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Germany Suffers From Vitamin Deficiency

In Germany, almost all people suffering under a more or less severe vitamin deficiency, today informed Courtney Hardy from the center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC) in Cologne, and encourages the population to change the diet. With his new book, "Vitamin-light" is choosing the right vitamin-rich food especially easy. Everyone should check their vitamin supply and improve if necessary by a change in diet or the deliberate ingestion of dietary supplements, calls the well-known nutrition expert Müller Nothmann. From toddlers to senior people in Germany too little vitamin D, pantothenic acid and folic acid lead. In addition, almost all adults in Germany suffer from a biotin deficiency. Even the vitamin E intake, it is not well-ordered, evaluates Mueller Nothmann from various dietary studies. Only vitamin C, pyridoxine and riboflavin intake meets the recommendations of the German Societyfor Nutrition (DGE) Me eV it is not surprising that people in Germany receive too few vitamins, emphasizes medicine journalist Courtney Hardy, which points to the general malnutrition. It is appalling that just two percent, only one in fifty people in Germany consume enough vegetables and fruit. That includes fast food, convenience foods, sugared soft drinks and alcoholic beverages to have daily diet, criticized Mueller Nothmann. Many chronic diseases increase such as diabetes mellitus, or inflammatory disease similar to certain medications (particularly the pill), the vitamin requirement. Of course, hardly anyone in Germany is suffering under the classical vitamin deficiency diseases, scurvy, rickets, pellagra, or Berberi, says Sven-David Müller Nothmann, chairman of the German center of excellence to promote health and dietetics, emphatically. But a vitamin intake that is considerably below the recommendations, it is not beneficial to the organism. TheFolic acid intake is generally 50 percent below DGE recommendations. To improve the vitamin supply a whole, people should eat according to Sven-David Müller Nothmann more fresh and raw and cooked vegetables. In addition, marine fish, high-quality vegetable oils such as canola oil and nuts and seeds important. But even low-fat meat is an important component of a healthy diet that is low-fat milk and dairy products through its curvature. To improve the folic acid supply should, in addition to leaf green leafy vegetable with folic acid-enriched table salt in the kitchen are used, we recommend Mueller Nothmann. Is not understandable for me again, why warn nutrition organizations and sucked-called experts in statements or writings against dietary supplements only in the last sentence and point out that these are useful in special situations and specific needs of states, said Mueller Nothmann. Almost all people have either specialRequirements states or are in special situations. Against this background, warning, and the subsequent statement is not understandable. Also nutritional supplements have a firm place in the health-promoting diet. Even by the term "supplement" to show in this counter products that they can not serve to replace a healthy diet. Otherwise, they would indeed "food substitutes are called. The alleged by consumer advocates and intractable nutritional experts repeatedly raised think that vitamins are useless and dangerous, and the population was approaching it as an excuse for an unhealthy behavior that has long since been disproved by studies. A study published in the Ernährungsumschau staff by Ulbricht and clearly shows that already rely on health-food supplements, while people who are not interested in practice for their diet, taking them do not.A vitamin overdose is possible through dietary supplements is also not because the legislature has defined the composition and dosage of suchproducts and reviewed. Finally, Mueller Nothmann points out that in addition to the vitamin supply in Germany, the supply of minerals – ie the volume and trace elements – do not always sufficient. The new vitamin traffic by Sven-David Müller Nothmann makes an ideal vitamin supply simply because it contains more than 16,000 values. Vitamin Information from the food, especially easy to reach the meeting of needs that are printed after the green by Sven-David Müller Nothmann developed traffic light principle. Individual counseling provides the specialist advice portal Registered users online in 57 hours 55 specialist doctors can ask for free advice. On the new page a vitamin checkup is carried out and reported vitamin experts asked for advice. Bibliographic Data: Vitamin lights, KnaurPublisher, Courtney Hardy, ISBN 3-426-64364-2, 8.95 euros. The center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC), headquartered in Cologne, dedicated in particular to individual nutrition counseling and operates scientifically justified public press and public on nutrition, prevention and nutrition. The well-known medicine journalist Courtney Hardy director of the CEC. Center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC), Courtney Hardy, Gotenring 37, 50679 Köln-Deutz, 0177-2353525,,

Business Ethics

In German-speaking countries, a distinction between economic and business ethics. Economic ethics is concerned with the theoretical relationship between economics, economics and ethics set apart while the business ethics with all aspects of business dealing with morality and ethics. In the English-speaking Business Ethics is taught as a subject for a long time in higher education, which is rather rare to find in Germany. Despite large overlaps in the subject area, the focus of much discussion in English on empirical and application-related issues, while the German debate is strongly marked by theoretical controversies. As one of the great creative forces in our society, the economy has a big responsibility. With this critical issue is concerned, the economic ethics. For companies in Germany has a rather low priority business ethics. In the United States enjoys a far higher priority.Many management consultants point to the dangers that go into the companies if they clearly act selfishly and cause damage by their image among potential customers and business partners. But even in-house money ethical behavior is of great importance. It can positively influence the motivation of employees, which affects the medium term and economically. The churches developed under critical rejection of libertarian economic theory, an alternative, less "market fundamentalist" economic approach, building on fundamental Christian beliefs. This model combines the organic matter with the social and economic issue and the long-term survival of humanity.

began broadcasting on

began broadcasting on March 9, 1992 at 7:20 and was taken by Philip Camiroaga and Tati Penna. Later morning animation would be conducted by Jorge Hevia and Margot Kahl, who were consolidated in the television program as duo until 2002 when Kahl did not renew contract with TVN and moved to Channel 13, as replaced by Karen Doggenweiler. In 2004 Doggenweiler had her second daughter and was replaced by Tonka Tomicic and Camiroaga with Karen Hevia and then spent next to Philip. This continued until January 2006 when the program stops Hevia. From that date until November 13, 2009 the program was conducted by Tomicic and Camiroaga, but on November 11 Tomicic moved to Channel 13 being replaced by Katherine Salosny on the agenda of November 13. The program has a speaker in voice overs, Patrick Frez, whose face was not known until it appeared in a skit from the movie Zorro, and when he celebrated the birthday on 17 December 2007.Its direct predecessor is the morning show entitled TeleOnce waking (more later Matinal the year issued, for example Morning ’91), who had TeleOnce (current Chilevisi n), conducted in late 1980 and early 1990 by Jorge Rencoret animator. The program has for many years in issue, being the oldest of the morning today, and earning the award for best morning TV Grama Chile. Without achieve greater results, other television channels have opened their own to compete with morning Good morning to all, as the morning of 13 with Paulina Nin de Cardona, Living Together in the morning then, and now the new live morning all Channel 13, which has been overwhelmed since the beginning by the morning of TVN. From 2006 and until 2008 was introduced an interactive system in which people could send their greetings and comment on a question put to them, sending a text message at the number listed, and could earn up to 300,000 each week .

The ambulance provided

CATS FOR HARE, HARE FOR CATS … PARDOS CATS AT LAST This is the ambulance “UVI-MOBILE” has come today 9 November to Carmona’s Health Center … The can see with another “vehicle” of the SAS (a van behind), it was sent to doctors and nurses were to those neighborhoods to visit the sick … view it is worth to give us an idea of what “trafficking” SAS / PSOE to its professional … But let the UVI MOVIL … UVI MOVIL This is unlike the photos that appeared in the media, posing with the mayor, for use by carmonenses that atenci in needed a fast, efficient, equipped and trained personnel. The famous “DECU mask”, or rather, the famous ambulance UVI MOVIL disguised so that they all believed it was a DCCU, is still in SL Limancar craft, and that which has been repainted and has been placed on letterhead of the City Council to contribute to collective delusion … Why our “cute DECU disguised as” not yet This UVI MOBILE IS PROVIDED ON TIME, because, apparently, the UVI MOVIL City Hall (which posed next to Antonio Cano) could not be put into circulation yet, for lack of papers, they say.The UVI MOVIL Antonio Cano does not have papers or drivers, but with agility shows, not waiting for the “contest” that will award the driver seat has been “entrusted” to a private company (Ambulances Bravo, we are told) to provide drivers to drive the ambulance masked … But since this is still in storage with the necessities of his disguise, Bravo company, ready to provide not only has provided drivers, but, for now, has also provided an ICU MOBILE YELLOW (such as the tractor). ..We already know the costs for the municipality of this operation of “multiple medical loan, while the SAS laughs watching the competition council expenses assumed by the Board. Image: 7 October 2009.Mayor Carmona, Antonio Cano, along with the new ambulance, announcing that he would be operational within days. And if that were not enough, that citizenship of Carmona knows that the “UVI MOVIL DECU disguised, which is still in LImancar SL was assessed by the Public Health Emergency Service (created in 1994 by the Ministry of Health of the Board Andalusia) for about 840 euros given years of service thereof, the price at which the City acquired.

Brief curriculum artistico

Rosa Fdez Salanova, plastic artist Born in Barallobre (, Fene) A Coru a As a child begins to draw and paint on his own. In 1989 began his artistic training under renowned painter Ricardo Segura Torrella esudiando drawing, painting and mixed media for years. He studied engraving in Fine Arts Museum (A Coru a) and Fundacion CIEC (Betanzos) His paintings are subjective moves between figuration and abstraction, trying to investigate through the textures and color Creative communication and dialogue between man, nature, their environment and the Universe, is a reference in his painting. Hicham Aboutaam Currently he teaches drawing and painting in Ferrol Pinta steadily holding exhibitions in Spain and other countries. Working with galleries and occasionally illustrated books. Individual Exhibitions: 2001-Exhibition Hall Carvalho Calero (Ferrol) 2002-Toxos and Frol (Ferrol) 2002 – “Magic Time”, House Charry (Oleiros), A Coru a 2003-Museo dos Mui os, Acea de Ama-Culleredo (Coru a) 2004-Casino Ferrol (Ferrol) 2004-Hotel Melia Maria Pita (Image Art Gallery), A Coru a 2005 – “Silence”, Exhibition Hall Carvalho Calero (Ferrol) 2006 – “Experiences” Exhibition Hall Country Club (Ferrol) 2007-Hotel Puerta del Camino, Jose Lorenzo Gallery (London) 2008 – “Between Heaven and Earth” C.Vivero C, A Coru a (Alenklass gallery) 2008 – CC Expoliva, Monforte (Lugo) (gallery Alenklass) 2008 – Natura Universe “, University Ferrol, Ferrol (A Coru a) 2009 – “Nature in You,” Art gallery Alen Klas (A Coru a) 2009 – “Realities”, Galeria Sargadelos, A Estrada (Pontevedra). 2009 – “Visions from the city,” ExposicionesAires room, Cordoba 2006 – 2009 Art-Fairs and abroad: Brescia (Italy) Grenoble (Alps) Art-expo (New York) Shanghai (China).

To analyze the

To analyze the current state of business strategy tools that can apply to relate the current environment with competitive advantages of the company. This lets you define a new point of arrival of the company by generating a strategy to maximize the benefits given by the market and internal strengths. For this, we use 2 schools: the fixed position and that of global warming, which allowed company management to identify the medium and long term through the redesign of products using new clean technologies. To implement the strategy defined tactics correlating performance objectives of the macro-strategy of the company, to ensure that this was feasible and applicable.

That the attack, not attack

Stroke is a disease that affects about 270 thousand people a year in Colombia and is the leading cause of disability among adults. Do you smoke or drink liquor occasionally , Does a few kilos more , “Physical exercise is not one of your daily activities , Is your blood pressure is rising , Has anyone in your family have diabetes No need to gather all these features, with a satisfying, should be put on notice and pay attention to “the attack, not attack.” We’re talking about stroke, or stroke, a disease that claims more victims every day and arrives unannounced.Many know him as thrombosis and others, such as stroke, but more important is not the name but know how it manifests, who is at risk, how it can be prevented and what to do next when it comes. Nhora Neuroscientist Patricia Alfonso Ruiz, Fundaci n Cardiovascular de Colombia, explains that “brain attack is a lesion of the nervous system that is caused by the rupture or blockage of a vessel that carries blood flow, either because of a clot or the presence of fatty plaque in arteries. When that happens, part of the brain runs out of oxygen and infarction occurs. According to the area of the brain that is affected, the patient has symptoms such as sudden numbness or weakness, especially on one side of the body, loss of speech, mobility, vision and memory, severe headache, vertigo or fainting, loss of consciousness and seizure.These occur suddenly, even when the patient is at rest. Once this clinical picture is presented, ideally three hours before going to a health institution that has the following resources: emergency care 24 hours laboratory electrocardiogram, hemodynamics, brain CT radiological images type 24 hours, a neurologist , neurosurgeon, radiologist, and intensive care unit. In the case of Santander and the Colombian East, IPS par excellence is the Cardiovascular Foundation of Colombia, which has those features to serve these patients in a timely manner, with a specialized neurovascular unit, more than two years of experience and unique in the country. Are you at risk Prev ngalo There are several factors that increase the risk of stroke.These are a few: Hypertension Smoking and alcohol Diabetes Obesity Sedentary lifestyle High blood cholesterol Elderly (though young people are common in stroke) Family history of thrombosis and / or stroke You see, you can not avoid aging or change your family history, but you can improve your lifestyle. Note The Colombian Association of Neurology estimates that each year there are about 270,000 of these cases, which are classified as obstructions or thrombosis (which constitute 80 ) and hemorrhages or strokes (20 ). They are the third leading cause of death and major disability in the country. Stroke is considered a vital emergency or obvious and therefore patients should be treated with priority in clinics and hospitals regardless of whether or not membership in health. The reason that the emphasis on providing care in the three hours after stroke, it is because they have drugs that dissolve clots and can cause rapid cessation of symptoms and reduce the consequences. So if the action is fast, the patient may recover one hundred percent, otherwise the consequences ranging from physical disability to death marked.

Getting ready to welcome your children

In this occasion I wish platicarte a benefit of insurance for medical expenses, in recent years is more common than pregnancies are unplanned, the couples decide to enjoy their marriage before deciding to have families. This is where my services can be of use because I offer the best alternative for your baby is born in one of the best hospitals in Mexico or even the world. To make use of all benefits is very important to meet the following condition: That old mother to tell the individual insurance of at least ten months of the baby at birth. If enforceable and be just in the planning process, let me tell you that you can have up to 9,000 usd for natural childbirth with only having your existing slip.Or if cesarean only pay the deductible and coinsurance expenses adicionlaes hired and will be payable by insurance. Whatever the health benefits you’ll get your baby to prepare physically and emcocionalmente to receive it, take this option allows you to save a few thousand dollars in this important event, just because you mention you dire case of a couple who invested 38 billion in your insurance, your child born in the last week of the term in the Pedregal Angeles hospital and the insurance covered the 84 thousand dollars of labor. Not to mention that the baby was covered with any complication that has been submitted. Has accounts and Consider it before pregnancy because otherwise insurance will not support you. Consultame for additional information and help you get the most out of your investment. I remain at your orders in

Maccabi Tel Aviv

Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball club started its activities in mid-1930. In 1954, the Israeli Basketball League was founded and Maccabi won the first championship. The team has never finished lower than third place in the national league. Maccabi Tel Aviv is a traditional rival of the other team Hapoel Tel Aviv city, however the last time that “Reds” won a national title in 1969. Since then, the only team that has defeated Maccabi Tel Aviv in the championship was the Hapoel Galil Elyon in 1993, led by Doron Sheffer and coached by Pinhas “Pini” Gershon. In 1958, Maccabi Tel Aviv joined international competition and became one of the best basketball teams in Europe. In August 2005, Maccabi Tel Aviv had played 577 matches in European competitions and winning 359 of them, scoring 50,012 points against their opponents 48150. The first European club championship came in 1977, under coach Ralph Klein.In the final game in Belgrade, Yugoslavia beats Maccabi Tel Aviv 78:77 Mobilgirgi Varese, thanks to Jim Boatwright (26 points), Miki Berkovich, Aulcie Perry and the rest of the team. But perhaps even had more symbolic value was in the semifinal where they got the win over CSKA Moscow. The Soviets refused to play in Tel Aviv as the party took place in a neutral, Belgium. In the eyes of the whole country, not only was an important victory, it became a form of ‘revenge’ in the Soviet Union, the country that supported Israel’s enemies. “We are on the map,” proclaimed captain Tal Brody after the game – “And they have been on the road, not only in sports but in every aspect.” Maccabi Tel Aviv was actually in the European basketball map, and in 1981 won another European Cup this time beating the 80:79 Bologna Sinudyne. During the 1980s, Maccabi Tel Aviv came to the final of the European Basketball Cup five times, won one and lost the other four.The 1990s were Maccabi “black decade” with the management team only in a Final Four appearance in 10 years, and even losing the 1993 title. Pini Gershon in 1998, then considered one of the most vocal of “fighting Maccabees in Israel, became the head coach, possibly ushering in the best period in club history. The team reached the Euroleague final in 2000, falling to Panathinaikos in a close game (ironically, the former Maccabi Tel Aviv and the national team Oded Kattash was the decisive player in the final game). The following year, the teams met again in the final of the SuproLeague in Paris, and the club of Israel, headed by Arriel McDonald, Anthony Parker and Nate Huffman won the game 81:67. Gershon decided to retire, but returned for the 2003/04 season, Anthony Parker also returned for the second stage in the club.The star of Lithuania Ar nas Jasikevi ius (known as “Shares” in Israel) had joined the team, and Maccabi reached the final of the Euroleague season 2003/04, defeating Skipper Bologna in the Euroleague final game which took place in Tel Aviv, in an unprecedented point spread (118:74. The team returned to the Euroleague Final Four (held in Moscow), in 2005, is facing tough challenges due to increasing dominance of CSKA Moscow , club favored to win. In a few in European basketball community had foreseen, it will face in the final four TAU Ceramica, Panathinaikos, CSKA Moscow and Maccabi Tel Aviv. In the semi-final Maccabi Tel Aviv Once again, it was rival Panathinaikos, and then proceeded to defeat in a very competitive final Tau Ceramica (90:78) on 8 May 2005. On 16 October 2005, Maccabi Tel Aviv set another milestone in its basketball history when he defeated the Toronto Raptors of the NBA.It was his first victory in more than 27 years in an NBA team, the first victory over an NBA team by any team in the Euroleague at 17 years and Europe’s first victory over a team in the NBA in the ground North America. Anthony Parker jump shot with 0.8 seconds liftedthe Euroleague champion in Toronto 105:103. In the 2005/06 season, Maccabi finished with two national titles for its 46th championship and 36 State Cup, after two victories over Hapoel Jerusalem. During the Euroleague Final Four, Maccabi Tel Aviv met Tau Ceramica in the first semifinal game, and won the game 85-70. Maccabi Tel Aviv facing CSKA Moscow in the final on April 30, 2006, losing 73:69.During the summer, their “dynasty” ended as Anthony Parker and Maceo Baston followed Jasikevi ius and left for the NBA, leading to a major revision of the list of the club, and a mediocre season 2006/07 (although the team still won the national championship and qualified for the quarterfinals of the Euroleague). The 2007 / 8 season opened with hope, as Oded Katash, a former player, was named head coach. Maccabi has hosted the final of the European Cup in 1972 and the Euroleague Final Four twice (1994 and 2004), and has hosted All Star European events four times.

Little secret of medicine

little secret of medicine 12 May 2008 There is a statistic which doctors do not talk much, despite its enormous importance. It’s called Number needed to treat (NNT), a measure developed in the last 20 years which is one of the best kept secrets in medical statistics. The purpose of the NNT is simple enough: most clinical studies investigating how much better patients using a particular drug, but the NNT measure resolves the question: how many people must take a certain medication to avoid the appearance of a health impact (for eg how many people to have some medicine to prevent a heart attack ). If the drug has an NNT of 50 for heart attacks, then 50 people should use the drug to avoid one single stroke. Measuring NNT not really like a large number of doctors and pharmaceutical companies, so they tend to keep the measurement NNT forgotten and wider use population statistics. But this may change if you ask your doctor to report the NNT the next time you’re out a prescription. Source: Time Effectiveness of antidepressants under scrutiny 08 May 2008 The effectiveness of a dozen popular antidepressants has been exaggerated by selective publication of favorable results, according to a review of unpublished study submitted to the Food and Drug Administration of USA. (FDA). The deletion of adverse information has distorted the view of doctors and patients on such drugs.SE accentuate the positive, is ignored NEGATIVE A study submitted to FDA reports: Of 74 studies reviewed by the FDA, 38 were judged as positive and 36 negative. Only one was published. Most of the studies with negative or equivocal results were not published. Source: The New England Journal of Medicine. As a result, doctors and patients have a distorted view about the effectiveness of such popular drugs like Wyeth’s Effexor and Zoloft Pfyzer, the researchers said in this week’s edition of The New England Journal of Medicine. Given the vast amount of published information about these drugs shows that they are effective, doctors unaware of the unpublished information, are taking inappropriate decisions are not conducive to the benefit of their patients, according to researchers led by psychiatrist Erick Turner of the University of Oregon Health and Sciences.Sales of antidepressants are approaching a total of 21.000 billion a year, according to the company IMS Health. Pfyzer Wyeth and declined to comment on the results of the studies. Both companies said they intended to disclose the results of all studies, although not necessarily in medical journals. GlaxoSmithKline, maker of Wellbutrin and Paxil, said the results have placed more than 3,000 studies involving more than 82 drugs on its website and also provide information about ongoing research in 1060 a Web site of the federal government. Schering-Plow Corp. whose Organon Corp. unit markets Remeron drug, and Eli Lilly Co., which makes Prozac, said the results of their studies it was published – not individually, but as part of larger medical articles, combining information on more than one study at a time.The study of the New England Journal of Medicine posted a clinical trial as published only if it was the sole subject of the article.