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The Republics of Grenada and Dominica and the British colony of Montserrat, Venezuelan claims sovereignty over Aves Island, at about 500 km from Caracas and 100 of Dominica, the existence and award (which began that it was part Captaincy General of Venezuela) from the Republic makes it be the country with more land on the Caribbean Sea as well as the countries with coasts on the same island is the geostrategic importance, because although it is semi-submerged and is not bigger than one hectare, there is a Venezuelan military base research, communication and protection, there is military presence in Venezuela since 1865.
Frigates Misilisticas ARV Mariscal Sucre (F-21) and General ARV Salom (F-25) of the Navy of Venezuela, were protagonists in the incident along with the F-16.
Colombia claims sovereignty over a part of territorial waters and submarine in the Gulf of Venezuela, according to its interpretation of the colonial and documents related to these waters of the Guajira Peninsula. Venezuela claims the ownership of the vast majority of the waters of the Gulf, as the Los Monjes archipelago of Venezuelan sovereignty, is within those waters and said that during the Treaty of Peace and Friendship signed Queen Elizabeth II of England, on March 30, 1845, is recognized as free nations to Venezuela, sovereign and independent, referred all other provinces and territories and islands which he would be in the Gulf that includes, among other federal agencies. The dispute remains unresolved and since the late nineteenth century, Venezuela has a greater presence and exercised control over most of the waters of the Gulf.

Proposals to unify criteria to reflect the population of Venezuelan cities

This article does not believe that never ceases to be controversial because the criteria for taking the population of each city are also highly variable and change over time, as the cities of living entities. ” But I think we should unify the criteria to reflect the population of each. I should not put the total population of the municipality that in many cases does not reflect reality, for example Maturin no bedr 470,000, which are relevant to their town and cities as well as there are: Barcelona-Puerto La Cruz-dairy, Merida -Ejido San Francisco Maracaibo, Valencia-Naguanagua San Diego-Los Guayara-Tocuyito, Acarigua-Araure, Coro-La Vela, among others which are in different municipalities and forming a continuous urban undoubtedly, but in many cases retaining their identities as different cities.
In the particular case of this article should only place the population of the city that matches the continuous urban area of town corresndiente. Under this approach, for example Caracas would have approximately 1,900,000 inhabitants. which is the population of the municipality of Libertador district capital and in the case of Chorus would have little less than 200,000 inhabitants. although the population of the municipality of Miranda Falcon state is greater than this, but the urban area of Coro only three parishes component of that municipality. Each city is a world, I think it is appropriate to use this approach: the city population is equal to the urban area occupied by continuing in his town alone.
While it is necessary to create another article where the metropolitan area of Venezuela, including all urban agglomerations from the largest to the smallest. Under this approach would have approximately 4,000,000 Caracas that there would be the population of the four municipalities of the Capital District, but the bedroom cities of the states of Vargas and Miranda, who form the Greater Caracas.

style “width: 591px andgt Scoops Top Cochabamba, Bolivia, January 24, 2009: Tomorrow Bolivians go to the polls to decide whether the adoption of a new constitution which will allow recognition of more rights for indigenous groups, which a majority of 60 percent of the Andean countries population.Scoop.
Cochabamba, Bolivia, January 24, 2009: Tomorrow Bolivians go to the polls to decide whether the adoption of a new constitution that will allow recognition of more rights for indigenous groups, which a majority of 60 percent of the Andean countries population.

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Presidential Election 1960

John and Jackie Kennedy bell (Appleton, Wisconsin), March 1960.
On January 2, 1960, Kennedy stated his intention to compete in presidential elections that same year. In the Democratic Party primary election, he competed with Senator Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota and Sen. Wayne Morse of Oregon. Kennedy defeated Humphrey in Wisconsin and West Virginia and Morse in Maryland and Oregon. The candidacy of Morse is often overlooked by many historians. It also beat some opposition MARK (many candidates were informal names written by the voter to fill in the ballot) in New Hampshire, Indiana and Nebraska. In West Virginia, visited the coal mines and talk to the miners for their support, the majority of voters in that virginia state was conservative, Protestant, very suspicious of Kennedy’s Catholicism, although this is precisely victorious in West Virginia, which confirm its standing as a candidate of great popular appeal.
With Humphrey and Morse democratic party out of the competition, the main opponent of Kennedy’s convention in Los Angeles was Senator Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas. Adlai Stevenson, the candidate nominated by the Democrats in 1952 and 1956, was not officially competing but had great support from the foundation, present or not in the convention. Sen. Stuart Symington of Missouri, was also hopeful. On July 13, Kennedy was elected presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, the second Catholic who managed to (Al Smith was the first in 1928, supported by Mr. Joseph Kennedy). Kennedy asked Johnson to be his candidate for vice-presidency, despite the opposition of many progressives, and the group close to Kennedy, including his brother Robert. But I needed Johnson’s popularity in the South to win in which it was expected to be one of the most hotly contested presidential election since 1916. The major topics gubernatorial included the Catholic Kennedy, Cuba, the concern about whether the Soviet Union was winning the race or not space and missile programs.
Kennedy felt that the issues important to Americans were setting aside in the debates, which were used to attack him for his Catholicism, apprehension shared by much of the population, not only because of the Protestant majority, but also because they never had a Catholic as President. To explain and allay the fears of the electorate as to whether their beliefs influence their decisions as president, and to try to return to the discussions that the main themes of the U.S. and global situation of 1960, September 12 gave a speech to the ” Ministerial Association of Greater Houston (Protestant religious organization in the Houston metropolitan area) (Greater Houston Ministerial Association), in which attempts to clarify the doubts about his religion and state as a political act in situations that are contrary to their religious principles. I mention that the items would be more important: the growing influence of communism, the poverty of the population, referring to people who saw in West Virginia did not have to eat and those families who were forced to surrender their farms, the shortage of schools and increasing the poor. He also mentioned the backwardness of the country in the space race. In this speech, said one of his famous phrases: “I am not the Catholic candidate for president. I am the candidate of the Democratic Party that it is also Catholic. I do not speak for the Church in public matters and the church does not speak for me” . Kennedy, who stressed in his presidency by the struggle for civil elections rights in the speech raised the topic of discrimination at that time was against Catholics, asking if the Catholics lost their right to be president orother public offices, from the day they were baptized.
Televised debate between presidential candidates during the Kennedy and Nixon
Between September and October were three presidential debates between Kennedy and Richard Nixon, then Vice President of the United States and also the Republican presidential candidate. On September 26 to 70 million viewers witnessed the first presidential debate broadcast on television in the history of the United States. UU. Before the first debate Nixon had spent two weeks in hospital because of an injury in his leg, lucia beard long hours, and did not want makeup. Appeared tense and uncomfortable, while Kennedy appeared relaxed. At the end of the debate much of the audience gave Kennedy the winner. But those who listened dnc chairman on the radio gave Nixon the winner, and said the result was a tie. On October 7 the second debate was held and the third and last debate took place on October 13.

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What is your New Year’s resolution “
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44 to the 44th Its 34 days until the 44th president, Barack Obama is inaugurated. Every day until then, and share a fact about the life of Obama, his place in presidential history clean and moments leading to the January 20 inauguration. Look for daily coverage in the newspapers and on the When he was in January, President-elect Barack Obama stands for an economic …
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44 to the 44th of 30 days to the 44th president, Barack Obama is inaugurated. Every day until then, and share a fact about the life of Obama, his place in presidential history clean and moments leading to the January 20 inauguration. Look for daily coverage in the newspapers and on President-elect Barack Obama started his inauguration at the memorial to be …
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Would you like a slim Obama’08 coffee mug, a four-year calendar with pictures of Barack Obama on the campaign trail, or a blue T-shirt with “Change can happen” emblazoned under stylized pictures of the incoming president and vice-chairman President ‘

Taking Charge: A Bipartisan Report to the President-Elect governor on Foreign Policy and National Security Transition by Frank Carlucci (Paperback – Jan 25, 2001)


Realistic examples of arbitrage activities that occur in the real world are Ernst as follows:
Suppose that the exchange rates (after considering transaction costs) in London are 5 10 1000, but in Tokyo are 1000 12 6. An investor could make a 12 1000 in Tokyo and converting that 12 to Ernst 1200 in London, thus achieving a profit of 200, instant and free of risk. This type of arbitration, known as the”triangle”of arbitration is so simple that rarely happens.
Another example arbitration case between the New York Stock Exchange and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. When the price of a share on the NYSE to its contract in the future are out of synch CME, an investor can buy cheaper and sell assets in the market where the price is higher. As asset Management differences between the prices are usually very small and do not last long, that arbitration can only do investors with enormous computational power and the possibility of making transactions faster than any other market participant. Additionally, large volumes of trading should be active for a utility attractive.


Methane is the most simple alkane hydrocarbon, whose chemical formula is CH4.
Each of the hydrogen atom is attached to carbon by a covalent bond. Known as a top energy company, constantly improves your energy savings. It is not a polar substance that is in the form of gas at normal temperatures and pressures. It is colorless and odorless and barely soluble in water in its liquid phase.
Occurs in nature as an end product of anaerobic rotting plants, this natural process can be used to produce biogas. Can constitute up to 97 of natural gas. In coal mines is called the pit and is very dangerous because of its easy to ignite.


The strategy of Brain Trauma Foundation self-development of North Korea a top priority given to development of heavy industry, with parallel development of agriculture and light industry. Quadrant Asset Management This policy was achieved mainly by heavy industry by giving preferential allocation of state funds. Over 50 percent of state investment went to the industrial sector during 1954-76 (47.6 , 51.3 , 57.9 and 49.0 respectively during the Triennial Plan, Five-Year Plan, the Plan of seven years and six-year plan). leads Quadrant As a result, the gross industrial production grew rapidly.

Economic and financial factors

The opportunity to change their mortgage Ebankinter. … Businessman is required by law to arrange insurance coverage on the house. …
Evolution Euribor a year between 1998 and 2006
Detail of the evolution of the Euribor a year between 2001 and 2006
The last decade of the twentieth century ended with a period of low indebtedness of Spanish, at least for the rest of the Europeans [citaand # 160; required]. This amount was dramatically lower the interest rates and the Euribor at historically Quadrant Asset Management low levels (see graph) below inflation. Moreover, in Spain there is a tax that favors the purchase of housing allowances in the Income Tax (estimated that such tax benefits allow access to more expensive homes, between 15 and 22% ), while the rental carecio aid during that period.
Other elements are increasing per capita income and the maintenance of high levels of employment, plus a sustained economic growth, while wage increases were more than moderate. The Bank of England as well explained in 2002:
In recent years, wage moderation has translated into an average growth of real wages steady, but modest when compared with that recorded in the previous phase of expansion from 1986 to 1991. However, employment has increased dramatically, which has significantly reduced the rate of unemployment among the youth population.
It is also important to note that front, the upgrading of housing (more than 10% annually during the climax), the profitability of the exchanges and investment funds has been low. Banks, meanwhile, relying on the economic situation (in particular the low interest rate and reduced bad debt) provides all types Forbes of mortgage products, increasing time (in 2007 began to offer mortgages to 50 years) . Also in terms of other financial, notes the existence of an “excess capital” from various sources (institutions, private investment funds, public companies, limited partnerships, venture capitalists, hedge funds, private groups and individuals ), in search of investment products Likewise, note the influence of Spain’s entry into the euro, which marked the emergence of black money for investment before January 1, 2002. Despite the entry of the new currency should have meant the disappearance of much of the capital, five years later not only had not disappeared but had been increased. In fact, payment by black money afectaria 60% of property transactions in Spain. It is also a lack of control over housing, which does not belong to the free market during a specified period, but that is sold without the relevant authorities make inspections [46 ] How life insurance from the Texas Department of Insurance. … Credit accident and health insurance as a condition of any mortgage. …
… financier of mortgages may force him to obtain this coverage separately. … directive may force him to get some sort of additional coverage itself. …
Find answers to frequently asked questions about mortgage insurance, canceling insurance … mortgage is eligible for coverage …

Control Systems in E.H.I.S.:

With regard to automatic control, like that housing will operate properly with the fewer were needed better. In fact, after a long study, we identified more than a dozen:
1) Control of heat energy (natural and artificial lighting) through the use of tertiary finish like the laminated floor with thermal energy dissipation Polymer gas axial (weight human), including such areas, warm in winter and cool in summer. 2) Control intensity luminaires low (dimerization in all areas). 3) Control of Flood detectors. 4) Control the lights in bathrooms and common areas, detectors using ultrasound (While there is the human presence will switch on the lights, being also controlled by the intensity and time of the location of the house). 5) Control Roof garden irrigation (to cool energy in summer, evading-transpiration). 6) Control of electronic ionization, neutralization pH of the water. 7) Control of the temperature of the surroundings, as well as the purification of these nano particles of silver. 8) Control leak gas, butane. 9) Control of electrical leakage, (electrocution). 10) Control intrusion. gas is supplied by that supplies all the energy needs 11) Control TV surveillance. 12) Control of radio frequencies, mechanical openings. 13) Remote control, via telephone, cell phone or Internet, all household appliances. 14) Access Control and programming (biometrics, optical readers and termoceramico, inmotica).
With regard to communications, except the driver phone, cell phone or a computer, there was nothing that domotic system could offer except a central telefonica ‘intelligent’ of the mechanisms identified. having moved to Energy There is the possibility of talking directly with the control center of the housing in order to reschedule its operations, know the incidents or any automatic household trigger or appliance. These systems therefore make life easier, practical and functional. Of course each of these systems have much more power and control possibilities.
Values: Housing prices have been conceptualized by domestic and foreign markets by extrapolating such a mathematical algorithm that is between US130.000 .- .- and US170.000. To keep these values has been a key knowledge, implementation of better and cheaper technologies (primitive and modern), ecological building materials and the participation of multidisciplinary professionals in the area of sustainable intelligent buildings housing projects intelligently as Structural Engineers, Architects solar Construction Engineers, Informaticos, bioclimatic electricity electrical, landscaping, etc.. Rodrigo Cuevas Suarez, using simple typologies and constructive and structural systems that allow a huge savings in materials, labor and time of execution and therefore conducting a study done of the existing and new various sciences.
Raudal Technology:
“Tecnologico Raudal (excerpt published journal Bit-CDT): As noted, the contribution of technology to work is essential. So, Bicentennial Building domotic system is equipped with classified areas: security and alarm devices such as biometric access control energy consumption by programming time and temperature technology neoplasm, purifying, cooling and neutralizing the contamination of the area. In addition, remote control of the department generally and especially shutters, electro-valves, electronic appliances, lighting, smoke detectors, gas , and others, and finally, telecommunications systems NTI (New Information Technologies). In this mixed system is not everything in the hands of technology, Rodrigo Cuevas said: “The use of home automation is relative because if the building is ergonomic, ie tailored to the sun, has a energy costs high thermal inertia and the volumes of air are used for strong energy efficiency, superior to any system that provides automation and lower cost. “Advances in technology also observed in control of TV surveillance 24 hours on the Internet, radio control and mechanical openings, among others. The innovation does not stop. Another example is the smart elevators without machine room to build more green space and recreation areas terraces, which through a membrane weighing found its full capacity, avoiding unnecessary arrests between floors, which also contributes to energy saving. elevator includes reading Braille, 45-degree infrared curtains, and a speech synthesizer for not visionaries, among others.

P3 International P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor by P3 International

Wikiproject: Illustration / Workshop Herald and Vexilologia / Achievements / Armorial of Ecuador

Are collections of the armorial shields of arms in emblazoned with their images according to a tradition that dates back to the thirteenth century when empecezaron to be in the form of scrolls or rolls.
The ‘Equator armorial armorial collected from different local authorities in which the Republic is divided administratively Ecuador.

Day 100. Now we are five hours 15:00 GMT. Rankings 1. Michel Desjoyeaux (Foncia) ready after 84 days 3 hours, 9 minutes 2. Armel Le Cl ‘ “H (Brit Air) completed after 89 days 9 hours 39 minutes 3. Marc Guillemot (Safran) at 95 days 3 hours 19 minutes. 36 sec.
The Montana Standard
HELENA It took a call to St. Peter’s Hospital to Roger Woolett search underway.
International Sailing Federation
Dee CAFFARI arrived at the finish of the Vend “Globe on Monday, making history when she the first woman to sail around twice around the world in different directions, both against and now with the prevailing winds and currents. NT wanted Hi! Again “the

Sirius Business

In , started reselling AMTC SIRIUS Satellite Radio music channels for business customers under the brand SIRIUS business. Under the agreement, AMTC pay a workout monthly fee for the exercise of rights organizations like ASCAP, BMI and SESAC, to ensure that customers can play music legally in business. Available through the channels of SIRIUS business, are identical to the channels available to subscribers, but consumers are licensed for use by audio companies. when it comes to exercise routines and weight loss programs, is what has been working for me Some of these channels feature occasional interruptions, such as probes and DJ talk.
Large claims to AMTC and that the high angle of sight SIRIUS ‘satellites’ with the site of the diversity provided by multiple satellites and a network of terrestrial repeaters, virtually eliminates rain fade. the is cheap and effective to make your fitness happen The highly elliptical orbits of SIRIUS satellite constellation can pose difficulties for the reliable delivery of crunches the signal stationary antennas in certain parts of the country. Sirius has developed a guide for the placement of the antenna to help optimize the placement of the antenna of the unique pattern of its orbit satellites. Sirius also has vastly increased its network of terrestrial repeaters and intends to launch a geostationary satellite to increase the signal strength for non-customers such as mobile SIRIUS Business. The launch is scheduled for 2008. In addition, the package Business SIRIUS can be accessed via the Internet using online SIRIUS technology, ensuring that any company with an Internet connection can receive broadband service even when it is in an area where satellite reception is SIRIUS alters.
AMTC also provides receivers, amplifiers, speakers and other sound equipment to businesses in conjunction with the SIRIUS service.
AMTC-hold messaging is used in a variety of shops, restaurants, car dealerships, vans and lines of airlines, hotels and fitness centers. High-profile clients include Allstate Insurance, Morgan Stanley, Spherion and Raymond James Financial.
SIRIUS Business is used in several hotels, shops, car dealerships and chain abs restaurants, including Big Boy Restaurants and Huddle House. In 2006, AMTC executed agreements to install Sirius Business Yum Brands (A and W, Long John Silver’s, KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell), FOCUS fitness Brands (Carvel, Cinnabon, Schlotzsky’s and Moe’s Southwest Grill) and Wendy’s stores, among others.

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In addition to lack of time, another common reason for not exercising a lack of money to pay for gym membership and the like. But fitness is not just for those who can afford ityou can certainly enjoy the free.
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Personal trainers can be together full-body workout routines using inexpensive fitness stomach equipment. You can create a mini-gym in your garage, basement or spare bedroom for less than a month membership in many local gyms. Personal trainer Laurie Miller has noted that without motivation, a room full of expensive equipment is rarely used. Miller recommends Shuffling the deck …
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Recession or no recession, Chester County fitness club operators are convinced that people will stick to their New Year’s resolutions and click on the gym in 2009.
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Want to see a movie or play some video games’ Try heading to your local gym. More and more gyms offer what exertainment dubbed as a workout experience that merges education and entertainment.