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FPrint Stores

Chain stores Williams & Oliver gathered at his household goods and food from different parts of the world. True connoisseurs of culinary art will be able to find here the world's best dishes, crystal, flatware, linens, kitchen equipment and Accessories for the household. The shops are brands Ruffoni, All Clad, Laguiole, Wusthof, Ad Hoc, Emile Henry, Casabella, Gien. Products under the brands Cuisipro, Danica, Kitchen Art, Silvermark, Amco, Chicago Metallic sold online exclusively. "1C: Accounting and Trade (ICE) has successfully cooperated with Williams & Oliver from last year: late 2010, experts BIT automated 4-th store network.

For a new shop in Smolensk passage was chosen equipment brands Posiflex, Zebra and FPrint, worked well in other stores. Employees in the office and 3 Cash node in the new store are working on the system blocks BIT. At the box office is also used fiscal recorders FPrint-02K, Programmable Keyboard Posiflex KB-6600-M12, scoreboard buyer PD-2800 and hand-held scanner Metrologic MS9520. Cashiers work with professional software Frontol. Boutique v.4.x.

Especially for Williams & Oliver specialists BIT finalized discount system. Now customers can use gift cards for a certain amount, which recorded by barcode. Quality equipment and convenient program ensures fast and convenient customer service, the corresponding high level of service adopted by the company. The basis for the accurate accounting of product was the introduction of bar-coding system. Thermal transfer label printers Zebra GK420t and data collection terminals Cipher 8001L provides quick inventory and receipt of goods. "Back Office" of the company operates in the 1C: Manage Trade 8 "- the optimal program for managing a distributed network of stores. Specialists 1C: BIT not only delivered and set up hardware and software, but the complex was escorted stores. Fiscal Registrants are serviced at an accredited TEC regularly delivered supplies, and 1C are serviced by ITS (Information Technology support).


Law 4. If an attacker was able to download the application your Web site, it's no longer your web site In fact, I would have such a law is removed. Web site – this is also a computer and the Act repeats the law number 1. But apparently this is quite an important point, since Microsoft has made a separate item. And as recommendations – all web sites is better to keep at home, rather than from 'unknown', even 'very reliable' ISP. Only in this case, we can guarantee at least some security. Law number 5. Weak passwords make useless any security system is really so.

For each password should apply rule 3 of 4 (where 4 – is 4 types of characters: lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers and special characters) and have a minimum length of 8 characters. In this case, the password can to know only one person! owner login. (In some companies, even the administrator, there are separate lists of users with all the passwords, and these lists of 'lying' to 'very safe' place, including, for example, on the FMS … which is easy to lose. And on the other hand if you have a password on a web server, 'Doe' coincides with the password to Exchange – OWA … then your password is already aware that most 'Doe' as mimnimum. Since these passwords are very hard to remember, and over time their accumulates a lot, you can use special programs such as RoboForm, to store passwords in an encrypted form.

The Screen

Smartphone: These models are usually large, heavy, expensive and equipped, the two main types are: Touch screen “Touchscreen” complete (like an iphone) or with full QWERTY keyboard (like a computer but a mini version) the advantages of a touchscreen computer are summarized in having a larger screen which is very useful for enjoying multimedia content and navigate the Internet, the disadvantages are that they are more fragile and more difficult to enter text by the need to do this on a virtual keyboard on screen which do not feel the keys (it is particularly difficult if you have thick fingers like me), in terms of Qwerty keyboard equipment included, advantage is that it is much easier and faster to create documents, text messages or emails, the disadvantage is that the screen is smaller and tend to be a little heavier.

If you use your phone to surf the Internet, view photos, videos or films, full-screen style is recommended, if you’re a more focused on the productivity you need to answer many emails a day and edit spreadsheets and documents you should have a Qwerty keyboard included. In conclusion in relation to the design team is important to reflect on the importance of aesthetic design and define which are the major uses, for example, if you want to take pictures at parties, How easy is to make a self? Do you have a mirror to see or dual screen to frame the picture? If you write many text messages, com “is the keyboard? “Keys are small? Is it easy to use? Do you have auto-complete text (T9)? Can you write messages with one hand?, If you’re going to surf the Internet, do we need a stylus (feather for the screen)?, Among others..