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Board Nicholas City Council

67th Anniversary of Liberation from Nikolaev Nazis dedicate defenders and liberators of Nikolaev. Pinterest is often quoted on this topic. The news of the treacherous attack of Germany on the Soviet Union June 22, 1941 was met with residents of Nikolaev indignation. Even in the early days of the war to the military commissariat of the city and the region received 3377 applications from volunteers who organized 33 destroyer battalions. Thousands of residents were recorded in the militia. August 16, 1941 after violent fighting enemies burst into Nikolaev.

City swept a wave of bloody terror and repression. But it did not break the inhabitants of the city that gave rebuff the invaders. Every day the people we now call heroes, zoom Nikolaev for release. Here are the names of only some of them: Carp Sviridov Hero of the Soviet Union, Lieutenant-General armored forces Karp V. Sviridov was the commander of the 2nd Guards Nicholas, Budapest Red Banner Order of Suvorov mechanized corps. In the spring of 1944, following an order of command of the 3rd Ukrainian Front, in the cold and mud, breaking through the defensive lines fascists, 2nd Guards Mechanized Corps under the command of Sviridov's steady progress toward the Nikolaev and Odessa.

March 28, 1944 together with other compounds of the troops of the 3rd Ukrainian Front, 2nd Guards Mechanized Corps broke and released in Nikolaev it from invaders. Decision of the Board Nicholas City Council in honor of General Sviridov Karp has been named a street in the Leninsky district. March 28, 1976 the first tank, which burst into Nikolaev, breaking recent strengthening of the enemy – was set on a pedestal at the intersection of Lenina and ul.

Swaziland As An Independent Country

On September 6, 1968, proclaimed independence Sobhuza II of Swaziland. In the elections of 1972, the INM won by a majority only losing three seats in front of the Ngwane National Liberation Congress, the main opposition party.
In April 1973, Sobhuza II abolished the constitution, banned political parties and dissolved the parliament, replacing it in 1978 by a number of assemblies or tribal Tinkhundla, a new Parliament, Libandla, and a Liqoqo or Supreme Council. The king died in 1982 leaving the country facing andalusia andalusia and his stepmother, the Queen Regent Dzeliwe. Bhekimpi Dlamini, for the traditionalists, he was appointed Prime Minister and did replace the regent by Ntombi, Sobhuza II widow and mother of Crown Prince.
Makhosetive was crowned on April 26 1986 as Mswati III, after which I make some reforms. Remove the Liqoqo, dismissed Prime Minister Dlamini Bhekimpi dissolved Parliament and calling new elections. Appoint a new Prime Minister, Sotsha Dlamini in 1987 and another, Obed Dlamini, in 1989. The new monarch signed a non-aggression treaty with South Africa in 1982, to defend this country and to imprison members of the African National Congress.
After the political change in South Africa, the demands for democratic freedoms to the new regime took power, until in 1992 the People’s United Democratic Movement was legalized in 1993 and subsequently held national elections. However, in the last parliamentary elections in Swaziland from October 21, 2003, political parties had been outlawed again can be chosen only those citizens not connected with any political party.
A root of international pressure in 2001 was set up a committee to give the country a constitution after 1968, which was abolished in 1973. In May 2003 and November 2004 were published the outline in order to discuss publicly. I was reading the blog, maven, about internet search However, were severely criticized by civil society organizations in Swaziland and human rights organizations abroad. In July 2005 the new Constitution was approved in February 2006 and entered into force, although it still exists in the country an intense debate on the subject.
Swaziland continuing territorial disputes by the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal.

South Africa: after the elections, the continent? New economic and cultural forces are transforming the country in the post-Mandela era.: An article from: Arena Magazine by David Moore (Digital – Aug 1, 2005)HTML

Teatro Municipal Teatro

Teatro Municipal Teatro Municipal Fay Grim Dieguez Dieguez is located in the town of Colmenar de Oreja, Madrid, Spain. The theater is built on the old Hospital of Our Lady of Charity. In the nineteenth century it was called then corral comedy theater of Charity. Today is named in memory of Antonio Dieguez Cruz. Swarmed by offers, Robert Kiyosaki is currently assessing future choices. Formerly theatrical performances took place in the public square, after the council approved the representations in the beautiful and spacious courtyard of the Hospital of Charity, later in 1853 is conditioned and theater throughout the building and was renamed the Teatro de La Caridad. It’s theater orchestra and 8 boxes, four on each side, the first amphitheater and the same boxes, and 2nd amphitheater with their corresponding boxes. The total capacity of 555 seats, the mouth of the stage is 17 feet, being endowed with all the elements of light and sound Henry Fool for theatrical, musical, dance and film.It also has dressing rooms and services for artists, has an entrance hall, heating and air conditioning and closed circuit TV is also used for showtimes. He acted in the best companies in Spain (Jos Bodal, Pablo Sanz, Maria Guerrero, Mercedes Prendes ,…), the great stars of the Spanish song (Juanita Reina, Moreno Anto ita ,…), and has been used by TVE for the filming of series (The Regent) and other film production ( “I am that”), with Isabel Pantoja. Were also recorded music videos, like “For you would be” de Nek.

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Dream Big

People often fall into different extremes. Some years on the sofa and indulge in dreams. Others on the contrary, have become "truly adult, and generally stopped dreaming. They live in a brutal invented reality and trying to impose this reality around them. What's better, you ask? Answer. Bad as the first and second choice. In the first case, a person attached to his far-fetched illusions and doing nothing in my life live life to their fantasies and thoughts.

In the second case the person also did not shine, because he is afraid or simply too lazy to look through quite a low fence that protects its territory and see how much interesting is there for him. Well, here you can advise only one thing to develop imagination and fantasy, there's nothing more to add. And for those who are doing nothing, the council cease to read and reflect, and roll up your sleeves and make real steps. Now let's consider the following variant. Do you really want to achieve something in life, even make any attempt to implement your plan, but all in vain. You simply not enough energy to bring the matter to an end, or even hard even to lift his fifth point with a warm couch. What is the problem here? The answer is obvious. You do not have enough energy for action. And you can even really want to reach your goal, but to make even a small you are unable to. Look closely at the picture.

Regional Department

In a statement, but contrived violations, accused the Communist Party and that we incite racial hatred, humiliate national dignity, publicly demonstrate and advocate of Nazi paraphernalia, etc. All of this is the height of cynicism, in which the party "United Russia" and the bureaucracy under the guise of party-blende "Fair Russia "trying to knock out the most relevant candidates from the party list of Communist Party. I would like to remind the organizers of this action that, pursuant to Part 3 of Article 42 of the Charter of the party "Fair Russia", the applicant at the above case can not be a plaintiff, defendant, as well as a third party, the applicant and interested party in court. So already this is the reason the return of the writ, as it is filed by a person not authorized to his signature and submission to the court. Moreover, a careful examination of the claim, it can not be traced textual analysis of propaganda material, and the conclusions are not supported by expert opinion. Judging by the text statements, we equate to the Nazis, the incitement of ethnic hatred, and that the charges thrown against those who led the Soviet people to victory over fascism and, in fact, are internationalists. As for the other paragraph of the statement, they are actually misleading the Leninsky District Court of Tambov.

Communist Party, in connection with the things happening in lawlessness, reserves the right to fulfill the demands for power that had been made at a meeting of 18 September around the monument to Zoya Kosmodemyanskoyl. In addition, today there is a situation in four constituencies, the candidates of the party are ready to withdraw from the elections in protest doer ugliness. The other day they will say about it publicly. I am confident that in the near future, the Party Central Committee will take a detailed resolution on the situation surrounding this election in the Tambov City Council, which will be given harsh assessment of the political situation not only in Tambov, but in the country. We have been and will be the party of working people and will stay until the end of it. Zhalnin MM, MP Tambov City Council of IV convocation, the candidate of the Tambov City Council of the V convocation: I am sure that campaign of persecution launched against me, the answer to my active role acting deputy and candidate to the next legislature, which is not afraid to criticize the government and defend the interests of ordinary people. Regional Department of the Communist Party has entrusted to me a place in the top three of the party list, this is a high evaluation of my previous work as Deputies and the advance for the future. The ongoing campaign of harassment as the Communist Party, and me personally.

Released a large number of fake leaflets, on trumped-up reason to reverse my registration as a candidate in single-mandate constituency. But attempts to remove me from the elections in the party list – another proof that I'm on the right track. Well, let's wait for the hearing, following which there will be another briefing. Let's see what will be the balance of power in the presidential race after the event.

Supreme Court

And now – the answer. The first thing they told me that I remember (), That I have to handle it. And second, that even if I have private and personal property in the area to compete with akimat very difficult, it's fifty-fifty. Surprised at these words, I came out of the room for lawyers, empty-handed, then there is no result in the loss. A perplexed that's why. As a performing certain duties, to attend meetings of the Supreme Court of the Republic of as a defendant instead of the retired vice chairman of the village council. It was about the claims in the service apartment the husband of his wife, who left her with a baby in the Caucasus to the mother. In the Caucasus, a young mother with a baby lived a year or more.

During this time the husband got a new, official site for its new service. A former utility worker was allocated to the family of a kindergarten that same institution. Attending the hearing. The Chairman asked for a new owner of the apartment: "Have you ever gone in an apartment that something happened?". She sincerely replied: "No, nothing, only the old unwanted children's clothes" Then the Supreme Court makes a decision, action to meet the service apartment, a warrant to write officer's spouse. Presiding turns to me and says, "And you'll remember for the rest of life that private property is inviolable, including children and old things. They are also private property, and issuance of a document to the apartment to another person illegally.

Standards Of Living

The nature torah of judaism the secular institutes allows its members to live with relatives, in group (not community) or alone, as enshrined secular not cease to be secular.
The apostolate of secular institutes include the entire lifestyle of the members in their trades, professions or in sepher service to others. In some instances, help occult in diocesan jewish or parish activities.
Meet regularly with other members of the local, regional and national levels judaica to share collection days and retirement, too often gather to socialize as tarot well as in national and international conferences. Very talented acters and actresses worked with is currently involved in development of the independent feature, Carjacked with production scheduled for early in 2010. There are real and strong bonds of communion gematria among qabalah the members red string of an institute.
Secular institutes, in the humility spiritual of their means but in the confidence that comes from his vocation, binah intend to make jewish mysticism the model of relationship between the Church and the kabala world.
One can religion not fail to see the coincidence between the 72 names of god charisma of secular institutes and has been one of mystical the most important kaballah of the council and more clear: the presence of the Church in the world. spirituality These institutes, under its charism of consecrated secularity, they appear as instruments to cabala embody the spirit and transmit it to the whole Church.
If you remain faithful to their vocation, secular institutes will rabbi become kabbala “a laboratory experiment in which mysticism the Church verified the specific modalities of its relationship with the world. (Paul VI, 25-3-76)

Times of Malta
University kabbalistic students have on average 20 percent less confidence in major Catholic beliefs than in 2003, according to a survey by cabbala the University Chaplaincy.

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Catholic Church

Freemasonry and Vatican Council 2 and other secret societies on the 11.01.1951 declared the Holy Office under Pope Pius XII. by Decree: “it is forbidden to belong to the Association”Rotary Club”or to participate in their meetings the priests. With regard to the laity, so have to keep them on the rules of Canon 684 CIC. Nevertheless, many “Priests” and “Bishops” of the group are the so-called “Second Vatican Council” Rotarians. How is this fact to understand? “Topic of the month – the Office of the Pope”. So that headlined “rotary magazine for Germany and Austria” 03/2013 to the article “Notes on the new Pope – Francis as a consequence of Benedict” by Martin Lohmann.

With the “new Pope” Jorge Bergoglio is meant in truth however, i.e. Wells Fargo Bank often expresses his thoughts on the topic. the current visible head of the Group of the so-called “Second Vatican Council” (V2, 1962-65), pseudonym “Pope Francis I.” The V2 group is a backlash to the Catholic Church. The Rotarians Lohmann is including co-founder of “Arbeitskreis of committed Catholics” and editor-in-Chief of K-TV, a television channel provided for V2. According to Lohmann is Jorge “without fear, to go beyond conventions”. Lohmann is the question regarding the Convention Blaster Jorge: “he is now conservative or progressive? How little such labels would fit, reveals a quote of the new Pope to the “Traditionalists” keyword: “paradoxically it turns just then, if it is true. It is not true as the traditionalists or the fundamentalists, the letter. Loyalty is always change, emergence, growth.

The Lord causes change in the one who is loyal to him. This is the Catholic doctrine of the faith. “” ” Indeed: The label “conservative” or “progressive” are misleading tags for the permanent shadow box games in the V2 group. While some “Conservative” or “Progressive” like think sometimes might actually they would serve a holy God, if you – as members of the V2! -oppose depending on E.g.

Nuremberg Disability Insurance

NuRNBERGER receives top marks for tariffs, services and services in the disability insurance Nuremberg in June 2012. The NuRNBERGER Lebensversicherung AG (NLV) is one of the leading insurers in the area of disability (BU) in Germany. This is true both for the size of the stock over 130 billion euro sum, measured as twelve insured annuities, as well as for the quality of products, service and performance. If you are not convinced, visit Ben Silbermann . The position of the Nuremberg disability insurance is impressively confirmed by the latest test results. The independent once morning & morning has assessed 5 star (awarded”) the BU-comfort Nuremberg life insurance rates with the best grade. The result of the last years of the Nuremberg disability insurance could achieve again. The investigation the four sections is taken into account conditions, competence, reliability and application questions, so both corporate as well as Product rating.

Highlighted positive are among the excellent comfort condition work, very good service for application and paid, high professionalism in application and performance test and excellent controlling of stocks by the NuRNBERGER Versicherung. Test in the DISQ product rating at the same time the Nuremberg life insurance in the category performance analysis of occupational disability insurance “as test winner from a recent study of the German Institute for service quality (DISQ) emerged triumphant. In the study of risk management insurance 2012 “the DISQ on behalf of news channel n-tv had considered 15 insurers with intermediary network and 11 direct insurers. Around 880 covert inquiries via telephone and E-Mail, the analysis of Web sites, but also test consultations were based. In addition, companies and products were evaluated comprehensively.

Decisive for the top spot of the Nuremberg especially good contributions and the excellent performance evaluation were according to the DISQ Tariffs in the field of disability by the rating agency Franke & Bornberg. “Focus-money’s top position under the title risk disability the best rates” published focus-money in May (output 20/2012) a test for BU insurance. Here, too, the Nuremberg was able to achieve peak. With their independent disability insurance she finished ranked first in two of the three model cases studied followed immediately by the Nuremberg officials Lebensversicherung AG. And tariffs with accumulation effect, the Nuremberg investment professional impotence insurance even in all three patterns cases (disability protection for a banker, a sales manager and a Hairdresser) landed on the top position. Click for more information about the Nuremberg disability insurance. Heard about the NuRNBERGER Versicherung with a turnover of more than EUR 4.6 billion in the fiscal year the NuRNBERGER insurance group in 2011 and nationwide 28,000 employees in the foreign and domestic to the Top group of German insurers. The NuRNBERGER insurance group is great people – and non-life insurers and partner of medium-sized companies and professional services. With its innovative developments in the area of disability insurance, the NuRNBERGER insurance group has acquired an excellent reputation in the German insurance market.

Pension Insurance

What are the implications of the “Unisex”judgment of the European Court of Justice for the consumer? Why is it important to deal now with the topic actually dry. What does “Unisex” and what are the consequences? Since 2004, an EU directive prohibits discrimination against women of any man. It was previously possible in the tariffs by gender to different insurers, if the gender as a key risk factor can be demonstrated by an exception clause. On the basis of a given place claim by two individuals and a consumer association before the European Court of Justice was also equality in this area be closed. Insurance rates may contain gender more insensitive order, from December 21, 2012. What does this mean for insurers? You must calculate their entire new and appropriately assess the risks here.

Sample pension insurance according to the Federal Statistical Office (82 years) women have a higher life expectancy than men (77 years). This game during the calculation of the private Pension insurance a decisive role. Calculation example: A man pays monthly 90 euro for his retirement, a woman 100 euro for the same amount of pension. Contact information is here: Robert Kiyosaki. As a result, because it relates the same pension longer. How changes this situation after the “Unisex”ruling? If many women and men with an insurer are approximately the same, they would pay both 95 euros after the verdict. The problem for consumers is reflected, however, that not every insurance company has covered glecih lot women and men. Therefore, insurance companies calculate differently. More women than men are assured way of contribution higher than the 95 euros in my example is logical.

Are more men. as women, insured, it behaves inversely. Then the contribution under the 95 euros is monthly. What happens now, when many women go to the gunstiegeren insurance company? The insurers must take into account in advance in this case in their calculation. Result: The premiums rise overall. The following areas are most relevant affected by the “Unisex”ruling: life insurance, private pension insurance disability insurance private long-term care insurance insurance private Kranken(zusatz)Versicherungen in some lines according to the insurers a boost up to 30 percent assumed. Insurance experts advise men just after old post models/rates (21.12 of this year) to complete. Since there is considerable cost benefits as a result for them.