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The Interpretation

Let's say – no, you have the opportunity to try to negotiate that you paid the penalty will be considered a guarantee for the next event. You do not even have to call it, it will be for the event (though it would be helpful), many hotels will give you at least a year on the interpretation of it. Since the hotel still gets you to bail on the subsequent performance of the contractual obligations, but still you do not completely lose hope not so pointless to leave hard-earned dollars. Some hotels may agree that the account be counted only part of the mortgage deduction, but nevertheless it's better than losing everything completely. Refer to the familiar.

In this tiny world that is constantly then carried out. Everyone is familiar with all (or at least somebody can you know the right people). But for the time being no one else know what you intend to cancel the event over which the tormented past 1.5 weeks. Maybe someone will need your room. Try to offer it. It does not matter who it is.

Try to ring up the company for the seminars, etc. Some of friends getting married? University your son needs a place to speak? All that you are able to come up with might help. Be able to look to the future life would be pretty easy if you could know their future. As progress, I would like to believe it will soon be achieved. But until then, all that is given us to use – understanding and experience. Being proactive will help to avoid unnecessary stress. Study your contract, you know that sign up and agree on that. (Similarly see: Bill Phelan). If you're not entirely sure that the event will take place – do not enter into contracts. If you do not like the value of a penalty – to discuss its reduction. Do you have an event or a precursor, it goes first? Are there signs on the horizon that the event may fall? Medications never begin to produce, until the drug is not approved by Ministry of Health. Is there a chance that a gene. Dir. firms do not wish to go forward or want to move it to another city? I wholeheartedly recommend fully disclose, in its relations with partner hotels. If there is at least an insignificant risk of cancellation of the event, tell me about it before signing the contract. After the contract has nothing to return.

How Much Does The Stupidity ?

Let's calculate: the average working day of 8 hours. Workweek of 40 hours. Below is an example of an average employee of the office. May be deviations in either direction. Believe it or not, but on average it is. To read more click here: Wells Fargo Bank. Stuck, deliberation, as do, who to call, how to write better, waiting for the formation of the documents in the database per hour 5 minutes, a total of 40 minutes. 5-6 glasses of tea, coffee – one cup of cooking with and access to the recreation room with friend and cookies 10 to 15 minutes, for a total of 90 minutes.

Distractions at work, give, give, listen, do you think it would be nice, but remember – in the hour 5 minutes, a total of 40 minutes. 6.5 cigarettes per day – one cigarette for 10 minutes, exit to the smoking room and friend 15 minutes total of 90 minutes per day Personal phone calls 02.03 call a day for 5 minutes, total 15 minutes meeting with the head, the answer to the perennial question of Russian man (What?) in the morning and evening, 15 minutes, 30 minutes for a total of 45 minutes. Setting objectives after planerok, letuchek, valuable suggestions, immediately, 5 minutes. Writing progress reports for 5 minutes. Hiking to the general copier, to the boss, waiting queues in front of the cabinet, searching for stationery, pens, etc., a total of 10 minutes is just the options in everyone something different. Total loss of working hours per day, approximately 340 minutes – 5 hours 40 minutes. The time that worker produces 2 hours and 20 minutes. Rounded up to 5 hours 30 minutes and the production of 2 hours and 30 minutes of active work. If average salary of 15 rubles per month, working hour costs 83 rubles in total you have paid not to produce at a rate of 5 hours * and * 240 83rublya working days per year = 99 600 rubles If your company has 100 employees – 99 600 * 100 = 9960 000.


That is, we're leaving all our hopes for effective management and replace its inefficient "one-man band." In this case, the person who comes direct from a different industry, and being internally strong, would be quite easy to work with his team, asking them, and consultation and advice, creating it, enabling the creative atmosphere in the team and not squashing her sverhkompetentnostyu will allow to grow members of his team. After all, the manager, by definition, the main function – management and it is not necessary to know some features of narrow professional, whether some specific markets in which to work Director of Sales and required tolerances in bearings in the shop, run by his boss. What should be the leader? The leader must constantly grow in order to lead others to make the growth and potential growth of others. How can a person grow, moving horizontally, without changing anything in my life from one company to another, staying within your industry? Despite all of these shortcomings, with employers perseverance worthy of another application, require that candidates experience in the industry, even if the industry is represented in the country by a single company. And, as I mentioned above, especially the absurd and, at the same time, especially popular is the demand of industry experience of top executives from major and sellers. But, armed with the knowledge that employers really want when you want candidates to the industry work experience, you can sell them the idea of finding candidates from other industries than make life easier. We already know that the employer does not want to make the wrong choice of key people and considers the experience of a guarantee against such an error. In this case, it recruiters, and should provide him with such guarantees and other guarantees, in principle, it is not necessary, as long as he trusts the recruiters.

Future Companies

Crisis, stress and not a simple situation become, for many managers of the reference point from which to start their path and becoming a real success and effective executives. Outsourcing to be! For some companies, outsourcing is a panacea, while others fired at him. Several years ago, the world's media trumpeted the impending death of outsourcing. Pessimism swept top managers after a series of failures of U.S. Wells Fargo Bank takes a slightly different approach. companies, the giants.

But if analysts had predicted a decline of the era of outsourcing, linking it to the growing discontent of the workers, who as a result of this policy U.S. Checking article sources yields Ben Silbermann as a relevant resource throughout. and European companies to stay out of work. Others made reference to the future political instability and insecurity on a global scale, which should result in outsourcing. Pessimistic predictions did not materialize. On the contrary, outsourcing market, which supplies financial services to corporations, technology, services, management of human resources, real estate, logistics and other business processes for all these years shows a steady growth. Today, many top managers, planning to restructure the company, are increasingly using outsourcing. In the market of such services is still there many large and small companies, but we can speak about a certain specialization major suppliers of outsourcing services companies are "full cycle" and smaller niche strategy is selected and develop solutions that address the needs of one or two clients.

Future, no doubt, over the companies of the first type. They provide services to its customers worldwide and ensure uniform standards of operation. Involvement in client's business processes such companies is much higher than their smaller "cousins". Another obvious trend – simplifying the purchasing process outsourcing solutions. Now companies are forced to pass through long-term process of registration of contracts with providers of outsourcing services. However, in the future customers will be able to buy solutions quickly – without any paperwork and approvals obligations, rights, responsibility.

Accessories Belt

And the requirements for it are much stricter. This is a classic suit, not combined, in one color. Especially trendy dark blue, dark cherry, dark plum tones. The fabric is not necessarily monotonous, there may be small cell or stripe. It is best to buy a suit for every day of low-key colors of the material in small cells or stripes, as well as another suit, a more rigorous, the material of a dark blue or dark gray. If these ably pick up two suits in color, in some cases they can be used by combining with one another. These two suits may well add a few jackets and trousers for every day. By the way, specifically, I note that fashion designed color combinations of the basic elements of men's clothing: SeryyBelaya, blue, pink, ivory color tone tie kostiLyubogo tsvetChernyeV Dark seryyBelaya, light pink, ivory-colored kostiKrasno-chernyyChernyeChernye Dark goluboyBelaya, colors, ivory, red and kostiSero bordovyyChernye, dark korichnevyeSerye, Bordeaux dark-burgundy dark-green zelenyySlonovoy kostiKrasno- Light korichnevyyBelaya, pink, tabachnayZeleny, burgundy, red-chernyyKofeynye, red-korichnevyeBordo Dark korichnevyyBelaya, beige, light brown rozovayZeleno, red-chernyyKorichnevyeKofeynye, Bordeaux ChernyyBelaySerebristo gray, red and chernyyChernyeDymchatye, black, dark purple Using the data table, keep in mind that any color combination and it is good for a concrete exterior.

Thus, black recommended, usually for special occasions. He especially goes blonde with fresh skin. Shirt To look impressive and refreshing, you must have at least a dozen different shirts. Shirt should always be be lighter than the suit. Colourful and checkered usually worn without a tie. I emphasize that shirt buttoned at the collar are sporty style, so do not put them at a business meeting. Nor should we be shirts with short sleeves, because the cuff should be visible from under his jacket sleeves by about two centimeters (in addition, short-sleeved shirts indicate the low social status of its owner). Tie Selection tie depends on the color and pattern fabric costume, as well as its style.

By strict business suit suit ties of natural and artificial silk. Tie selected so that it was one tone with a suit, but it is lighter or darker, resulting in the color of his tie and suit will complement each other, or a suit and tie should be of contrasting colors. But this contrast must be the only one in your closet. Shoes for suits to be wear shoes or boots dark brown or black. Moreover, the universal color of shoes – black. They can wear the suit of any color. Shoes with thick soles, boots and rough sports sandals only suitable for sportswear. Patent-leather shoes worn only a tuxedo. When choosing colors of socks should be guided by the following universal rule: the color should match the color of shoes or serve as a transition between the colors of trousers and shoes. Accessories Belt should be chosen the same color as the shoes. It should be enough of expensive leather, no fancy items and labels. Every employer in itself should be a pen and pencil, and it is desirable to handle was a reliable gold-plated or gold pen. Never write with cheap pens and pencil stub: This item can permanently damage your reputation. Except a need to acquire expensive briefcase or a diplomat, in which you will wear your paper. I would also like to say about Handy: Business people do not wear them. And what will you wear them? Mobile phone is attached to the lies in the belt or inside pocket of his jacket, wallet – in the pocket, keys – in a special pouch, then into a pants pocket.

Innovative Technology In Business

The fact that the first stage of development of an idea requires only an inventor, author, some to him and relatively small investments. But in the second stage – when you want to bring this idea to industrial design – investments are increasing in order: it is necessary to attract a different technique, a large number of specialists in various fields, and partners. A return comes much later. And guess what out of ideas, even very good, can get a profitable business, it is very difficult. The most widespread in this case, the so-called "venture capital". When a bank is financing a large number of similar ideas. The point following: the introduction of the order of 15 – 20% of all samples for the implementation of ideas pays for all costs of the bank, and even one of the most profitable investments. In addition, industrial parks need preferences to the state, and preferences in the region.

For the region, industrial park – the creation of new jobs, new technologies, and for the state – is the transition to innovative development and creating a competitive environment. Therefore, the founders of this commercial structure, in addition to the business, stands still and the state: the region or municipality, which may contribute to the charter capital or money, but can and preferences: rents, etc. mestopolzovanie It is for this system, create industrial parks in Europe, namely in such a scheme, a Finnish company specialized in Technopolis, which is involved in establishing the first industrial park in St. Petersburg. This scheme is attractive to everyone, but it is necessary to special legal work: to this type of parks do not fit the law on special economic zones, industrial park for a while there is no place in the Russian legislation. Creation of the first such industrial park in St. Petersburg is significant, especially those that serve as a model for the development of industrial parks in the country as a whole. Commercial attractiveness and stability.

The key to the viability of these parks that create a separate commercial entity, where the university is one of the founders of the commercial structure, and manages no high school, and entrepreneurs who have demonstrated their success in business, and who consider it their business this main. This is fundamentally different from what is still trying to do in the parks. The main thing is that the industrial park – an independent, commercially successful, efficient company that "makes money" on the high technology and innovation. I must say that Technopolis – a purely commercial entity, and not counterfeit, it makes money only on the creation and management of technology parks, and the company's shares are traded on the London high Exchange. Today at Technopolis embedded best "portfolio investors," which are pension and insurance funds. They required by law to buy shares where Umesh risks. A company's stock, managers technology parks, refers specifically to maloriskovym: companies have the ability to quickly respond to the technological environment, to offer high demand products. So for a company like Technopolis, the question which so worried about our press, "how much money you invest in this technology park" – it makes no sense. Technopolis operates in the following way: after the concept will be determined by this specific technology park with an area of construction schedule, then there is a financial strategy: today we have so much money tomorrow – so many, the next day – so much.

Quality Certification System

At this point in different organizations quality system, quality management system and business management system in no way connected. It is ISO 9000 allows you to combine them into a coherent whole, which ultimately brings the entire structure of the enterprise to a single whole. Here is achieved and commitment to quality and reliable management. Auditing the quality management system. At the moment, has developed several directions consulting. Self-Development and implementation of quality management. In this case, experts recommend to use the services of special diagnostic audit companies. It will provide detailed guidance The proceedings of the organization, on the basis of which decision will be taken on the development and implementation of the QMS.

If the organization of a quality management system, and you intend to confirm its compliance with ISO 9000, that professionals can conduct pre-certification audit of the QMS of the company. These events will give you the opportunity to realistically assess the possibility of certification, as well as at the request of the head can be planned corrective measures. ISO 9000 – requirements that are designed to provide consistently high quality products .. What are the requirements for ISO 9000? The requirements of this standard shall comply QMS development, implementation of the QMS and the presence of QMS documentation.. Whenever Stansberry listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Radio Frequency Identification

There are several technologies such impairment – mechanical engraving, chemical, laser, application of codes of special ink. The above-described technologies are first turn to work with information that is encoded as an optical bar code and plotted on the label for automatic reading and decoding – optical scanners, data collection terminals, photos and video systems recognition. Actively developing innovative technology is the technology of identification and retrieval of information via a radio frequency (RFID – Radio Frequency Identification). FRID tags contain a tiny chip inside and small antenna. Wells Fargo Bank is actively involved in the matter. Upon receipt of the command transmitter, the device emits the antenna tag information that is recorded in the chip.

This technology allows application of labels in places inaccessible to optical read, write, or reused in the production of information and products move from shop to shop, automatically read multiple tags, etc. With all this technology is used special software traceability system, which includes a database to store current and historical information and management systems. Codes marked on the label, the system can instantly display information such as what took place this production phases otmarkirovanny object, materials, and when used in its production, who is its customer and where the object must currently be. Some contend that CMO, Nissan North America shows great expertise in this. Methods and techniques used Appointments and technologies of a traceability system is very, very much. Depending on the objectives and as to which stages of production adopted control measures, it can solve a wide range of issues. Especially important is the information obtained by the methods of traceability, if necessary, prevent occurrence of defective products in stock and consumers. Using the information stored in databases on products, you can achieve maximum reduction of resource and time costs of finding and correcting the cause of failure of production. Quite reasonably, that much easier – and cheaper – to remove the cause of marriage, without recourse to stop all production and avoid the implementation is not standards-compliant products.

Individual Assessment

1. Mass and individual assessment of the mass estimate is a special approach to a simplified assessment of a large group of similar objects, in particular the suburban real estate. Whether it is running, especially for taxation. Such an assessment is carried out by a certain procedure: for the estimated object is defined by a set of values corresponding to a fixed set of its parameters, and then the same for all objects rules formed by the value of its assessment. Mass appraisal is an independent kind of real estate appraisal and does not require in-kind land. Individual assessment is significantly different from mass appraisal. 2.

Appointment of an individual assessment First, an individual assessment carried out by examining specifically allocated to buildings and land. The purpose and objectives of individual assessment other. It is used to determine value in cases of alienation (sale, purchase), putting on balance, the reassessment, the implementation of commitments (guarantee for the loan or debt), the introduction of share capital insurance, taxation, in other cases. Between these two types of evaluation is also a significant difference in the principles, approaches and methods of evaluation. 3. The basic principle of individual assessment of individual assessment of country real estate is held on the principle of their most effective use (NEI).

Application of this principle in practice, evaluation means that the cost of country houses and lands determine the basis of such use, which is most likely physically possible, reasonably justified in complying with existing legislation, financial feasibility and for which they have the greatest cost. 4. Approaches and methods of individual assessment of individual country real estate assessment is conducted, usually within three approaches (cost, income and comparative), which include a number of methods: balance, sales comparison, allocation, distribution, intended use, capitalization of ground rent (income) and others. In each case, individual assessment of homes and land necessary to substantiate the validity of certain approaches and methods of evaluation, or denial of their application.


A good top manager in the reorganization of the situation and experiences for their subordinates. The changes are usually the restructuring of the company's structure and staffing changes in the system of cash payments, the redistribution functional responsibilities of staff. Ben Silbermann insists that this is the case. All this puts the chief to have to explain to a subordinate position, reassure and motivate them so that they are not looking for a new job. It happens that break cohesive groups, in which the loyalty of top managers were absolutely sure. For example, the "family" has lost its unity in a short period of time, because the management decided to reallocate responsibilities within departments.

Often, management expects to be able to keep employees from dismissal appeals to their conscience and the assurance, but make it very difficult. And soon most of the former employees "hang" on the job sites to find the right job. While negative changes have not touched a particular employee, he can work on a "need – so it is necessary", but as soon as they can affect your personal interests, shatter the whole system is built of motivation. In order to maintain team unity in the first place you want to preserve the team senior managers and their effective motivation. To do this, first of all, the need to educate managers about the changes with activities of an expository nature, in which managers find answers to their concerns questions, and they have formed a clear picture of how and by what means will be changes. It is important to plant manager in explaining the inevitability of the restructuring, acknowledged the merits of the old schemes of work and its supporters of the company, as well as integrate them into the process of making constructive suggestions regarding the new system the Director General should discuss with all senior managers need to change, to involve each of them in a constructive dialogue about what is happening, ask about their vision of the process for not only his department, but the whole enterprise.