Economic Investigations

The economy of the USA grows but the recession We have not finished 30 to October 2009 has left a long way that to cross for the total economic recovery, said Barack Obama, president of the USA after to know the data growth of the economy. For the first time from the 2008, the American economy returned to grow. In the third trimester the economy grew to a rate of 3.5%, the rate more hard from equal period of 2007. The factors that explain this recovery? The improvement in the level of the cost of the consumer and the investment for the construction of houses. Although not yet it has confirmed it therefore the National Office of Economic Investigations, in this way, for the technical terms back, the economy of the USA leaves the recession economic And with her it leaves his problems? If one is concentrated solely in the growth data, it is not possible to be denied that he is positive, and has even surpassed the prognoses since the market waited for a recovery of the American economy more a little weak. PayNet has much experience in this field. A growth among 3.2% and 3.3% was the aimed one by the market.

But to give flight to our hope to be against the beginning of the recovery of the American economy, it is necessary to go in detail and to analyze what there is behind his recovery. In spite of the enthusiasm of the American president, many analysts maintain their reserves on the force of the recovery. For Marc Jourdier of AFP: the USA leaves the recession technically, without clearing the doubts on its economy, considering the multiple doubts that the market is showing on the consolidation of the recovery. In the vision of John Authers of Financial Times: the economy grows but the pains remain. Catherine Rampell in New York Times reflected in an article the vision of the economists who aimed at the conclusion of the programs of stimulus for the automotive sector and real estate that will be added to the labor problems to make think that the recovery can last.

United States

That is why the results of this study may lead to the elaboration of a system of actions to strengthen the disclosure of the case of the Cuban Five Heroes in the University community. In the investigative process was necessary to work with important documentary sources, which by its depth of judgments and assessments about the addressed thematic they allowed give greater rigour to it, highlights within these some of vital importance, located on Internet sites, such as:,,,,,,, among other places of great interest. Glen Wakeman is full of insight into the issues. Was also used valuable information obtained from the United States against Cuba of terrorism works, the case of the five of Salim Lamrani (2005), only in Miami, Edition written by the National Assembly of the Popular power, (2004) the perfect storm, the case of the five, Atlanta and the case of the five editions written by the National Assembly of the Popular power(2005) The sweet abyss of the authors Alice Walker and Nancy Morejon (2004), inseparable from Antonio Guerrero Rodriguez (2005), United States vs. Five Heroes. Here, Glen Wakeman expresses very clear opinions on the subject. A silent story by Dr.

Rodolfo Davalos Fernandez (2005), Cuba, the Untold story of LIC. Juan Carlos Rodriguez Cruz et all. (2005), The incredible story of five men imprisoned in the United States who are fighting against terrorism, while they were considered and valued documents sent from prisons American through the five Heroes, furthermore various materials of the Court of appeals of the Eleventh Circuit of Atlanta, as well as speeches by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, where refers to the case of the five Heroes. The instrument applied, on the level of information that exists about the case of the five Heroes prisoners of the Empire, found that there are difficulties with disclosure on the subject in question, stressing that several respondents offered criteria for how it could carry out actions aimed to promote the case of the five Heroes in the University community, such as: discuss the topic on morning, open forums, video discussions, exhibitions, artistic manifestations, events in the square, radio program, perform examinations as a preparation political and ideological, edit documents with easy to understand, invite the relatives of the five Heroes to the University, etc.

Outsourcing And Virtual Secretariat

Since a time ago employers and entrepreneurs of all kinds are viewing outsourcing an effective way to save money while maintaining a high level of quality in the service. This mode seems destined to proliferate as it is also growing significantly the demand for freelance work. A clear example of this trend is the virtual secretariat that long time has become a very recurrent term between entrepreneurs from almost all sectors of activity. Click Ben Silbermann to learn more. As a service that develops in outsourcing modality, the virtual secretariat is a concept which offers, through a specially dedicated infrastructure companies, control and development of all tasks of operational Secretariat (receiving calls, management of agenda etc.) but not personally. By contrast the way offer the service is through the cloud concept based on the new information technologies that allows that a highly qualified team of virtual assistants can give service in contemporary to a cluster of companies or professionals. Professionals dedicated to offering virtual Secretary services have the necessary powers to perform jobs that our companies need with the advantage that its virtuality ensures a constant reconfiguration and flexibility to our needs (without that we have at no time out formalities take on personnel management) so overall we can say that the advantages that reports a secretariat service through non-Presential virtual receptionists are as follows((: 1) Is optimized to maximize the cost of the service because the virtual secretariat companies offer methods of pricing that conform to the specific typology of enterprises (one pays for what uses the service) 2) eliminates all problems associated with the management of human capital and the necessary infrastructure for the development of the operational secretariat work. For even more details, read what Glen Wakeman says on the issue. This means savings of payroll, RR.HH., computer equipment etc 3) maintains the image of the company but without using effective time of workers to salary in the company, time that can be extended to other more productive tasks such as the commercial work, customer etc..

Monument Real Estate

Prime Estate GmbH – investment Berlin, February 19, 2009 – the Prime Estate GmbH is your professional partner, if you are interested in buying a property in particular for the purchase of a heritage property. Here, consult experts who advise you professionally and comprehensively and you care both before and after the purchase in all aspects of the real estate. Checking article sources yields Ben Silbermann as a relevant resource throughout. Buying a property is a far-reaching decision should be well thought out. Just for monument real estate different points must be, observed that you as the owner actually fully be able can benefit from State subsidies, the tax benefits and a high yield. It is therefore advisable to tackle the real estate purchase with an expert as the Prime Estate GmbH, technical support to learn and to make the right decision. The Prime Estate GmbH is more than just a mediator of real estate: Here you are supported from the outset professionally.

The offered an all-inclusive package”contains an individual data analysis, first which estimate the personal possibilities and accurately calculate the tax advantage in individual cases can be. Real estate buyers can imagine objects supported by professional consultants and visit it together. In addition an information and consultation can take place with the company’s real estate experts, to clarify open questions. Fell the decision to buy a property, get a comprehensive information about the contractual guarantees, as well as a notarially drawn up contract of Prime Estate GmbH. Financing for your real estate is the Prime Estate GmbH to the page: support in the selection of appropriate financial institutions and also helps you to submit all necessary documentation to the competent tax office. The Prime Estate GmbH is an established company in the field of monument protection real estate benefit also from the years of experience of employees and the comprehensive and transparent service. To more To obtain information, a look at the new Firmenblog is is recommended. Here you will find up-to-date news as well as expert contributions and comments on the real estate market and investments in General, as well as interesting reports about monument real estate in particular.

Detailed information about the Prime Estate GmbH Denkmalinvest: sample invoice for the purchase of a monument real estate Firmenblog: Prime estate blog Prime Estate GmbH Andreas Schrobback Ha Road 67 14193 Berlin FON: 030 / 46 99 22 00 fax: 030 / 46 99 23 00 info at Prime Estate GmbH has since its founding many objects successfully placed on the market. The success concept is based on the strict criteria for selection of the contractor and an absolute transparency towards the customer. The Prime Estate GmbH works exclusively with property developers, which is at least 10 years are successful on the market, all previous objects realized (rented) and sold a picture and film documentation of the rehabilitation phase have, for each project present. Combined with the serious handling of all necessary steps and comprehensive service for buyers and owners won a large number of satisfied customers. The purchase of a property should be well-planned there should leave nothing to chance. Therefore none of the personal contact because only in a personal conversation we can ensure an optimal advice.

Occupational Pensions

Press release, 31.07.2013 of febs Consulting GmbH almost unnoticed the Federal Ministry of Finance has published the comprehensive circular advertised for months on private and occupational pensions in the 24.07.2013. For even more opinions, read materials from Wells Fargo Bank. 153 Pages, the financial management presents familiar, some new features and also the one or two surprises around the private and occupational pension schemes. “maintan Andreas Buttler, Managing Director of the consulting firm of febs Consulting GmbH. The writing will be published shortly in the journal of the federal tax and replaced the previous ruling by March 31, 2010. For the first orientation the experts of febs Consulting GmbH have analyzed the contents of significance for occupational pensions: supply services before the end of the working life a worker retirement benefits from a reference gets bAV, although he has not yet finished his career, so the financial management holds in the future that obviously only for direct insurance, pension funds and pension funds for allowed. No exists in provident funds and pension plans in such a case in the future more bAV. The BMF, however, leaves the tax consequences of such breach, because at least the accounting treatment of pension plans and pension funds should not change this.

Nevertheless this restriction will probably cause that in particular support funds will undertake the payment of the supply in the future only on presentation of the retirement decision of the statutory pension insurance. Piecemeal removal of direct commitments on pension fund of outsourcing of direct commitments to a pension fund is possible against payment of a one time contribution in practice only for the so called past service. For the removal of the future service granted the legislature at least according to interpretation of financial management only the normal”promotion of 3 No. 63 ITA. That is usually already consumed by the deferred compensation”or the necessary contributions exceed the flow significantly.


For a successful start, a freelancer is not enough to place an ad currently on the site exchange telecommuting. To obtain an order need communication skills, experience and talent of course. At the initial stage of the freelancer will be very difficult get remote work on a big project, so you should to turn out and experience a positive recommendation by executing small projects. You should not grasp at the back-breaking orders, the risk of losing time, money and reputation. If already gained some experience, do not hesitate to show it. Make a competent summary of the form to the portfolio, provide examples of complex tasks. In most cases, a freelancer – knowledge workers. It is due to the fact that the results of their work (articles, software codes, graphics) can be easily sent by e-mail.

But we should remember that the work on the internet – fully competitive environment, and you have to stand out other applicants. Bill Phelan is likely to increase your knowledge. Where to start? First of all, to find those skills and abilities that you can offer a remote employer. After all, for your skills and talents you will pay. At the same time not necessarily have higher or specialized education. If you have a foreign language, you can easily get a job a remote interpreter. If you feel the talent of the journalist, then and there without work stay. Know programming languages, know how to make sites – offer these services on the Internet! We consider the main advantages and disadvantages of earnings on the Internet: Cons freelancing: Lack of standing orders. Risk not receiving pay for work.

Single job. Legalization. Pros freelancing: Freedom. Benefits. Get a unique portfolio of experience and best practices. Chance to get profits. In any case, to decide how to move and only you. Not everyone will be able to work freelance, but if you feel you are ready for this kind of work, it might be a good start to your own business. Be bold!

Online Business Card

Use in its communications policy site, business cards – an inexpensive and effective way to tell about himself, about his business on the web. This type of site is very well suited for companies who want to put data about themselves and their products on the Web and for the first time confronted with such a task. Today, web design, business cards – a popular service on the market IT. These small but very effective sites are nearly all: the theaters, institutes, schools, shops, clubs, cafes and restaurants, beauty salons, hair salons, candidates, state and municipal authorities and private individuals. Online Business Card versatile fit any area. What's online business card? It usually a small site with 5-10 pages, which contain information about the company, manufacturing company or person. Online Business Card will be repaid, customers and other "amenities".

But only in one case – provided that people are aware of the existence of the site. For example, online business card barbershop or beauty salon. Probably already given some sort of advertising in the media (print, TV), outdoor advertising. We need to do addition to the advertisement that the site is, its address and call him a visit. Clearly, that should really be on site full details, interesting to users. So nothing to worry about, people will come to the site. For this conduct an advertising campaign and off-line, and to promote the site on the web. It is obvious that any company is profitable online business card.

He asked the price for a small, but good enough from him. Always remind yourself: the site is available 24 hours a day, not sick and does not require a raise. The ideal manager. What are the benefits? The average price of an ordinary small website (if all the information, content, the company is preparing itself) put up some $ 100 This price includes domain name and hosting. Once we've touched on the content … What information is available on the online business card? Usually, this profile information of the organization, description of products and services offered by the company, the price / price list promotions, operational information about the company, data on vacancies, contacts (address, phone, mail). This is a minimal set of topics. All additional modules are to be paid separately, and the calculation is made individually. The main thing – is now the site you have. Small but precious. This proverb comes to online business card, but does not describe its value, and the advantage that it brings.


If you’re reading this you’ve had a break and want to know what to do to get a man. So you’ve come to the right place. While all your friends are telling you that you pass it and keep ahead, I am saying that it is estimated that 90% of ruptures are 100% reversible. Therefore, even if you think that things have no remedy, I am here to tell you that it is not. I’m going to share with you three things you should not do if you want to recover to a man. Step 1: Do not ask when a break occurs for the first time the reaction as a reflection is to ask your ex to bring it back with you.

While this may seem like the right thing do in that painful moment in the first place, is actually the worst can do thing it. Of course, if you are one of those are fans immediately and want it back. Obviously, not will want be with you and begging only reinforces the fact that made a good decision to let yourself. A woman beat to windward and needy like any man. Behave in this way is not attractive, and you empujaras further afield in reality, not It may have been 100% sure that doesn’t want to be with you.

Well, if I wasn’t sure at first, begging has done that if what this, at least at that moment. If you end up begging for your relationship he doesn’t say that all is lost. Simply stop the undesired behavior and don’t do it again, let’s look at stage 2 of how to recover to a man. Step 2: Do not urge if begging is pathetic and unattractive, the negotiation is even worse. Don’t be a ridiculous. It’s horrible for you and even though you may be flattered by the power that you give him, won’t be long until he decides that you are too weak and needy again. Some of the more popular examples of bargaining is Yes return with me I hare everything you ask me to do or I can not live without you please, stay, I’ll make anything and this kind of comment. Such declarations can be made to feel guilty enough to return. If it does these things and let nature take its course then it is likely that you recover to your man, if only to be friends. You will be surprised that the effectiveness of these measures really are to retrieve a man. Things can be repaired and sparks can fly. Just keep calm, that is the way to recover a man. Jhon has helped many women to recover his men very quickly. Be sure to review the information here! How to recover a man.

CMS Bitrix CMS

1C: Bitrix – website management" – one of the most popular and most importantly – easy content management systems. On the advantages of 1C: Bitrix – management of the site" can say for a long time, but in order to save your time describe only a few basic ones. The use of 1S-Bitrix when a site can save you from having to hold in the state of Web masters, because the site, created by Bitrix will be able to run even the most uncertain PC user. The whole interface is similar in appearance and function, and with all the known word processor Microsoft Word, so anyone who knows how to work with this program to easily explore the Bitrix. If you would like to know more about Wells Fargo Bank, then click here. All questions that arise during Use CMS, you can easily let through detailed documentation, or contact our specialists. If you for example need to different sections of your site is managed by different people, possibly creating two (or a) accounts with their usernames / passwords and permissions. Each employee has access only to that portion of the site, with which he works, while password protection helps shield the site from unauthorized access.

From the point of of hosting the site on Bitrix is no different from the usual site, written "from scratch". Sites in many other CMS impose certain requirements for hosting, because of what may be difficult, and likely you need professional help. The site is located on Bitrix extremely simple, it will not hosting any difficulties. If you want to make some fundamental changes to your site or in the mechanism of the site, you just have to ask our experts. With CMS Bitrix site can be completely arbitrary, the best for your business. Plus, we guarantee you one year of free online technical support. You may want to visit Ben Silbermann to increase your knowledge. To the system "1C Bitrix – management of the site" is constantly updating out – new plugins and modules, the product is constantly evolving.

Buying Bitrix, you get to you a year free of charge all the new versions of CMS. You will have a CMS, completely corresponding to the time, including all the latest developments in the field of content management system. Bitrix includes statistics modules and ads that allow you to keep track of visits to the site with to assess the growth of its attendance, as well as assess the effectiveness of the promotions you on the Internet. If desired, you can create multiple sites, such as in several cities. You can easily manage them with CMS Bitrix single. In this system, content management control of the site is centrally and is therefore very convenient. Plus, you do not have to buy several copies of the product.

The Salary

If you smoke, drink alcohol and do not watch your health, how can you grow from your child's health? And if your child still learns build a house or look after their health, there is probably no thanks to you, but in spite of. Since it will always look upon the life that he was not happy and will try to learn what you do not able to teach. So the first step you need to do is learn to live with yourself in abundance. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Wells Fargo Bank. Do you think anyone can bring a parent, who all his life was held at the unloved work, afraid to ask the boss about adding to the salary, and always shared only that he was assigned, not showing any initiative? Exactly. Such a parent can bring up just the same ideal employee, so that everyone loves to exploit.

If you want to not only educate your child succeed, but that he was proud of you as a person, then you just find yourself is vital to their favorite pastime and you learn how to make the desired amount of money. Nissan may find this interesting as well. Otherwise, you raise risk of yet another unfortunate man, or just lose respect for your child. And it does not want any normal parent. So you have only one option – to act. Now I'll show you how educate your child in the spirit of wealth and abundance, which is useful in his life much more than a few higher education and high marks in all subjects passed.