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Job Interview Tips

Often the only reason this only compels the employer to expose the hard age filter. Judge for yourself: the invitation of the candidate, the primary contact with him – it is also time and money that the employer, especially today, in a crisis, wasting does not want to. Now that we know what weaknesses you already assigned automatically, even if you do not have them, let's see how to turn them into advantages. Character. In fact – you have this gold. School life conflict you have been a long time and know perfectly well how smooth out rough edges and not create new ones.

Appearance. Your respectability – the opposite (!) Can give us an extra gloss and weight. You know perfectly well what clothing is appropriate in a particular case, and your impeccable manners – this is a visual aid for younger colleagues. Health. And that you have the advantage! You are responsible only for himself. And how not to get sick – you just do not know you yet, and use this knowledge in practice.

That's why, when the youth goes to hospital with acute respiratory disease, you stay in line. Children as primary school or preschool age, because of which the young employee often leave the hospital, you no longer. As you see, you just find for the employer! Left give him an opportunity to understand it. Today, at every position comes from a 100 to one thousand five hundred resumes. If you go through all the usual – your resume is quite simply be in the basket, especially if the first line in It will be the date of birth.

Residence Permit In Germany

In order to lawfully enter and reside in Germany, you must have permission from the authorities sootvetstsvuyuschee. These permissions are the visa, permission for an emergency stay in Germany (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) and permission to permanent residence in Germany (Niederlassungserlaubnis). The entry visa is available for short visits to Germany for up to three months. In addition to single visa can be issued returnable visa valid for up to five years. On such a visa can stay in Germany until three months once in six months during the period of the visa. Aufenthaltserlaubnis yavletsya residence permit in Germany and issued for a specified period and with a purpose.

For example, to study at university, attending language courses, in exceptional cases and for attending school. To study at university issued a visa for up to two years, followed by extension every time the same term, if the study is not completed, but can be completed in reasonable time. To prepare for university entrance permit to stay should not exceed two years. After graduation, the residence permit may be renewed for up to one year to find work. Face, obtain a residence permit in connection with their studies, can not be issued another resolution related to other grounds of residence in Germany, if this is not a legitimate reason. Person with a student visa, permitted to engage in employment 90 days per year or 180 days per year in a half-day of employment.

"Niederlassungserlaubnis" is of a permanent residence permit and can engage in labor activity without restrictions. Terms providing indefinite residence permit are contained in 9AufenthG. General conditions of obtaining this residence is the presence of at least 5 years of temporary residence permit, sufficient income to live, etc. In marriage to a citizen of Germany, the foreign spouse is issued "Aufenthaltserlaubnis', which is renewable. Indefinite residence permit issued to a foreign spouse, if within three years had an emergency permit to stay and marriage is not dissolved, there are no grounds for expulsion, and he is fluent in German language at the basic level. If the marriage, which lasted for at least two years, a residence permit foreign spouse will be extended for up to one year, if he had a temporary or permanent residence. In the event that after divorce the foreign spouse be able to independently provide their own accommodation and had a permanent residence permit issued to him and permanent residence. This article discusses general issues of legal entry and residence in Germany. If you have questions and problems associated with living in Germany, requires an individual consultation with all the features of the case. Similar cases do not exist. This article provides general information purposes and is not a substitute for individual consultation. Rechtsanwalt Andreas Nod Munzstrasse 5, 10178 Berlin. Tel. +49 (0) 30/74776143

Professor Georgia Institute

Professor Georgia Institute of Technology (USA), Naresh Malhotra, in his book “Marketing Research and efficient analysis of statistical data ‘specifies that market research – the systematic and objective research, collection, analysis and dissemination of information that are being implemented to improve decision making related to marketing. Descriptive and predictive studies suggest not only a description of the behavior of consumers (markets), but also what factors influence this behavior, how it changed in the past. They shall, on the basis the data to construct a prediction about the behavior of consumers (market development). An example of the practice. The company – a major retailer of coffee. Objective: To understand what happens to the consumption of coffee in the next two years. Methods: The evaluation capacity of the market and its dynamics.

Focus groups with customers – and potential. In-depth interviews and a massive survey of coffee lovers, and conscientious in its consumption, the assessment of factors affecting their choice. Understanding motivation and description of the situations and acquiring coffee consumption, estimated demand for the segment, its price elasticity. Result: The construction of the model of coffee consumption over the past 5-7 years. Predicting 2-4 years in advance.

More precise positioning of the brand, clearly pricing, effective program of promotion, sales increase. Marketing research with supporting objectives are needed to confirm the information already available. For example, Your company already knows that it is the market leader in its region. However, not to be unfounded, use this argument to avoid publicity and accusations from competitors (in the dissemination of false information, etc. etc.), you need an official opinion of the independent research company. This would be exculpatory market research. Supporting market research may be needed to assess the effectiveness of advertising campaign. In this case, measurements are carried out before and after the conference. Change in market share, brand awareness, increasing the number of loyal customers and will show how successful advertising campaign. How much to spend for marketing research. The cost of conducting market research are part of the company’s budget on marketing and advertising. You can recommend a few basic approaches to formation of this budget. Cost Approach. The Company determines the cost of marketing and advertising as a percentage of production costs. For example, marketing costs should not exceed 10% of the total cost of the company. The share of profits. The company allocates a share of marketing profits. For example, budget expenditures on marketing and advertising for the next period is assumed to be 20% of the profits of the previous period. Competitive approach. Company focused on the competition. For example, if the market leader in spending on marketing and advertising $ 5 million per year and still has a turnover of up to five times more than your company, you have to comply with the parity must be provided for this purpose a million. Depending on the goals and objectives. The company in budget focuses on the specific challenges it faces. For example, several times the marketing budget increases in the conquest of new market.

Animated GIF Banner

Many people learn to create their own websites, programs, e-books. So why not learn how to create banners. Today the site without the banner – it is rare, because many sites, particularly major portals contain many different advertising graphic banners, and, animated. Animated banners may be in GIF or FLASH. In this article we briefly review some programs that can help you create animated banners in the format GIF. The program Adobe ImageReady Adobe ImageReady Poogramma is part of the Adobe PhotoshopCS. With this program you can create animated images in a format GIF.Esli you have this program, it is perfect for you create your own animated banners. With this program you can also optimize images, slice images into pieces, unless of course you need it.

Program Ulead GIF Animator software Ulead GIF Animator – handy program for create animated images from the company Ulead. If the file is created the image was large, it can be reduced by optimizing the file. Working with this program should not be difficult to make an animated banner in GIF format of the finished frames (frames). Program GIF Movie Gear Program GIF Movie Gear – very good and easy program to create GIF-animations. With this program very easy to create animated images, view them and save. The program has easy to use interface, excellent beginner to create animated images. You can import files in formats not only jpg, bmp, gif, as well as file formats avi, psd. So, we looked at only three different software for creating animated GIF-banners, but all of these programs are used by many people who are professionally engaged in the creation of animated banners. So, if you're not familiar with any of these programs and want to create their own animated banners, you all should get acquainted with them. Good luck! If you want to learn how to create a marketing mini-sites, then you can help book 'How to sell to generate mini-sites', you can download kotorouyu at this link. "