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CRM Free For Doctors

The war of samples free and attentions to the doctors exposes to the laboratories of EE.UU to a rain of criticisms and investigations. Not but gratuitous dinners in restaurants fashionable or entrances for Broadway. Not but followed lunches of golf parties. But skiing excursions or you do not silverplate in stages. In order to silence to its critics and to avoid majors regulations, the pharmaceutical industry has decided to change the tactics of promotion of its products between the doctors. The 10 of July would enter use new you rule voluntary established by the laboratories leaders, that put you limit the gifts that the visitadores of companhias distribute between the doctors to influence their prescription of remedies. From now on, all the interactions of the industry with the CRM medical software deberan to benefit the patients and to hire practices of the medicine, according to the new norm. To flatter a replica in plastic of an ear or a lung that the doctors can use to instruct to the patient would consider suitable, but it sera not to flatter a sport purse or golf balls with the mark of medecines.

To that comes this impulse to moralizar the promotion tactics? The basic curtain is an increasing irritation by the high cost of the drugs. The sector is object of legislative investigations and a series of demands by causes that go from the patents to the publicities directed to the consumer. Until recently, the laboratories parecian impermeable to the bad publicity that it attracted to them, in the last five anhos, his war of flatteries. From 1997 the cost of the phamacists in events of marketing and meetings I duplicate myself fully, reaching 2,100 million dollars in the 2001. But now the high managers of the great companies decided to put the things in sequence, says Tim Margraf, of ImpactRX, a company/signature that analyzes the promotional cost of the pharmaceutical industry.

Office Decoration

If men are interested in global scope: where to build a house wall or to the wiring, the women concerned about the problems less mundane. In particular, choose, finally, the drawing for window blinds, to determine the coloring the curtains and, of course, to collect unusual interior decorations or souvenirs. Generally, the decor-design should always involve women, because the subtlety and originality – are our main advantages. Of course, the curtains, in the After all, were purchased, the carpet on the wall too, but in the new house I am constantly tormented by some gaping void and standard conditions. Old cute knickknacks not looked at the background repaired the walls, and a favorite vase was only a reminder of a past life. No, I decided I would still need to pick up again, and went shopping. However, all of my 'I want something original' invariably followed the usual supply and demonstration of a slightly retouched traditional range. After spending a couple of days to no avail, I finally despaired furnish his apartment in his own image and likeness, when suddenly it dawned on me to use our indispensable in such Internet issues.

Frankly, and here for a long time I wandered in vast global network, studying a photo of products offered and bought the information is often limited only obscure the name and the same obscure astronomical price. And then, giving another search in Yandex, I came across on the Internet gift shop. To my surprise, there was all that I tried to find the bits of disparate sources. What's there not only was – and clocks in the form of pillows, and floor vases made of bamboo, and candlesticks, and even square plates! And I still thought: why not put in a decorative fountain? For example, none of the friends I had ever seen. And then I looked around the room and started furnishing it visually everything that I liked. If you do not fit the colors or shape, then the next in the range was exactly the same, but other colors and configurations. Gradually it became line up in a single picture, as figures in a kaleidoscope: the corner I placed a floor vase in the middle – this bright carpet, the lamp can be hung over the sofa, and aromatic lamps – it's all my long-standing weakness. Is it worth it say that all of this during the day had already turned in my home.

Representing her husband's reaction, I decided to strike first and disarm him some gift. Examining his office, I decided to buy him a great first written accessories that are found in the same store, but realized that there needed to act not so traditional. As a result, in his office appeared Globe bar, painted by ancient maps, and on the wall, I barely managed to hang he finds true (even a souvenir), a samurai sword! And I'm in store on his birthday set for the office of his favorite golf course. In a word, now so none of my friends will not be able to say: 'Just think, all that is sold at every corner. " Because the real worth of at least one of my cushions or painting with Swarovski crystals!