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Higher Education

On the other hand, for the student. Education in joint programs with foreign universities for Ukrainian students in our country – it more responsible than studying abroad. In the second case, a student from the Ukraine – one of the many listeners who are not identified as belonging to the country. In the first – foreign techniques, methodological approaches, and were themselves foreign professors focused on a lot of it is of Ukrainian students, who must show and prove its efficiency, the willingness to master the knowledge, develop their creative potential. By and large in this situation, the Austrian side is dealing with a country that accepts it. Therefore, we find that the program requires full-time commitment. Added to this is that hour teaching load, joint programs more than the classic, non-exclusive programs (particularly for students' independent work).

But it pays off – a high level of training of students, their rather broad competence, good Practical readily pronounced adaptive capacity. – Are there any training courses? Yes, at the University of CROC is preparatory courses for admission to the program at the undergraduate level. Training takes place on Saturdays. Start dates – the second half of February. – Uses a program popular? As shown by a set of students into Bachelor of this program last year, it is interesting to many.

Came to us in basically strong, well-trained young people, many of them motivated. And this, perhaps, the success of the program. – Where can run alumni? That they will be able to, receiving diplomas Education? Graduates of the program generally work in large companies, often in joint ventures or foreign units of multinational companies. During the course of the Austrian part program, students gain knowledge in these areas: trade and distribution, marketing, product management, market research, procurement, logistics, finance and accounting, controlling, business law, intercultural management, etc. Acquired knowledge provide an opportunity to work in positions of manager of trade marketing of international concern, head of sales of international concern, product manager at international level, the consultant financial sector of the international level, etc. – Can students to train in Austria? Where are the practices? Academic agreement signed by the universities, provided a mutual exchange of students. Exchange implies, in particular, semestral training and a semester internship. In the first semester of this academic year, two second-year undergraduates were trained in Austria, in the second semester of the first two Masters Course will go to the semester teaching at the University of IMC. Places for practical training may be provided by the University of CROC, or offered by the students. CROC as objects of practice chooses relevant ministries and agencies, and large Ukrainian and foreign companies. Candidates for internship in their favor, as a rule, non-working students. Those who are employed, most are practices at their workplace, but in accordance with the rules adopted in the IMC. – What would you wish for this year's high school graduates who want to enroll in higher education? Do not make the wrong choice. Your choice of a foundation your future prosperity and well-being of your families and the welfare of the country. Approach to the choice not on impulse, and conscious. Remember that the country's universities are waiting for motivated, motivated, trained, thoughtful, hardworking students. Make every effort to meet these requirements. University of CROC and his Ukrainian-Austrian program are ready to work with you. I wish you success! Source: Case – Immigration and Higher Education abroad

American Oil Revolution

The U.S. Government called it a milestone. Dallas, 21.11.2013. For the first time in 20 years, the United States have promoted more petroleum than imported. The oil market is turned on its head and be reignited speculation about falling oil prices.

The White House confirmed: the oil production of the United States was in the last month to the highest level for 24 years. Experts estimate that the United States already by 2015 the largest nation in oil flow will be around the world. The country is on the way to energy independence and seems behind Saudi Arabia and Russia. “Eugen Weinberg, commodities analyst at Commerzbank, sees the optimism of US fit: America has its energy transition ‘ managed ‘. This is the biggest change to the oil market for 40 years, as oil in the North Sea has been discovered. And this development will have a significant impact on the prices,”the analyst said. Also interesting he considered the development of OPEC: either would have to Countries such as Saudi Arabia, the Iraq or Venezuela about produce 20 percent less oil or satisfy themselves with a price per barrel of oil (159 litres) of 50 to 70 dollars.

A such low price would however cause difficulties, since the bloated budgets of OPEC countries needed a price of at least $100 a barrel.” In the past five years, the production of natural gas in America by 30 percent has risen, oil production by 50 percent. A major cause of this increase is the fracking, which was confirmed by the White House. The fracking allows the development of new deposits and the reopening of disused occurrence. The possibility of shale gas and non conventional oil”, for example olsande, to be able to promote to comparatively low costs, is the biggest innovation of the 21st century, says Daniel Yergin, energy specialist and Professor of Economics at the University of Cambridge. In addition it succeeded manufacturer through appropriate regulations to get to produce cars with low consumption. But now observers deem the current supply of oil higher as the demand. So far, the price of oil has declined hardly this year. A barrel (159 litres) of North Sea Brent cost around 108 dollars on Thursday, at the beginning of the year, there were 110 dollars. Also for investors, such as those of AMTEX GmbH, the topic of new energy power United States is relevant. Will receive shares of the conveyors and the fossil fuels in the ground for the proposed capital namely. The ownership of the assets entered in the County Court, the equivalent of the German land register Office, binding. It participates so obtained gas and oil revenues in the United States. Also in relation to the subsidised commodity quantities, AMTEX provides full transparency its investors. Investors can check the results of their source in the Internet at any time. For more information,

Simple Content Management System

a simple content management system for all displays that number of mobile Internet devices is growing and growing. More and more websites are called not from the desktop computer, but by tablets or Smartphones. Previous Web pages are not readable and can be operated on these devices. An alternative to build mobile, Web pages is cumbersome and costly. But there is the possibility to create a Web page for all screen sizes. This type of website creation is called too responsive design. A such homepage detects the size of the screen and adjusts the graphical representation of the Web site for the resolution of the screen. So, the homepage on all devices, also tablets and Smartphones remains readable and usable.

A Web Agency helps build of such a Web page. Just for online shops is this kind of Web design a must, since many customers via the mobile device shopping nochten. The Web Agency of olai web solutions has developed a simple content management system the responsive design makes easy. Makes the simple CMS the management of a website much easier. The user selects a layout. Then articles can be written and edited.

These links can set and video or images are high feasts. Every article, every image and every video is automatically adapted to the layout. Thus arises a responsive design website almost alone. The user of the content management system has to manage the benefit a website, without having to have knowledge of Web programming languages. This means that a homepage in idleness Web design can appear without a Web Agency. Michel di Vito

Also Florian Bock

We want together with our long-standing application software partner ESTOS early inform our resellers and give them the opportunity to learn more about the perspectives of WebRTC first-hand. Also Florian Bock, CEO of ESTOS GmbH is pleased to be the further strengthening of the long-standing partnership with the KOMSA systems: we value the know-how and the expertise of KOMSA systems. The specialist distributor has technically savvy staff in the field. Topics such as the marketing of software, but also new solutions for IP-based real-time communication are trade and the increasingly important partners for the, for the pure hardware business is no longer sufficient for a healthy long term business success in the future. That is why we welcome with our distributor KOMSA systems a partner our page to have jointly prepared the reseller with us on this technology and new business fields related.” Background: WebRTC new Internet-based technologies and designs for open standards to the real time communication created are in the last 18 months, could similar to dramatically change the communication landscape, as once, the Internet has revolutionized the information landscape. Driving force for the standardization with IETF and W3C are the leading browser, such as Google (chrome) and Mozilla (Firefox). For more information about the company and products, please visit our website or WebRTC topics our Portal Here you can test the WebRTC-based VideoChat free (compatible chrome or Firefox browser is system requirements).

ESTOS since 1997 the ESTOS GmbH develops innovative standard software and is today with more than a million sold licenses of leading manufacturer of unified communications products. The CTI – and SIP-based solutions to the Optimization of cooperation in communication-intense areas used by small and medium-sized enterprises. Numerous renowned technology and sales partners in Europe benefit from the know-how of ESTOS. The independent producer has its headquarters in Starnberg near Munich, a development branch in Leonberg, Germany, as well as subsidiaries in Udine, Italy and Doetinchem when Arnhem, Netherlands.

Social Security Wing

The slogan of all the campaign is safety in the workplace starts out of House, with which it is educate workers that protection at work, should also be extended to the journeys of roundtrip to work the campaign also you can see on the Internet and citizens wishing to do so can participate in it through the platform of good practice leaving messages that they consider useful for raising awareness of this risk. Do as the safety at work start to leaving home, traffic encouraged drivers:? Avoid routine journeys: despite the fact that every day are often the same shuttling to go or return from work, the circumstances of the traffic are not equal. For this reason, the driver must be aware of the specific circumstances of the traffic and adapt your driving to them. Monday is the day of the week that more traffic on the occasion of work accidents are recorded. Using the hands-free only for short conversations, never for conversations long. According to various studies after minute and speaking by mobile driver perceives not 40% of signals, your average speed low 12%, the heartbeat is accelerated sharply during the call and it takes longer to react. Avoid distractions and concentrate on driving. Avoid going in a hurry.

70% Of labour traffic in itinere accidents occur when you go to work. Possibly the fastest speed by arriving on time, rigid schedules, the productivity linked to the signing at an exact time generate a stressful situation that usually involves the assumption of higher risk situations. This campaign is part of the areas of action to develop inthe new strategies road safety 2011-2020, with actions like this that will seek to reduce the risks of work-related displacement and incorporate the culture of road safety in companies. March 1, 2011, the labour and Interior Ministries signed a cooperation agreement to promote the execution of mobility and road safety in business plans. The agreement established that companies that put up such a plan could benefit from the reduction of contributions Social Security Wing.