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Federal Commission

But despite the fact that the Mexican economy is experiencing problems that hit the population, there are companies that are betting to grow in the country, as is the case with Telefonica (IBEX35:TEF; NYSE:TEF) that you want to bet the Mexican consumer and is for this reason that she has been interested in participating in the bidding process for new mobile frequencies in the country, scheduled for the coming weeks. Mexico is one of the markets where Telefonica has opted for organic growth. The strategy of growth in the country, the company does not preclude selective acquisitions to strengthen its market share and increase its capacity of competition in a market characterized by the small number of operators. In the Mexican phone market America Movil (BVM:AMXL; NYSE:AMX), is controlled by the Mexican Carlos Slim, which is the largest mobile operator of Mexico and has a market share of 72%. Telefonica, is in second place with 20% of the market share and intends to expand aggressively to fight the predominance rule of Slim. The competition will not be limited to the segment of mobile telephony since Mexican authorities want to tender this year wireless frequencies to expand third-generation (3 G) services, such as Internet broadband, as well as part of the managed by the Federal Commission of electricity (CFE) fiber optic network segments in which Telefonica is interested in competing. As well as the telecommunications sector offers interesting investment opportunities, Mexico can and must implement reforms necessary for economic diversification in its productive structure as well as commercial relations. Mexico has a good potential to not only grow doors outside but also internally from the improvement in the social situation.

These potentials can be transform into a reality with a high attraction for investors. Horacio Pozzo GLOBAL value + 20% in 60 days the subscribers of our new newsletter of investment, Global value, not only recovered the cost of the subscription, but that they are gaining 20 percent in their portfolios by investing in companies that we recommend. Do you want to know what? You can try entering here to find out and start investing in the new recommended in August.

Commission Sales

More than once I have spoken about the process of building a business on the Internet. From the definition of your passion, passing by find a profitable niche within that theme that we like and following by the range of tools needed to create the appropriate technological platform to keep the business running, and tools I am referring to creation of websites, online payment processing accounts, accounts for follow-up via Emailtechnical generation segmented traffic, etc., etc. Once apparently done we’re ready to earn money (and certainly if we are) but it happens that in addition to all this we add a very important value to substantially increase sales of that product. What is that value? What good that questions him. For more information see Robert Kiyosaki. Because look: think you have assembled a small sale of fast foods and have a certain volume of sales. To get these people that comes through your small business to invest a certain amount of money in advertising, or simply publicitas by free media that is available (if applicable).

What would happen if in addition to the promotion that you do you additionally had an army of people who also have stores of foods helping you in the advertising of your product? I guess your answer, it would be great! Why would make accurate but? Why do you think that other people might have interest in helping you advertise your product? I’ll tell you why. Further details can be found at Robert Kiyosaki, an internet resource. Because thou hast said to them that pay you money for each sale that you make through your recommendation. Just as in the physical world there are sales commissions, the Internet has completely automated tools that allow anyone to become in affiliate and earn a juicy Commission on every sale you make the owner of the product thanks to the traffic generated by the affiliate. This makes if you have a product and you’ve taken the corresponding market analysis that you want to focus on, you can find a Army of sellers who only pay if they made any sale. This makes that automatically your site or product sales letter receive much more traffic and your profits increase and also those of your affiliates. All this can make it through an affiliate program. Fortunately today, there are several companies that offer this service, some paid other free and well, I recommend an especially which is we know very well for being user of it, which is

This company not only will provide an affiliate program, but it will also give you the ability to accept online payments and manage all the accounting part of your business, movement of sales, payment to the customer, product delivery, payment to your affiliates, etc, etc. And if that was enough, everything on autopilot. You could be sleeping and still this could be happening. In short you forget all those headaches. So in summary, there are two ways in which you can sell your product. Alone or with an army helping you.


Have you ever wondered how the business how to make money on the internet? It is very easy to make money from your home via the internet, and best of all, there are many advantages in terms of having your business on the internet. I always wanted to have my own conventional business but the truth is he had many risks, he had to work hard, and I had to quit my job, I was impossible! I’ll say are advantages to start your business on the internet and most importantly: how you can achieve it! Advantage 1: does not require investment to start your business on the internet requires a minimum investment, imagine what it should cost to create a current business where you have to pay rent, local, employees in the end, an incredible amount of expenses! On the internet, costs are truly minimal, the risk is very small, and you can earn enough money to avoid having to return to work. Advantage 2: you are your own boss you can imagine it! You can work the days you want, take the vacation you want, work where you like I know that sounds dreamed of, but with your own online business, you’ll see that it is possible. Shopify often says this. No need to wear tie or anything like that, I personally work in Beach clothes, and nobody is going to bother for this reason. If you want to go to the beach, yourself do you get the holiday you want. Advantage 3: many products exist what to sell on the internet pays attention, the best advantage is that there is much what to do on the internet to make money. My favorite is to find which products can be sold on the internet.

Looking for your market, then you will see that there are many products that will give you a Commission if you sell them, and I’m going to teach you how to do it. Once you have your product, you must find potential clients, it seems difficult, but the truth is that it is very easy. Currently there are many people who are looking for information about various topics, if you manage to capture the attention of these people so that they are fixed on what you sell, you will have your business that generates money. To learn how to find customers and products, check out how to make money on the internet, where I teach you step by step how to achieve it. You are very close to achieve this, and I want that today is the day that your life to change and start your own business on the internet. Click here to make you already learn how!


If you’ve heard much about investment funds but still not you dare to invest, you bring here the basic reasons for what you should do after reading this article, I assure you that you will know that the funds are the best option. The first reason is that everyone can become investors, because we can invest in funds without having a lot of money. Buy and sell funds is very easy, regularly with one call you can perform transactions of funds. Investment funds are extremely safe instruments, neither the funds nor the financial group that manages your fund can deceive you because they are perfectly regulated by law. Don’t need you know perfectly the world’s investments when you want to invest in mutual funds, because that professionals do: financial groups. In exchange for a Commission, they as professionals will make decisions and always will because you earn more money, they are professionals and have all the experience in the field of investment. If still does not reach the period of expiration of your background, you can still count with your money because you can do transactions, you can sell your funds or ask for a refund in the event that you need money. If you need more information about investment funds, I recommend that you go with a financial group, they are those who can give you all the necessary information about the world of investments.. Robert Kiyosaki has firm opinions on the matter.


Well, you has been investigating much about affiliate programs and probably already up has joined one or is about to do and know that it is not so easy to earn money because it is safer than you like me, only we are dedicated to this part-time, is it correct?. Continue to learn more with: Hyundai. To be successful in an affiliate program, whatever it is, has to put in place some strategies to ensure that people reach through the link of affiliated with the product or service being promoted, buy what is announcing. Hyundai has similar goals. Well, now you have to do, once since you have chosen an affiliate program it is dedicate to tell people the advantages has the product or service or has to tour, what they have to know in depth what you chose to be able to do it and then when people arrive to the merchant page because only lack little to convince themselves and then to buy the product and you earn your Commission! You have to study a bit to do this, but believe me, worth, achieving a source of income to part of your work, do not despair and do its work, is constant and achieve it! Daniella Resa perseverance is the key to success! visit my blog at: original author and source of the article.


Now, choose a phrase with those characteristics and put it into the Google search engine in quotation marks. If less than 50 thousand results appear we are facing a very good keyword. Your website or blog must be based on that keyword. The title must contain it, the first paragraph of every article published, also. In the body of articles you must name them a couple of times. The idea is that when someone search for this word or routing key, your web site is that call more attention to the search and locate it in the first place.

Without a keyword search and proper analysis you can forget to have success with an Internet business. The investment in this secret is, literally, one at the beginning of the planning of your web site. If your site has multiple pages, which will grow as you go through the incorporation of content it is recommended to add a site map. A sitemap is a page containing links to all pages of content. This is an easy to access route. If your intention is to attract potential customers to a sales page, it is essential to seek, find, and polished like a diamond to that Word key that will make you have tons of traffic on your website. If your intention is to earn money through affiliate trade, a high conversion option is the commissions Facebook curso-video.

And if you want to make succulent profits, this course shows effective tactics to promote and make sales using Facebook. Ten percent of humanity is on Facebook and how to reach them effectively, knowledge is invaluable. I sincerely believe that it is a good alternative to make many sales. Accessible to it from my blog.

Commission Future

Does not hear much, but such projects exist, especially outside our country, but also inside, in low are not much less alone! Else wants the independent traveller who cannot give you an agency? Realistic knowledge about the country and its products. Travel agencies are filled with good people, but none can avoid opt for selling expensive product that gives 10% Commission against the cheap that gives a 5%. We are human, please! Lift up the hand that would first seek to sell the second product. No one? Well, we continue. If we take the system of commissions and contracts, it is very simple that an agency that charges a fixed fee get cheaper, sell products rather than recommended and tailored to the client and their needs, more quality, and thus inspire greater confidence then forget customer to the seller effect that inspires us an agency. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Pinterest. This course promotes both parties. And this without thinking about the reduction of costs and time involved in trade relations. A traveller independent in modern times not can spend months looking for schedules of a local bus in Nepal or try to guess by the name which will be the tour with the best value for money price to visit the Red Centre of Australia.

And even less appropriately select among the vast amount of existing homes to tour New Zealand. And this brings me to another concept, which is the idea of specialization. Independent travelers need a knowledge that only a specialized agency can bring and believe that this is the line of evolution that we are going to see in the future. Finally, as a final point, in a purely computerized world, it seems crazy to try to keep some offices to the public, a public that increasingly knows how to use the Internet better and that increasingly have less time to scroll. And this not to mention costs representing maintain an open place. Since then, consultancies of trips in the future, or agencies for the independent traveller, will be completely online in order to be competitive.

The future will bring, therefore, great progress for this large group who formed independent travelers. Goes us to bring tools to maximize our freedom and knowledge of countries, at prices even better that we ourselves are able to find after months of search. You just need to wait a bit just a little.


Since some time ago have come a lot of pages that promise big profits working at home. The idea is that you send material to assemble, manufacture, Pack or ship goods to their buyers, who already paid for that. Hence, you get a good Commission for the work. Although it sounds attractive to work in your home, the great majority of these companies have been a fraud or, at least, a job that should not be, from the point of view of the worker. Although I am not personally involved, if I have commented much of these companies, to the point that was worth investigating a little. More to me to say that they are a fraud only by doing so, will follow the path of the money.In a manufacturing business, you have several concerns, such as: best buy, transport and storage of raw materials a controlled and effective production process in cost and work a process of quality control that avoiding you losses at times man and material a sales and distribution management for all the relaxation process there are a lot of standards that have been able to control all these rolls (call ISO 900 x and others) and almost all serious companies handle something like this.

Manufacturing competition is fierce for quality and price, so companies increasingly more reduce their costs increasing your efficiency. After this roll, we see the super companies that are going to hire. Raw, sent you your guns to your time and convenience, you return it to where it sent it you, they review you and send you your Commission. Easy, isn’t it? However, there are many problems in this model, that make it untenable. Shipments, shipping and more shipments.

Send you the raw material: 1 day. The weapons, say, on the same day. Return it: another day, they reviewed it: who knows how much. You take at least 3 days to assemble a dirt that a customer could buy online immediately and receive it the next day. As they compete? Quality control. At that time can see if all is well? Until the product is assembled, that is, if not turned with the rules you give, all the product already is spoiled. This is the most inefficient way of working, and all manufacturing companies that know what they are doing to control this from the beginning. To deepen your understanding Jeff Weiser is the source. Production control. Which one? Your decide that hours can do all things, so they cannot have the slightest idea when you’re going to deliver them the goods. They do not know if you do well, if you steal you parts, if you meet a schedule or anything. That reputable company can work as well? Administration. There are so many variables that are out of the hands of the company that arguably does not exist. Management is to have control and the company cannot control you. And best of all: you finances everything! Your pay raw material, your shipments you pay and you do the work. Excellent business, no? So you run the risk and, even if the company is not fraudulent, practically them they paying you because they sell their product. Which can be better than that? Visit the link if you want a more detailed description of these job scams At home.

Commission Complex

When I thing I met, I laughed a lot. Then I remembered the account I did lose to Paco and really understand the reasons. Since then I’ve researched and experimented endlessly their development. Importance of identifying relevant participants in any purchasing decision. Normally in organizations decision system is more complex it appears.

The basis of all reliable strategic decision is knowing who are the key participants. Most importantly before a sale project is training to identify all relevant participants in their adoption and know their particular vision of the same. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Hyundai. Do you think a good first step? It is not. But very often we forget it and with predictable results. How many times you’ve given of course that you already knew the people whose approval you needed? The most important thing that you will learn with the Coaching for strategic sale, is to not assume it. As experience shows us that if are looking for them without a strategy experience what you’re identifying systemic, many times you just talking with people who feel comfortable with you or what you talk about. You can even have proper titles or that they have taken such .but decisions in the past. Do you think that the information is reliable? If you have a friend who has experience in complex sales – call complex sale that not dependent on a single influence buyer – can count you many anecdotes, losses of time that this occurred, the unpredictability and, above all, the frustrations.

We will learn, training us and practicing, but with a systemic approach. Each person, each organization is different and has different motivations. We are not going to focus on what changes in each case, this you can only do so. Now, we focus on what we have discovered that it is universal and continuous. Who have decision-making functions in an organizational goal or buyer? For many who are the persons involved in a decision, and anyone who they are their representative functions in your organization, it has been discovered that there are four key features in any complex decision. People who play these roles, which may be many more than four, are what we call influences buyers. Any person or groups are, Commission, Committee – which have influence on the decision, regardless of the charge contained in the door of his Office or business card. Our strategy begins by effectively position yourself with respect to all the people who play each of the four functions. This means: understand each function. Identify all key participants in each of these functions in your concrete sales objective. To understand why we focus attention on features rather than in past contacts or charges sports analogies, much more with the methodology of coaching are very clarifying. Four influences decision makers are: economic, technical, users and allied. In the series of articles, to which I referred earlier, will discuss on how we can train us to identify each of these influences and how to meet them to achieve the best results, more predictable and sustainable.

Mission Plan

Effectively analyze an employee of his mistakes and to listen to proposals for further action. Support and encouragement. If you expect the employee to self-sufficiency, not Remember to praise him for taking the initiative. In making decisions and going in separate action, a person is exposed to stress and danger. At this point, for him more than ever, it is important to encourage in case of success and support in failures. Negative example: The company only entered the market in one region.

This was accompanied by a set of work. Part of the work was a technical plan, find a room as a warehouse, office, arrange the rental of rooms performances on promotions. All of this technical work on the line was not connected with the main activity, to promote the product. But that does not menie was vital to tackle major issues. According to the results of newly organized Mission Plan principal activity was carried out. But there was over-representation of (spent in the organization). Learn more at: Linkedin. During the annual meeting of the leaders noted the excess costs as a negative result.

And it is not paid attention to 100% of the plan re-open the branch. Do not let the inside of the collective passing the buck. Not self employed person can to shift their responsibilities not only to a competent leader, but also for active employees within the team. Keep track of and do not allow such attempts. More responsibility, more freedom. Just do not punish or forgive Praise for independence is not enough. Any self-responsibility. Shifting the work to other employees not only get rid of the necessary activities but also on responsibility for its outcome. Burden of responsibility can be compensated, for example a greater degree of freedom. Example: The plant for the production of building materials for a long time not been able to find effective team leader. Conscientious and competent workers receiving post foreman quickly lost the initiative and coordinated the flow of each nut with a shift supervisor. It was decided to give the opportunity to dispose part of the material and technical resources team leader. Team leader was able to draw on their own clothing to rags suballocation permits tool and distribute it within their own team. If these savings Resources foreman and workers were paid a bonus. Result: The head of the brigade increased credibility among their subordinates. Decreased tool wear. Brigadier yourself online to determine the need to clothing. In the end: to dismiss competent. If an employee can not for a specified period to learn their responsibilities, it is better to dismiss. Dismissal is not the best way to encourage independence, but this method always kept in good shape the rest of the staff. In addition, the turnover rate of 14% per year does not stagnate team.