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Penal Law

In principle she touched herself the door of one hundred thirteen industrial companies of two states, 81 in Carabobo and 32 in Aragua, between which they only took care of management 70, distributed 50 in carabobeos industrial parks and 20 in the neighboring zone, and so it was verified that the manufacturing plants of Valencia, Guacara, San Joaquin, Mariara, the Guayos and San Diego generates in 144 types of waste and 26 the industries arageas. Quantified the results of the investigation it is included that the present generation of dangerous and nondangerous remainders overcomes the 167 thousand tons to the year, that to future could surpass 178. 200 TM/ao, and most important, than in the region there are accumulated 16 thousand 800 tons, that do not receive adapted treatment and handlings, although numerous companies resort to different methods like sanitary incineration, fillings, recycling, application in earth, temporary storages and unloading to collectors. As it relates the report, there are companies that accepted the offered aid to treat their remainders, in contrast to another considerable percentage that was not interested. It is needed educative campaigns that obtain that the citizens are obtaining basic the environmental culture so that they themselves guard by the environmental conservation.

The companies must have conservacionistas managers, who adopt policies of environmental protection to face the problems of degradation of grounds, exhaustions of water-bearing, destruction of the ecosystems and, generally, of productive processes that lead to an irrational operation of the natural resources, so that the sustainable development can exist. The national government account with a Penal Law of the Atmosphere in that their control systems are due to reconstruct, penalties, effective fulfillment of the law, that is not dead letter. Definitively, Venezuela, in spite of existing a legislation of protection to the comparable atmosphere to the one of some countries developed, serious problems of injury to the atmosphere are confronted, particularly with respect to the generation of originating polluting agents of emissions, toxic residues, and accidents in the transport and the storage. This is derived, partly, of the weakness of the interest and control mechanisms to make fulfill the legislation low on the part of the public opinion by these subjects..

What It World

In the states of watch and dream with dreams, there are thoughts, and there are also a world. In the same way that the spider emits of itself the thread (of the spiderweb), and it dissuades again it inside of itself, thus also the mind projects the world of itself and again reabsorbe inside of itself. When the mind leaves Itself, it appears the world. Therefore, when the world appears (like real), Itself it does not appear, and when the Being appears (he shines), the world does not appear. When one it investigates persistently within the nature of the mind, this one will end up leaving Itself (like the remainder). What It is called, is the Atman.

The mind exists always only in dependency of something crude; it cannot remain single. The mind is what the body or the soul is called? That arises like I in this body, is the mind. If one investigates as far as where I arise the first in the body thought, one discovers that it arises in the heart. That is the place of origin of the mind. Only with thinking I constantly – I, one will be lead to that place. Of all the thoughts that arise in the mind, the thought I is first. Only after the sprouting of this thought I arise the other thoughts. Only after the appearance of the personal pronoun of the first person, they appear person and the personal pronoun second third; without the personal pronoun of the first person, there will be the second nor no the third party.

Through the meditation in the forms of God and a traverse of the repetition of mantras, the mind happens concentrated. The mind always will be vagando. As well as when a chain occurs to an elephant it maintains so that it in his tube, is dedicated to maintain the chain and nothing else, thus also when the mind is occupied with a name or a form only it will grasp to that.