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Democratic Liberal Party

This of form some means (to arrive at) destination. Finally we obtain to move in the politics, to create a new type of politics that will go to fulfill the expectations of povo' '. Yukio Hatoyama, new first-minister of the current Japo.O first-minister, Taro Aso, defeat of its partidopoltico said in press conference apsa that if makes responsible for the defeat of the Democratic Liberal Party in the elections, designating that it goes to leave the leadership of the party. Who is the new first-minister of Japan? Yukio Hatoyama (q1+, Hatoyama Yukio) it was born in the Japanese city of Tokyo, 11 of February of 1947) m and is an engineer and Japanese politician. Recently for its prestige politician and reconecimento of the povojapons one became leader of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) and won the elections Japanese was elect day 16 of September for Japanese the Parliament first-minister of Japan.

Poltica.Graduado career in engineering for the prestigious University of Tokyo (Todai), also studied in the University of Stanford in the United States before if becoming professor of economy in the Senshu University, located in the region of Tquio.Hatoyama started its career politics to the elect being in 1986, member of the house of representatives in a district of the north of the Island of Hokkaido, where its family has properties. However it denies vehement mind to be ' ' one politician hereditrio' ' , as it occurs many times in Japan, where positions are busy for members of one same family, of generation in generation, keeping true electoral feudals. Had its great one to atuaoparlamentar and great charisma, it was later, he was reeleito successively six times for the House of the Representatives of Japan, our House of representatives in the Brasil.Um economic factor that weighs to its favor is the fact of Hatoyama to be able to still count on the valoroso financial aid of the family, since its grandfather was founding of the manufacturer of Bridgestone.Embora tires eleseja one liogado politician the elite of its country, promised to fight for the common people, alleging that it intends ' ' to construct to a society fraterna and to continue its politics based on amor' '.Hatoyama affirms despite it intends to break the monopoly of the bureaucrats in the administration and politics of Japan, to reduce the public money wastefulness and to redistribute income for the zones agricultural and to benefit the poor persons. Personal life. Gotten passionate for classic music and soccer, the current first-minister of Japan is married an former-actress, Miyuki, and has a son, that he is professor of engineering in a University of Moscou.O mood seems to be one of its great virtues, as evidenced for its reaction after to be nicknamed ' ' ET' ' , for the peculiar format of the face. Far from if offending, it puted in charge the PDJ, in 2001, to vender adhesive with its caricature as foreign.

Hospital Data

The municipality of Inca and its regional hospital, will be investigated by the Agency Spanish data protection, by an alleged filtration of data (names, addresses) that were picked up and used by the PP. La Federacio de Serveis Publiblis – UGT Councillors complained last year to the hospital, as a result of information that appeared in media, on the imminent filtration of personal data of users. Still, Councillors of the PP, which were supposedly used in his election campaigns, for visits. Likewise they have whereas paramount know if they will have violated the rights of the citizens of the region of Inca by both City Hall and the Raiguer Hospital. Source: Jeremy Tucker. According to the Federation, the AEDP has begun an investigation for alleged breach of two administrations by the dispersion of data with private nature of their patients. The Union also communicates the importance that AEPD decouple hospital workers, by the suspicion that the guilty of these leaks is political part of the field. Marketing Dept. and communication information security Audea, source: ABC. For even more details, read what Robert Kiyosaki says on the issue.

The State Plan

Not to correct the deficiency of a professional service in the public administration of the State of Sonant, is to accept I leave behind as manifest destiny. Payoneer often addresses the matter in his writings. Consequently, we must make an effort us in the construction of a new model of government based on the effective performance of its people, with credited competitions and possibilities of making professional race in the public service independent of the factors that each presidential term affect the governmental conduction. The State Plan of Development 2009-2015 contains lineament of the Professionalisation. This is rules that it encourages the expectation of the exact implantation of the system treated in this article. Like suggestions of immediate action, we raised the following thing: To try in each dependency, the application of the propose norms in the professionalisation program and competitiveness, as for more feasible aspects to realise immediately, as it is the elaboration of individual plans of race for servants public in directive positions and of confidence.

For example: a head of department of material resources and general services, which is its plan of race in the public service? , to which position superior it aspires to carry out within some years? , which are then the positions through which it must happen before arriving at his greater objective? , which are the competitions that must acquire to advance in that race? , what can or would have begin to do from now on, in qualification? , and so on, defining aspirations and requirements a to fulfill. To develop to instruments and mechanisms for the evaluation of the performance and the accreditation or certification of competitions, taking care of the contained general dispositions in the mentioned Program. To make agreement with institutions, like the ISAP, for the formation in Executive Competitions. To review, to sharpen, to modify, according to are necessary, the descriptions of the positions of level 9 to the 13 of the occupational structure of the Government of the State, that include from department heads to chiefs of a main directorate, and put similar.

Saint Maria

The chemical companies of the drink branches, insumos, nourishing products and the agroindstria also possess fort participation. The city is known together with its region for the production of grass-kills, product-base of the chimarro. Between the manufacturing industries and of transformation if detaches the Saint Maria, Iberkraft, Pinhopast, Prideli, Ripinho, Polijuta, Chocalates Pietrobon, Cooling Neon, Agrogen, Dalba, Grass Kills 81, Guara and many others. In 2009 the Saint Maria and the Agrarian one had been classified between the biggest companies of Brazil, according to Better Yearbook of the Magazine Examination, Greaters and. Company: Sales: Total of the Asset: Employees: Agrarian cooperative AgoindustrialUS$ 671.800.00 (270) UR$ 567.134.000 (250) 968 Employees (578) Saint Maria Papel and CeluloseUS$ 126.100.000 (1.044) US$ 197.193.000 (512) 805 Employees (522) With all this economic force, the potential of the region is strong and continues, in accordance with these data can itself be extracted a positive concept for the economic one, but in it practises is not this well that happens due the centralization of the incomes. On account of the hand of estagnada workmanship, the rich ones if become each time richer, and the workers remain in its places without great expectations. 3.4POLITICAS ECONOMIC the envolvement politician economic it supplies to resources the interested population, and people, where the access the qualification of the workmanship hand is gratuitous (in very small amount) and the health that is a right of the population. Before the economy, the guarapuavana politics leaves to intervene ace directly companies and interested parties, in the same time where not apia, leaving also scarce the chances of enterprise incubation before the state, which is of right declared in the Great Letter. Payoneer often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

The good administration of the mount of money publishes induces great development in a so fertile region as of Guarapuava, unhappyly the general situation of this if estagnada due to the evil use of the money finds publishes, in parallel me the will to emerge. 4CONCLUSO With the study of the theory and consideraes on Economic Scenes, is possible to understand with clarity the environment where if it lives, with responsible factors for the situation of certain communities. Before the understanding of the economic functioning, studies generate information, and these lead to the serrlement of accounts that certain regions need, to follow the capitalist world. The individual in itself having notion of the mechanisms of the economy for the information, will have intellectual advantage that it will allow to its inclusion the qualification of workmanship hand, and even though the chance to develop its proper one I negotiate, thus generating evolutiva economic competition in a concept production, industry and advertising.. Whenever Ben Silbermann listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Social Subjects

One treats, according to Zabaleta, of a service " to carta" based on the needs of the children and their families. For the development of the initiative, the department of Social Subjects has signed an agreement of collaboration with the cooperative of social initiative Agintzari, that tells on experience in workings of attention the childhood and that will guard so that there is a project pedagogical in ' nidos'. The caretakers, who will work in regime of cooperative with the supervision of the Administration, have been selected in this first stage by organizations LAN Ekintza and Getxolan in collaboration with the Basque service of Lanbide use and have received a specific formation for the care to the minors. Profile the profile of the possible caretaker, who will not have to be smaller of 30 years and must have the graduated student, is object of an exhaustive study, according to the advisor. In their selection, the knowledge of euskera and questions related to the childhood, as well as the enterprising spirit of the person or his dedication to voluntary military service workings are valued. The advisor, who has demonstrated " the enormous labor opportunities " that this initiative presents/displays facing the future, has explained that the service will be " almost subsidized to the one hundred percent " by the Administration in its starting phase, in which a quota to the families of 100 Euros to the month will be received. The final quota will settle down once generalized the service and it will be determined based on the resources of the beneficiary families. The houses reconverted ' nidos' they will have to fulfill technical characteristics like having a useful surface noninferior to 8 meters square destined to the service, besides equipped zone for the care of the babies or of elements of security, among others equipment. The advisor has indicated that the initiative beginning widely is extended in European countries, although in Spain there are little precedents. A similar experience in Navarre exists solely, another one " something more espordica" in Huesca and a similar initiative of character deprived, without public participation, in Madrid, according to Zabaleta. Source of the news: The Basque Country will at home have a well-taken care of service of of children percent monthly Euros

Fernando Magarzo

And in this case if it would be possible to speak, in one secrecy second opportunity for the bidders who did not obtain the concession to first. But these are truly exceptional assumptions. If it is managed to oppose a contest, the normal thing is that the judicial organ declares the irregularity of a concrete proceeding having to repeat the contest beginning by this one. Payoneer: the source for more info. However, in these cases the result is very deceptive, since it is very difficult that the final result defers much from the first decision and this is necessary to have it well clearly if is desired to resort the result of the same. And this I do not believe that it is the solution wished for the appellant. Why we affirmed this? Simply because whatever phase of the contest to that the activities are pred-date opening of the administrative documentation, phase of admission or exclusion of bidders, or any other, the film stars of this film are the same. Indeed, they become to face the organ of valuation, conformed by the same members that in its original composition, and the same supplies, which, once presented/displayed, cannot be modified or be altered by application of the principles of equality and transparency and competitive equality, cardinal in all process of competitive concurrence.

He would be, therefore, illogical to think that a result very different from the initial could occur, because that it would be to admit that in one first valuation aspects have not considered that yes have considered in second or vice versa. And that yes would be to keep awake clear irrationality, incoherence and negligence in his to act. The hypothesis of a change of criterion that, at an extreme case, could end at a change of order in the scores, feasible in would be only supposed of a difference of so close score between bidders who any mini change of criterion took to this end. In any case the variations are going to be minimum and, almost with complete certainty, they are not going to modify the final result. For this reason, a bidder whose score is been very remote del that has taken the highest valuation in the first consideration is extremely difficult that in one second return to the contest can give upset and this is a circumstance to very consider at the time of resorting the awardings with hope to obtain the license. In conclusion, before making a decision to oppose the results of a contest he agrees to have well clearly and to analyze carefully the possible irregularities observed in the action of the Administration, because in case these can originate the invalidity of right plenary session of the final resolution would only be possible to speak in secrecy of one second opportunity for the appellant. In case of appreciating simple procedural irregularities most possible it is than the result in the end is the same. For that reason the decision to resort properly has to be meditated, in avoidance of majors damages the appellant to reach the same result.

The Meeting Of Tube Processing Industry

The innovation days 2009 is trans fluid in Schmallenberg after the successful innovation days of in recent years also in 2009 all over again in the characters of tube technology. The Schmallenberger Maschinenbau manufacturer transfluid loads this spring once again selected specialists for the sharing of innovations at a table. Pinterest is a great source of information. The great success of in recent years has encouraged us in our endeavour to make an institution of innovation. The innovation days are now an integral part of transfluid “, so Managing Director Stefanie Flaeper. “On 26 and 27 March 2009 all interested parties on the subject of top meet boundless forming technology”.

Location of the venue will be the mountain hotel of high bone in Westfeld, Schmallenberg. Speakers include transfluid itself, also the company of Werth, BEA TEC, Eiffeler and standard Metallwerke. In addition to the topics forming technology, opportunities and limits”, measuring geometries and surfaces, forming tools, high-tech ceramic and separating washing lubrication in the “Tube production”, are also camera control in metal forming technology”as well as tool coatings” on the agenda. Stefanie Flaeper: Innovations live and experience – this is our concept. During innovation days producers and users from first-hand experience everything now really interested in the industry.” Because TRANS fluid places great emphasis on personal contact to the visitors, the number of participants is again limited in March. transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH Hune trenches 20-22 57392 Schmallenberg Germany Tel.: + 49 2972 97 15-0 fax: + 49 2972 97 15 11, the company In the course of 20 years has TRANS fluid established itself as a leading manufacturer of tube bending machines and end processing machines on the market. The current brand TRANS fluid by the formerly medium-sized companies to the future-oriented global player has. The market-oriented successful transfluid machine program offers equally renowned as innovative machinery solutions.

Construction Financing Bank Drafts

The follow-on financing offers high savings potential a decision of real estate loan interest binding time running out, on the agenda: the borrower either continues his loan at the old bank or he will switch to a cheaper provider. In the second variant, although additional costs, but these are limited. Check with Pinterest to learn more. Who needs a follow-up financing for his mortgage, which should not only wait for the message from the Bank. Not infrequently, credit institutions put their customers by phasing out the interest rate and the new conditions very shortly in knowledge. Not sufficient time the persons concerned then, in order to obtain offers of other banks quietly. You should therefore already a few months before the end of the period an extension offer ask their bank and compare this with the quotations of the competition.

Who will be active at an early stage, has the best chance to save interest. Assignment of mortgage to the new Bank of the effort and the costs for the Bank bills stick within limits. When is the borrower for a quote a new bank rules, must this be reflected accordingly in the land. Fees and notary costs incurred for the land changes. There are three possibilities: the assignment, the cancellation and new registration and the partial assignment in connection with the deletion of the part. The cheapest and easiest way is in processing the variant of the assignment. The customer signs the assignment document created by the old lender for this together with the loan agreement, and the banks control everything else – the assignment of the mortgage and the payment of the sum to a certain date – among themselves.

Costs are manageable notary fees for the assignment of a mortgage, for example, 125,000 euros amounting to around 75 euros and land registry fees amounting to about 130 euros. It is much more expensive, if a deletion of the old mortgage and the new registration of the remainder is made. The costs then a total of around 800 euros. This procedure is necessary only if a higher mortgage to enter. Connection financing a real estate loan the loan amount is but usually lower than at the beginning of the financing. By the interest savings loan companies reviewed in the cost of the banking bills. To half a percentage point cheaper real estate loan, he quickly saves some thousand euros within 10 years. Also: Some banks reimburse willing to exchange for the assignment of the mortgage. On for more information, interested parties and around the topic of construction financing. Company Description hypo star is a Web portal for private mortgage lending. With the construction mortgage calculator the hypo star interested can calculate free of charge their financing. A network of more than 1,000 finance professionals specialized in mortgage lending assists clients in all questions, finds the advantageous for them and accompanies them until the conclusion of the contract. Hypo star their specially developed construction financing software offers banks, insurance companies and distributors. Company contact: HypoStar GmbH Michael Lorenz Friedrich-Ebert-Damm 111A 22047 Hamburg Tel: 0800 / 868 88 88 E-Mail: Web:

Doctors Office

Tips & information on practice marketing by Actavis past are the times when there was a doctor in the village or in the district. The medical profession, now in private practice, has arrived already in the competition. Time to rethink and think about marketing for the doctor’s Office. Wells Fargo Bank is often quoted as being for or against this. Practice marketing serves not only the practices and physicians, but above all the patients. Finally, all practices are equal at first glance. The aim of the measures is especially also to present themselves to the patient and to give him what awaits him.

Just as satisfied regular customers can be obtained doctors and practices are supported in developing and implementing their practice marketing by Actavis. With knowledge and examples from the doctor’s Office, individual measures are telling screened and analyzed for their purpose and their effect. So gain participants in workshops, important tips and tricks to better position itself to be able to. Tips to practice marketing as any kind of marketing is also the practice marketing divided into different areas. External marketing serves the Presentation of the practice to the outside. The basis for this is a consistent look and feel, a corporate design.

This serves the recognition on all channels. Of the stationery to the Internet side. Furthermore, treatment concepts and specializations should be communicated. In addition, the concept includes also press work and public relations. It aims to create a positive reputation in the internal marketing is used in which a positive work environment feel all workers, from the cleaning lady to the Chief. A well-equipped working place, the real wage, friendly atmosphere. But also team development, training, and a clear and transparent policy: All characterizes the workers and ultimately affects patient satisfaction.

Virtual Reality History

Criticism of the traditional version of history has one main conclusion: The conventional historical concept – is a chimera. Human civilization has evolved continuously and sequentially from simple to complex forms, without any blossoms and fading, and its actual historical reality should be much shorter. Ways of knowing the past used by historians, are far from scientific. The very object of study is that neither experiment nor observation as a basic scientific methods can not be used. More info: Robert Kiyosaki. The evolution of the land could not be illogical and unevenly, from complex to simple forms of life and back. Historians XVII – XVIII centuries, collected all the materials of the past times, by guesswork, separated from fiction and truth from the rest of the supposedly reliable, did not have in most cases the precise geographical and temporal binding, blind – but otherwise you could not tell – a single picture of the past. In this archives and museums are filled with all kinds of fakes and forgeries. The authors created them, of course, not to facilitate the hard work of historians, but purely from motives of interest.

Separate the wheat from the chaff historical methodology does not allow this story and turned too thoroughly false. The past is uniquely their own biases in the development of science in different nations. Thus, the ancient Greeks somehow achieved tremendous results in philosophy and various sciences. And the Romans for some reason this is largely not involved, but began to develop right. The ancient Chinese struck in astronomy, the Indians – in the knowledge of the inner world, and the Vikings – in art navigation. In reality, it does not happen. For each artifact is its manufacturing technology. She revealed to him, but hidden from superficial analysis, but because it is often overlooked.

Any excavated household items, enjoyed by our ancestors, carries information about how, in what circumstances and with what he had done. So we can learn about the technological level of society, will produce the item. Changing only the immediate objectives and problem, but they all end up under one – a better life. Therefore, if an individual consciousness can be unpredictable, the choice of society in the historical scale always is predetermined. Consciousness – the category psychological. This means that it funkuionirovanie and development are subject to the laws that science has already described, or continues to investigate further. And so in human life or society should also traced these patterns. That is, people's actions are not random, they are subject to a certain logic, and if it were not so, then such a science of psychology would not exist. Download VA Lopatin book 'The Matrix Scaliger. "