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Choose Grams

The choice of spinning – not an easy thing, as it may seem at first glance. And this statement is equally true is unknown as to the products of Chinese manufacturers, as well as to such well-known brands as Abu spinning Garcia, Daiwa, Shimano, Black Hole. It would seem that buy expensive fishing rod – and everything will be fine. However, the budget is always limited, and the fish that we're going to catch, too, is different. Pike, for example, a light spinning rod not catch. You also need to think about the amount of reservoir.

For a lake or large pond suitable long spinning. But the main thing – it is certainly a test. Spinning are the following types: ultralight, light, medium and heavy. They differ, use bait. For ultra-light suitable bait up to 7 grams for a light – from 7 to 15 grams, the average optimally from 15 to 40 grams, but hard – at least 40. The test is indicated by 2 digits, for example, 5-15 gr. This means that the minimum weight of 5 grams of bait, or it simply not be felt. And if more than 15 – then the rod may break.

Another important parameter – the system of spinning. This characteristic defines the rod response to the increased load. System can be both slow and medium-sized and fast. It is determined by the bending of the rod under load. For example, a slow spinning bend evenly along the length of the rod, and fast – just the tip. Except for the marriage or buying outright fakes, modern Rods have ample strength. So that the cause of failure are almost always gross errors anglers, such as when placed under negative vyvazhivanii rod angle, or took him behind his back. If going to buy a spinning, try to get as much information about the manufacturer. It is advisable to talk with an experienced fisherman, who had already eaten a dog in this kind of fishing rods. You can also refer to sales assistant in a store. Do not forget about the Internet. Online users a huge number of sites and forums, where fishermen from across the country discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a particular model. And another tip for last – choosing a rod, try it with a plastic coil – the feeling will be quite different. If there is a coil, which are going to catch – take it to the store, or ask the seller to find a suitable one.

Belarus Now

If not – then at least Think about the possible application in the future. Battery capacity – affect the duration of the cell phone without recharging. In principle, the type of battery pay special attention not worth it, because Now perhaps only two options – Li-ion and lithium polymer. And they both have shown their best side. It should be borne in mind that the rate of battery discharge affects not only the amount and duration of calls, but also the screen size (with increase the diagonal increases energy consumption), the frequency of the search network (more than a phone has to search the web, the more consumption of battery) and use of multimedia functions. Now that you've decided on some desired characteristics, and even identified the contenders as all the same to alleviate the hardships of choice? To do this, I can advise two options: a rational and emotional. Practice shows that the combination gives them a reasonable the best result. Rational – Do you have decided on the characteristics and the selected model-aspirants.

Now approach in more detail to the comparison of performance. Some parameter is more important to you, some – less. Be sure to read the reviews, the owners of these mobile phones, ask about availability of service centers in your city. Thus, step by step, by process of elimination you decide to buy. Emotional – Decide aspiring models that you just like them, ie without regard to performance.

Like on an emotional level, close to you in spirit. Now adjust the choice of taking into account the reasonable prices are important to you characteristics. If the model is expensive, most likely from this manufacturer will be an earlier, similar model. Think about whether you like the phone itself, as it is. Which one is your ideal purchase? I would like to distinguish two cases, when the choice is to bypass some of the above criteria: Buying a fashion phone – it is buying not just a communication tool, but as a confirmation of the status of the owner, to attract attention to it as a supplement to the image. These phones are distinguished in their appearance, materials, unusual shapes and lines. The additional features fade into the background. Need a mobile phone "grandfather village "- everything is simple. By phone only and requires that he loudly called, was heard well buddy, well, the battery can handle them. The same urge before make a purchase, try to see the coveted live phone, "hold it in your hands." To do this, generate a little searching among his friends, acquaintances, relatives. Maybe someone of them already have such a phone. Let them give you a tip about a mobile phone. This will allow You to more objectively evaluate the phone because it may look quite different, what do you think he is on the basis of the images on the Internet. If your search returned no results, then visit the showroom of mobile phones. Consultant It will explore the phone, but you refer to "we must think I'm not quite sure." Now you have all the necessary store of knowledge to choose a mobile phone. So use it and enjoy the possession of phone that you really like! After a drop of positive every day – it is so nice. All discounts, promotions, sales, discounts, confiscated in Minsk and Belarus

Sanitary Devices

Mixer – a household plumbing device that we use every day at home or at work, in the bathroom or kitchen. Mixer allows to control the flow of water to which it goes under naporom.My obtain water a certain temperature when mixed with hot and cold water mixer. Just for the bathroom faucets are able to direct water to the shower heads and diverter. Mixers are made primarily of brass and coated with chromium or nickel, which are not afraid of water. Then they were coated with enamel and other decorative metal plating. How to choose a faucet for your home? The first thing you need to decide on the pricing range and importance of aesthetic considerations. Mixer is designed to carry not only the technical functions for which, strictly speaking, he is, but also design functions.

Because the mixer is capable of properly selected transform the interior of the bathroom or kitchen. When selecting the mixer should be remembered that the mixer should primarily perform clerical duties, and then serve as interior decoration. Better to buy a mixer in specialized plumbing shop where sales consultants will explain the pros and cons of models and help you choose the most advantageous and convenient for you. You have to decide whether you need Single lever which can be switched quickly and adjust to the desired temperature or may be you want to buy a mixer with two cranes, valves, this system is simpler and slightly cheaper, but in the convenience of not so good.

Protective Coatings

Cover the parquet lacquer or oil and wax? Variants of protective coatings. Each of us, at least once in their lives faced with the problem of choosing and searching any goods with a set of desired characteristics. Remember, as in the famous movie: And you have exactly the same, but with pearl buttons? None. We shall find it! With a choice of wood flooring is usually the same. Of course, if you have a lot of money and a complete lack of desire to spend time thinking through Design your home (villas, apartment), then you can apply to the services of a designer. In this case, you greatly simplify your life and your wallet, but are you sure that the result will meet your expectations? This article was written for other categories of people: Those who are not willing to spend money on the services of an interior designer (for lack of "extra" money or because of mistrust based on past experience) for those with taste and gets enjoy direct participation in the process of creating the interior of his hearth for those who are so picky and prityazatelen that they can arrange just the decision that they took themselves, and only the work that that they complied with their hands. Nowadays you can find on sale floorboard made of different woods, including exotic species in our country. Many manufacturers offer floorboard, which already has a protective coating applied at the factory, and has some tinting (wood attached to a color different from its natural color).

Glamour Science Makeup

Women are unpredictable creatures – on the way to eternal youth and beauty, they are capable of anything, and to pay tribute to the tireless team of hairdressers and stylists, they are always trying to help women in their improbable pursuits. And now, every self-respecting stylist, creating a fashionable haircut and hairstyle, be sure to take into account the pace of life of modern women and their hairstyles awards that do not require additional pilings, bundled their beauty care products, hair care, hair fixing once and for all day. In another situation with makeup. Everyone knows that with a competent makeup is always possible to enhance the beauty and uniqueness of a person with a mask by cosmetic defects and some other, other. Only here to go to the makeup artist every day is never enough time nor money, and look unique to each day. We're all with you trying to learn it skills through books, television shows, magazines, but especially our face still require an individual approach. Individual approach we tried to find a course, and even when we are satisfied with the price of training the number aids, brushes, eye shadows, blush, gloss and glitter just looked like madness, which absolutely has nothing to do with the reality of everyday life. – Came to me a lot of customers who always asked the same question, – says Olga Motuzyuk, make-up beauty salon "Beauty Shop" in Kiev, – what kind of makeup is right for me, what colors emphasize the beauty of my face, how to paint eyes.