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Interior Ministry

Learn it's very easy: simply dial * # 06 # and then get a response. In the 15-digit number is encrypted model phone, when and by whom it was produced, as well as its serial number. All these data are available, and mobile operators. That is, you can easily find the IMEI lost or stolen device, which still gives the signal. Why is no one including law enforcement, do not use this great code? – Search for the missing mobile phones IMEI – this is extra cost to the operator – has admitted to us one of the largest specialist manufacturers of cellular phones. But problem turns out not only that. Service operators could do and paid – for the return of a loved one or a very expensive apparatus, such as Vertu for 5 – 10 thousand euros, the owners are ready to lay out the money. Just Interior Ministry, which theoretically should be interested in finding the missing mobile phones, can not negotiate with mobile operators: There are no documents governing the who, where and how to keep track of the stolen handset.

Bugs Program for wiretapping Spyder-pc Cuckold in the dark detective service to the jealous husband spying for the wrong husband (wife), listening to their phone calls, receive confidential information in law enforcement – All this is illegal. But at the same time, the usual (alas) the practice. Professionals are reluctant to extend their activities – it is enough mutual responsibility of clients. Not the lack of extra money on advertising makes detectives hide their own merits, and the fear of losing the license.


But at the same time, this is the most counterfeited and simulated leather. In order to grow the crocodile, from which can then be create such a masterpiece as your handbag, you want a lot of effort, time and money, so the skin does not become cheap. There are two types of skin (in the form of the cut) – from the belly and from the back of a crocodile. Quality differences are almost there, only the aesthetic and fashion is what one type of skin, then another. Hardly less valuable is alligator leather and caiman. Stingray leather sea still used in ancient Japan, China and Egypt. In Europe, fashion These products come in the 18th century. This is probably the most solid and durable leather used in the world – it will last much longer than other skin.

It does not burn, does not crack or wear out, and at the same time is easily cut by conventional scissors. Stingray skin has a rough surface and usually in the center of each skin is pale mushroom patch – the remnants of the spine. The more on the product of "spots", the more that product, as it means that it has gone more skins. But in Russia, do not know about, so do not appreciate, and sometimes do not understand why, like, two of the same purse stand differently. One of the first places in the world leather industry and the production ramp of its products, is the kingdom of Thailand.


Someone else can see, but his own and do not notice. So celebrate invented to fill someone's purse western holidays. It is necessary finally to reconsider its attitude to this matter, as in the first place violated the spiritual and morals. This year, finally ceased to celebrate Valentine's Day. First, he stopped to consider this day a holiday, and secondly, I have a more significant event relating to the 14th of February. I was still at school a little surprised at the behavior of many people that day. So, some of you for almost a year enmity, had cool relations, and here at you, heart as a gift.

Where is happiness? We really love each other? First you need to think about at least the second name: Valentine's Day. And something all the time confused with the day "vlyublyaniya all." It's two different things! Come to their senses! Then try to find the final information about the creation of this celebration of its origin. Sea legends, but all such vague. But there is also the financial aspect of this action, and it is probably the basis of a long and turbulent life of the Valentine's day in the world. Total cash costs on the day of St.. Valentine's is second only to Christmas and new year! Think about the scale! From this follows a rather simple explanation presented correctly, properly hyped, properly heated permanent interest of the company, who earn relatively small sums are not.

Example: on such request in Google first, I found this, 14.7 billion dollars Americans spent in 2009 on the feast of St.. Valentine's Day. And do not forget we have a lot of their, beautiful holidays with exciting stories that we just do not know much. Let's celebrate them, because they are closer to us.

GSM Alarm

Life of modern man unthinkable without various intelligent systems, with which we carry out interaction with the world around us and which make it much easier our lives. Company 'Connect-GSM' offers variety of complex automated control systems and alarms, which allow not only to control any situation in your home, but also manage it remotely. Informed – is forearmed. Gsm Alarm embodies this principle. GSM alarm installation – not a simple fad, but a very urgent need for every property owner who wants to keep abreast of developments.

All the more so GSM alarm system Home these days is not something unavailable at the price – to buy our proposed model of the equipment is quite expensive for a person with average income. You can not call her and demanding to use – just mobile phone to in the event of any force majeure events in your apartment or house you have received a signal about this and take appropriate countermeasures. Those who are used constantly in a state of comfort without any extra effort by Connect-GSM is recommended to install equipment that will turn your cottage or apartment in the so-called smart home, which will install equipment to our professional. Set a smart home (as in Moscow and in other regions of Russia) – the solution of a number of your worries and problems. Modern equipment, customized to fit your desires and habits will allow you to save time and effort – very intelligent smart home, the price is quite adequate to its usefulness, will manage the appliances and utilities in your home (heating, ventilation, lighting, irrigation system and lighting the garden), alone and in the most optimal conditions without your participation. Remote lighting will include the whole group of lighting devices based on time of day and the selected mode.

Remote control automatic gates to the house adjacent to the territory controlled control unit, raised in any room of your choice and can be as pressing a button, and in the voice mode. Office of the gate garage with the help of our systems will allow you to park your car, not leaving it to open the garage door. GSM-management system using a mobile phone to help you forget about worrying – whether hacking attempt, included an iron or unclosed valve. GSM camera through the satellite continuously transmits the image to the monitor guards. With one SMS will be de-energized unit managed outlets in every room, the second SMS will be blocked in the absence of water at home and you have accomplished thus protection from leakage. Convenient, is not it? The main objective of our company – the comfort and safety of our customers provided with Installation of modern GSM-systems. And as experience shows, this desire, exercisable by us at very affordable prices, is in great demand and positive feedback from sighted people.

Disney Couture

Treesje's Stripped is made from artificially aged skin, gathered in folds, has an external, very handy pocket and long strap. Besides its color – Discreet and stylish at the same time, suitable for almost anything. Youth Bag Sorial These youth Bags combine the latest trends in accessories. The emphasis is on excellent skin accentuated in neat rows, contrasting color rivets (which is one of the hottest trends of recent seasons.) Additional pockets and a long shoulder strap provides comfort during use. Pink clutch from The SAK Leather clutch from The SAK can be worn three different ways: minimize half, buttoning a button – for day or evening out, fasten your seat belt and worn over the shoulder, or expand, turning into a spacious and roomy office bag. Handbag is made of excellent leather, complemented with metal fittings and decorated with unusual Quilting. It can be used as a bag over her shoulder and she is able to decorate themselves, any outfit.

Inside it is very practical and well thought-out, it is easy to carry all the necessary stuff. Youth bag from Hilary Radley Kat Youth With this bag you can create an image of a punk girl. Unusual decoration in the form of bags of brackets, makes it pretty hard look, but it soften the pockets on the sides, fastened with a zipper. Nice color and fine stitches on the edge of the bag, complete the big picture and create a complete image of the hip. Bags from Disney Couture Why not make the usual black bag less boring? Talked about so designers who invented youth Bags with Disney characters.

The result is really quite boring. Women's handbags from the classical form of Disney characters – Mickey Mouse, Tinker Bell, Bambi. So cute, that no girl could resist them. Take, for example youth bag black genuine leather applique of Mickey, on the outside.

Identification Documents

Many types of transactions can not be made in person holder of a right, as his representative. Thus, in accordance with Part 1, Art. 182 of the Civil Code (hereinafter – the Civil Code), a transaction made by the representative, directly create, modify and terminate civil rights and obligations of, and not representative. In some cases this is due to the desire of the person represented. A classic example – one individual in writing authorize another individual to commit the transaction, ie, as they say in these situations, "giving power of attorney." This may be due to unwillingness or inability to present owner in the transaction. In other cases based on the law office. So, for example, for minors under the age of fourteen years (minors), deals with a few exceptions, can make on behalf of and in the interests of young Only his parents, adoptive parents or guardians (part 1 of article. 28 Civil Code).

In this situation, the willingness or unwillingness to make a minor deal, as it may sound cynical, legally nothing depends. If the transaction is made in respect of legal entity, without representation, by definition, indispensable. Entity – is an abstract concept. It can not itself sign a document confirming the transaction. Naturally, in this case on behalf of the entity signature puts the average person, a person properly authorized legal entity for committing the transaction. The credentials representative of an individual are: – The power of attorney (in most cases – a notarized) – trust management contract – a contract of agency – an agency contract – a certificate issued organs of civil status (birth certificate – for parents of minors, certificate of adoption – adoptive parents for minors) – permit a guardian or trustee, issued by the authority of guardianship – the decision of the guardianship and custody of the appointment of a guardian or trustee – a contract to transfer the juvenile to be raised in a family) – the constituent or any other established applicable law, documents the legal entity that is a guardian or trustee (educational, training institutes, institutions of social security and other similar institutions), and documents credentials of the representative of the legal person.