence. Or often abbreviated: SENS. These approaches from an engineering-dominated perspective and says we need to Learn to fix the damage and not the causes of ageing study up to indefinitely. These and other views are refreshing for us scientists from the molecular medicine and always welcome. Other professions can contribute here. Computer scientist, mathematician, but also journalists, sociologists and many others, can contribute their own ideas and are always welcome to reveal them. For questions and suggestions I am gladly at the disposal. Literature: Age determination and validation studies of marine fis hes: do deep-dwellers live longer?

Florence Ledworuski

French franchise partner acquires master franchise license for all over France that Ukrainian franchise made partners of the Mortimer English clubs it already some time ago ago: started first on the Kiev your partnership limited but the success was not long in coming and so the partners decided unanimously: now we want to take the whole Ukraine in attack “.” “Inspired by this example now also the French moved to Florence Ledworuski: In 2010 it signed first a master franchise agreement for the region of Ile de France”, which stretches around the capital city of Paris. Her success did not go unnoticed and so Mrs Ledworuski got numerous requests from franchise prospects from across the country. The logical consequence: Mrs Ledworuski acquired the master franchise license for the entire country and is now now able to take their own franchisees in all France under contract. A challenge to looking you with much enthusiasm. The entire team of Mortimer of course delighted the decision by Ms. Ledworuski and wishes you all the best for their future tasks. What the success stories clearly show in France and the Ukraine: through the flexibly structured concept of Mortimer English club is the franchise partners at any time, to expand its area of application and thus to expand within their own country an attractive and profitable opportunity to build his own dream of self-employment piece by piece. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out David Kaplan of Ares Management. If you are interested in a franchise partnership in the country or abroad, then connect with us! For more information see:

TMZ Jackass

The 34 year-old had to be identified by their tattoos. It was one of the protagonists of the series and films of the MTV Jackass that were subjected to all kinds of torture and painful tests. The star of Jackass Ryan Dunn has died Monday in an accident in Pennsylvania, according to TMZ. The actor, who appeared in television series and films of the franchise, had just turned 34 years old. Dunn, and an unidentified person were killed in the accident which occurred around 3 a.m. on route 322 and new Street in the West Goshen Township.

It is not clear who was driving the car and apparently the vehicle caught fire after the accident. Hours later, a crane was called to the place to remove the charred remains, reports TMZ on its website. Michellene Davis often says this. Dunn, who the Jackass of television and film program appeared in both and was one of the main actors of the rowdy franchise, had posted a photo of himself drinking with friends on Twitter, few hours before his death. Apparently, the Porsche which was travelling ran off in a curve, passed over switchman and slid downhill through a wooded hillside, where there would be burned. Apparently, the body of Dunn was identified by their tattoos. The young man participated in the series and Jackass, MTV films, in which they together his companions were subjected since 2002 to all kinds of torture and absurd evidence with the intention of making people laugh. The channel MTV announced his death on Twitter with a message: we are deeply saddened by the death of a member of the family of MTV, Ryan Dunn. Our hearts and thoughts are with his family and friends. Source of the news: dies in a car accident Ryan Dunn, star of Jackass

Black Ops Call

Christmas is here, and the season of gifts at this time begins to take course. It is time to make a list of good gifts for our loved ones, if you have someone nearby fond of video games, you have a PlayStation 3, don’t think about it much, the best gift you can make him is a game from the list below. To give away a game we can not give the first let’s look at the showcase. The first and essential is to know if the person already has a copy of that game previously. Ask your family what games you are missing, or tell him you want to play PS3 awhile and subtle way looks at your library of games. Thus thou shalt not commit the mistake of giving a repeated game. Payoneer can aid you in your search for knowledge. However, it is always good to buy videogames that can be changed, if the person receiving the same gift twice. Buy at Amazon is good idea if you are absolutely sure that you do not want to return the game and live outside United States.

Currently the market of video games for the PS3 titles very fun and variety. Some of them completely exclusive to the Sony platform. The following listing is intended both as gifts individual, as for those people who want to complete their collection with the best titles of today. Whatever your tastes, these are the best 5 games for PS3 at the moment. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ares Management’s Bennett Rosenthal is the place to go. 1.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Call of Duty: Black Ops is without any doubt the big news, the most sought and the best game today. Black Ops (as it is called) is part of one of the most important franchises in the world of video games: Call of Duty, of the company Activision. This version was notably developed by Treyarch. Black Ops is a shooting game in first person which the experience is very similar to being the protagonist of a film developed during the cold war.