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Zurich Interim

It ranks closer in the crisis. So also the interim management industry. The large number of visitors at this year’s annual Forum of the interim working group moved management provider (AIMP) managers from throughout the country about 200 interim Wiesbaden. The AIMP acted not only as a forum for the interim industry, but turned the concrete challenges, by offering five workshops of creative solutions and new ways were, to counteract the crisis. This year’s annual Conference of the AIMP in Wiesbaden was well received, despite–or just because – the economically tense situation. About 200 Interim Manager accepted the invitation of the AIMP to Wiesbaden, to interact with the interim in the AIMP providers, to discuss with colleagues to networks and in a total of five workshops (automotive, trade, private equity / M & A, TIMES and rehabilitation), as well as in the large auditorium and to educate themselves professionally. The global economic crisis and its impact focused on the interim management market. But it was not lament, but gone to pragmatically with the topic.

“The crisis”, so Dr. Anselm Gorres, Chairman of the AIMP, “the creativity of the industry suggests, to confront, which now particularly interim benefit management solutions, but are still not familiar with target groups in contact.” This applies for example to the middle class that currently faces special challenges. 1979 Alpha management consult and were in Wiesbaden and Zurich with the companies AC “Brainforce AG” the first professional provider founded by interim management in the German-speaking world. 30 years later a separate industry has evolved from what was initially just as a new form, thought the consultancy. On her thirtieth birthday, she presented independently, but in close proximity to the related services such as recruitment, employment or consultancy. Both the visitors and the provider agreed, an intensive and valuable industry event with a high added value, the more than the simple networks went out to have visited.