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Swedish House Pergo

During these dates the launches of new products are produced in the parquet and laminate flooring market. The laminate flooring market is at a level of maturity and requires high levels of innovation by numerous manufacturers. As usual, leading brands are those carrying the front enforcing relevant product lines, as well as developments and solutions to the market. Does not seem to affect much the current context of economic these portents, since in this period we are witnessing ambitious bets regarding expansion of existing ranges and multiple new features relating to the quality and aesthetics of products. The Belgian manufacturer Quick Step, who last year incurred with moderate success of penetration in the segment of natural wooden laminate floating flooring, has just extended their already vast catalog of products with the addition of Quick Step Go, Elite and Vogue series; noteworthy excelsa transition between the blades of the new bevel patented in the range Vogue. Another of the leaders in innovation is the famous Swedish House Pergo, which surprises us this year with a renewed menu of products and styles. Four series are awarded hundreds of elegant designs, from traditional Woods until the most inspired as ceramics, cement and stone. Pergo Original Excellence, Domestic Extra, Living Expression and Public Extreme are the names that make up this fabulous proposal.

Finally, the Belgian Berry Floor parquet producer also has the floor. New collections such as Berry Floor Riviera and Quadrum confer even more prestige to the extensive range that precedes them. Designs with and without bevel, wider than the conventional and the already consecrated Hidroplus application panels, a technology developed by Berry Floor that neutralizes the vulnerabilities of the laminate to moisture. Note that large developments in the field of innovation are still carried out in European geography; distance from the philosophies of low price of Asian markets responding with quality and innovation constitutes a factor of relevant differentiation that must mark the path of European manufacturers, fall into a vulgar competition of price, not to mention the loss of prestige, would be a suicidal attitude in commercial terms. Naturally other manufacturers are also in the process of launching of new products to the market, a strategy this year seems to be more incisive than others, despite the times running.

Schonensche Strasse

Specific jobs could also be generated and must be brought only in the appropriate written form”Schroter continues. The Web-to-mailing service StayGuest specially designed for all hoteliers and restaurateurs met with special interest”. This makes it possible to select in five easy steps greeting cards with custom motifs with an individual text, logo and send signature to provide and post it to the guests. The title is the name of the addressee and gives individuality each card as a result. Up to 50% can be achieved more guest bookings by sending personalised postcards to guests or potential buyers. To Sonja Bunthe, Marketing Director of StayGuest: For the day of the open door we had invited specifically hoteliers and restaurateurs from the region, to them the functioning of our service to describe and to explain which These are the advantages. The invitations were very well received and we have received consistently positive feedback from visitors to present.” More information about ODS GmbH is available in the Internet at the address. All information about the service of StayGuest can be found on the Internet at.

Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: press compartments/ods contact for questions regarding this press release: Stefan Schroter ODS – Office data service GmbH honor mountain str. 16 A D-10245 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 23 09 51 – 0 fax: + 49 (0) 30 23 09 51 – 90 E-Mail: Internet: Marko Homann, Holger Ballwanz PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: via the ODS – Office data service GmbH the ODS GmbH operates since 1995 with a performance focus on direct marketing, digital printing and postal service on the market. Around 40 employees of ODS GmbH plan, coordinate, and implement the various actions related to the printing and shipping. Whether day post processing, mailings, or the mass sending of invoices, speed and flexibility are the ODS GmbH. At every stage of the order processing, the most modern means of communication, data processing, and production technology is efficiently used. Together with our cooperation partners, the ODS GmbH realized even the most complex shipping jobs.

More info on the ODS – Office data service GmbH are available in the Internet at. StayGuest – a service of the ODS – Office data service GmbH is a Web-to-mailing-Portal launched in September 2008, which specializes in the hotel and tourism industry. can be easily and quickly plan and perform minor and major mailing campaigns. The customers have at upload the, in five simple steps to make the layout and the text of their cards and the corresponding recipient data. Printing and dispatch are performed by StayGuest.

Robust 1 D/2D Bar Code PDA For Mobile Data Collection

The bar code PDA XP20 and XP30 are robust data collection systems that are used for the inventory, order processing, package / goods tracking, etc. the bar code PDA of the XP series developed a quick, to be able to perform error-free and above all reliable data capture. Simplicity, reliability and the high quality standard introduced so far a twice as fast return on investment for customers, than comparable products. The bar code PDA XP20 and XP30 are rugged, mobile data acquisition systems. The well-known Adaptus 1 d/2D imager for reading all common 1 d barcodes and 2D code is standards. The 2D code function is activated in addition optionally via a firmware. This Adapttus imager is advantageous, because it has no moving parts and thus has a very stable technology. All XP models can be used according to protection class IP54 II dust and splash-proof and therefore also in normal industrial environments and outdoors.

XP20 is equipped with a 160 x 160 pixel black-and-white TouchDisplay. In contrast, he’s waiting XP30 with a very high-contrast 240 x 320 pixel color TouchDisplay at, where the even in very bright environments is still fun. For dark environments, the backlight using the power button is to switch on. The keyboard contains numeric keys, arrows, shift, enter, and a space key. Letters you can with the number keys 1 to 9 using the SHIFT key. These buttons are also specific users freely programmable F1 through F9.

Alphanumeric entries can be made as well with the keypad that is included with the software. By default, a memory of 64 MB is available, is to expand the up to 2 GB via SD cards. The XPs inspire through their operating system PalmOS 5.4.9. Garnet with advanced features, as well as the 266 MHz processor. The time required for the data transfer from PC to PDA and vice versa as reduced by E.g. 20,000 articles in just a few seconds. The battery capacity of 1800 mAh ensures an extensive data collection. For the 10-hour continuous operation (every 4 seconds a reading) mAh battery is optional a 3760 available. XP20 and XP30 are some accessories available for the two models as E.g. 1 – and 4-port cradle car holder, protective case, charger, etc. macro IDENT for the bar code PDA of the XP series developed different software modules. It software modules for the inventory, order processing, maintenance, document – / performance collection and package – and goods tracking available for the PDAs with signature field. Software modules can be used immediately in conjunction with the PDA. Customer-specific adaptation of the pre-existing software modules are made on request.

Approach Information

My opinion – infobiznes starts with information. If anyone has information, knowledge, experience and application of knowledge in this field has reached a high level, then surely there are people who have the experience and knowledge will be useful. There is valuable information, there is a desire to sell it – but first we need to always check whether the demand? Here comes to the aid Internet. If the search engine provides hundreds of pages on request, and hundreds of websites – hence the information demanded. You can open your infobiznes! But how? The 'organization of its infobiznesa' I divide into three major parts (each of which, in turn, consists of a small, important sub): Packing 'Knowledge' in the form infoprodukta, ready-to-use search of interesting subjects 'knowledge' of people and attract their attention to infoproduktu sale infoprodukta Anyway, all items of the project "Organization of a infobiznesa 'and most of these items is relevant subproblems are closely linked to the Internet and always – the site for infobiznesa. This site helps posetilyam find, acquire, and in some cases – and apply the necessary knowledge, plus, of course, the owner infobiznesa site allows you to make money and get great pleasure from their work, how to make a website for infobiznesa? You can learn all the technical details of constructing Site infobiznesa for yourself by searching the Internet and own the knowledge to apply, get in the end the site.

It is clear that choosing a path beneficial to those who are already well versed in saitostroitel'stva. Though of course anyone, even a beginner in programming, can accelerate the entire process – because it is easy to buy, for example, a CD with video courses or attend online training. The bonus with this self-introduction – knowledge: the programming language PHP, database, ability to work with graphic applications, the ability to configure a domain, hosting, email, etc. – A list of great. Negative Approach – time that could be spent on, say, qualitative elaboration, packaging infoprodukta, will be spent on site development. Entrust the creation of a site for infobiznesa someone who is repeatedly made. A nice bonus at the same time – the time saved, which is much more than money. I recommend everyone who has thought about his infobiznese to consider both options, select an appropriate and effective, and if the choice will be made for optimal, fast and vocational options, order the establishment of a site for infobiznesa.

Top News For Hotel Manager

“Top hotel” launches new online portal with current industry news – big game specialist information around the clock with launches its new info portal the leading trade journal for the hotel management in Germany. Latest news from hotels, upscale restaurants and suppliers are published daily. Also you can search specifically in the online archive of ten times in the year trade magazines top hotel. Every month thousands of visitors take advantage of the online offer, which now became relaunches the eMail newsletter is sent to over 30,000 recipients. “We offer many background information, for example the always interesting anonymous Hotel tests our readers in the online issue”, says Wolfgang Schmitz, editor in Chief and publisher of “Top hotel”. The online archive of selected cocktails, which are published in “Top hotel” is also strong demand. Another important Web service is the job portal offering high vacancies in hotels, catering and tourism.

To the relaunch by a great raffle was launched: first prize is a stylish service of porcelain by KAHLA porcelain, the innovative design firm from Thuringia. Further gains are annual subscriptions from “Top hotel” and the coveted “Top hotel”-watches. The winning question can be solved quickly by attentive readers of “Top hotel”: in what city is the world’s only seven-star hotel, the Burj al Arab? The participation is free of charge. More at. The gradual expansion of the leading German hotel Magazine goes on with

More online services will be started this year. An English-language edition of the print journal and an international online portal will appear starting in 2009. “Top hotel” has become a information brand 25 years after its inception. Founder Wolfgang Schmitz, who was recently awarded the coveted Brillat-Savarin badge, will focus on international expansion from 2009. Chief Editor of the German edition is then his previous Deputy Thomas Karsch. “Top hotel” is- measured by subscribers and sold ad pages – the leading trade journal for the hotel management in Germany. Magazine is published ten times a year in the leisure-Verlag, Landsberg, a subsidiary of Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt (VHB). The widespread circulation is 20,000 copies.

Open Day At CARE Vision Eye Laser Center

on June 7, 2008 from 10 am to 5 pm in Cologne did you know that eye laser treatment takes only about 20 minutes and is absolutely painless laser? With us, start a new life without glasses or contact lenses find out about the possibilities of eye laser treatment! Getting to know we would like to invite you to our open day at CARE vision eye Laser Center on June 7, 2008 from 10 am to 5 pm for snacks and drinks is taken care of. Every 50 visitor receives a small surprise!.

The Galicia

A trip to Galicia – Spain Holiday with all senses of Galicia is an autonomous community in northwestern of Spain, which is divided into the four provinces of A Coruna, Lugo, Ourense and Pontevedra. The region is a tourist destination, that look can be. Galicia is home to majestic landscapes, beautiful beaches, a rich regional cuisine and many architectural jewels. A trip to Galicia is a journey with all your senses. RIAs Altas are among the most popular excursion destinations in the area, Bajas, the coastline up to the Kapp of Finisterre and numerous Stadtezieke, Lugo, La Coruna, Santiago de Compostela. Santiago de Compostela is one of the oldest cities in Spain.

The history of the city dates back to 1000 years. The guests in hotels in Santiago de Compostela regularly include pilgrims who follow the way of St. James. The town of Santiago de Compostela itself you can connect the patron Sant James. During a walk through the city you come across numerous architectural jewels, received since the medieval period have stayed and are now protected with love.

In Lugo, tourists with a jump can the rich culture and history of Galicia of getting to know. The distinction between old and new is evident. Lugo is also known as city of the cathedrals. This name came about due to the large number of unique Kathedralbauten are concentrated in the city. A 1700-year-old Roman city wall is also trademark of Lugo. A Coruna, in the region of Galicia is a port city called glass city. A Coruna have brought this reputation in the city, which are true “glass palaces”, the numerous buildings with glass fronts. The harbour town Lighthouse is a popular photo opportunity for tourists. The famous castles and ruins of the Roman city walls are still well known, surrounded the A Coruna. 0DgWbPxd1HCzjwN8Eaww1–ViDajIU4RXCxgSXE&r=Y6h7vWfaj5TXMu7K2VHSWH5_OMvZCS7iH0SrpJQwrcE&m=SpfdeXj7HYu62Ro3ESHmQl-wnPdoXgDvtj7UKbkBz1c&s=JbjCrnPecLwFN4P0JSYdqjUEuBxDlu2w6AfXJAkPY94&e=’>Activision Blizzard. In this environment, you can spend a fascinating holiday of Spain. Numerous accommodation facilities in A Coruna are those available. With Galicia, you will discover the mystical side of Spain and a trip to the region offers the best of the northern Spanish culture. One of course, the mild climate and the Green natural surroundings contribute stay Spain.