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Democratic Liberal Party

This of form some means (to arrive at) destination. Finally we obtain to move in the politics, to create a new type of politics that will go to fulfill the expectations of povo' '. Yukio Hatoyama, new first-minister of the current Japo.O first-minister, Taro Aso, defeat of its partidopoltico said in press conference apsa that if makes responsible for the defeat of the Democratic Liberal Party in the elections, designating that it goes to leave the leadership of the party. Who is the new first-minister of Japan? Yukio Hatoyama (q1+, Hatoyama Yukio) it was born in the Japanese city of Tokyo, 11 of February of 1947) m and is an engineer and Japanese politician. Recently for its prestige politician and reconecimento of the povojapons one became leader of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) and won the elections Japanese was elect day 16 of September for Japanese the Parliament first-minister of Japan.

Poltica.Graduado career in engineering for the prestigious University of Tokyo (Todai), also studied in the University of Stanford in the United States before if becoming professor of economy in the Senshu University, located in the region of Tquio.Hatoyama started its career politics to the elect being in 1986, member of the house of representatives in a district of the north of the Island of Hokkaido, where its family has properties. However it denies vehement mind to be ' ' one politician hereditrio' ' , as it occurs many times in Japan, where positions are busy for members of one same family, of generation in generation, keeping true electoral feudals. Had its great one to atuaoparlamentar and great charisma, it was later, he was reeleito successively six times for the House of the Representatives of Japan, our House of representatives in the Brasil.Um economic factor that weighs to its favor is the fact of Hatoyama to be able to still count on the valoroso financial aid of the family, since its grandfather was founding of the manufacturer of Bridgestone.Embora tires eleseja one liogado politician the elite of its country, promised to fight for the common people, alleging that it intends ' ' to construct to a society fraterna and to continue its politics based on amor' '.Hatoyama affirms despite it intends to break the monopoly of the bureaucrats in the administration and politics of Japan, to reduce the public money wastefulness and to redistribute income for the zones agricultural and to benefit the poor persons. Personal life. Gotten passionate for classic music and soccer, the current first-minister of Japan is married an former-actress, Miyuki, and has a son, that he is professor of engineering in a University of Moscou.O mood seems to be one of its great virtues, as evidenced for its reaction after to be nicknamed ' ' ET' ' , for the peculiar format of the face. Far from if offending, it puted in charge the PDJ, in 2001, to vender adhesive with its caricature as foreign.

Social Subjects

One treats, according to Zabaleta, of a service " to carta" based on the needs of the children and their families. For the development of the initiative, the department of Social Subjects has signed an agreement of collaboration with the cooperative of social initiative Agintzari, that tells on experience in workings of attention the childhood and that will guard so that there is a project pedagogical in ' nidos'. The caretakers, who will work in regime of cooperative with the supervision of the Administration, have been selected in this first stage by organizations LAN Ekintza and Getxolan in collaboration with the Basque service of Lanbide use and have received a specific formation for the care to the minors. Profile the profile of the possible caretaker, who will not have to be smaller of 30 years and must have the graduated student, is object of an exhaustive study, according to the advisor. In their selection, the knowledge of euskera and questions related to the childhood, as well as the enterprising spirit of the person or his dedication to voluntary military service workings are valued. The advisor, who has demonstrated " the enormous labor opportunities " that this initiative presents/displays facing the future, has explained that the service will be " almost subsidized to the one hundred percent " by the Administration in its starting phase, in which a quota to the families of 100 Euros to the month will be received. The final quota will settle down once generalized the service and it will be determined based on the resources of the beneficiary families. The houses reconverted ' nidos' they will have to fulfill technical characteristics like having a useful surface noninferior to 8 meters square destined to the service, besides equipped zone for the care of the babies or of elements of security, among others equipment. The advisor has indicated that the initiative beginning widely is extended in European countries, although in Spain there are little precedents. A similar experience in Navarre exists solely, another one " something more espordica" in Huesca and a similar initiative of character deprived, without public participation, in Madrid, according to Zabaleta. Source of the news: The Basque Country will at home have a well-taken care of service of of children percent monthly Euros