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Business Department

Develops marketing mechanisms and policies in all areas of the hotel to have a higher income. A group of people that make up a task force whose mission is to define the business strategy in order to optimize sales and resulting production of the Hotel (the search for higher returns). The Commercial Department is headed by the Commercial Director, who is the head of the company on commercial terms and that will be responsible for: – setting prices according to different seasons. (Try to avoid seasonality with seasonal adjustment policies arising in an occupation more and more divided) – recruit and train the sales team (Sales Executive). New York The Business Dir available to your business a variety of sales techniques that used properly, will help significantly to achieving the objectives set out by Directorate and Management.- To negotiate and sign cooperation agreements and contracts with travel agencies, Tour Operators, (Incentive Travel), etc … – Go to different trade shows, conferences or other gathering. The commercial team has the mission to promote the brand it represents, seeking to expand its business portfolio with the potential customers you get to know during the Fair, Congress, etc. .. Fairs (eg Fitur) are the ideal setting for attracting new customers for the loyalty of existing and also to study and evaluate the various policies of competing companies. – Image Design Company corprativa (Logo / Slogans, etc. ..) Once devised the “brand” is responsible for its positioning in the tourism market, carrying out studies Competition, which will help us know the status market in which we wish to introduce and outline our strategy furura.Should be carried out an SWOT analysis, in order to discover our virtues / strengths / opportunities and our weaknesses / threats. Because of the typological range of hotels, it is necessary to conduct a market segmentation, in order to define the type of customer we want for our establishment. Thus, you can do difrentes types of promotions appropriate to the type of customer (eg Hotel Hotel Business Travel unfit for End of Course)

New Arrivals

El Prado does not have an annual acquisitions budget, unlike other museums (in Spain, for example, the Reina Sofia), so that to acquire new works depends on to make special deliveries through donations , inheritances and tions, and purchases made by the State. The plan charged the U.S. consultancy Boston Consulting in the days when Eduardo Serra was chairman of the board expected to give the museum an amount of 3 million annually for this purpose. This plan was not approved by the rejection that arose in the sense that it involved a commodification of the museum. However most of the measures that have been established subsequently applied, it being just one of the few that have not been. Ali Aboutaam La Trinidad, Jose de Ribera, the first acquisition of the Prado Museum.From the early interest was shown in supplement Prado collections through the acquisition of new works and made a few months after its foundation, on 5 April 1820, he bought the first one, La Trinidad, Jose de Ribera, by Ferdinand VII which paid 20,000 reales. The Museum’s acquisitions have been very important in terms of quality and number (more than 2,300 works only in the paint section) and, as noted, have taken place in different ways . On the one hand, gifts, inheritances and legacies, fundamental nature of philanthropy and its role often searched complement existing collections. In the early days was used in a way that was public subscription to purchase a particular work, although it is now obsolete. Second, the policy of acquiring works of art by the State, which has often had as a beneficiary to the Prado.This last point is to highlight the mode of payment of taxes by works of art, or tion, adopted by the Spanish Historical Heritage Act 1985 and which has enriched the collections in a very remarkable state. This possibility, inspired by the famous “Law Malraux” French, could be applied initially to the inheritance tax, extending any tax liability under the Patronage Act of 2002. Policies aimed at enlargement of the Prado have tended to reinforce existing collections to fill the office.Works are incorporated well Velazquez (The Barber of Pope), Goya and Vald s Leal, but also some artists with poor presence in collections, such as Lucas Cranach the Elder (a very remarkable Virgin and Child, payment in kind of businessman Juan Abell ) or John of Flanders (his masterpiece, The Crucifixion, painted for the altarpiece of the Cathedral of Palencia, in 2005 also received lieu of payment of taxes, in this case the company Ferrovial -7 M -). 10 would be neat detailing all acquisitions made by the Museum in its almost 200 year existence. For legacies, the most notable of recent times was made by Manuel Villaescusa, in 1991.With its amount, he bought a group of works among which stand out the game still life, vegetables and fruits from Sanchez Cotan, hurdy gurdy playing Blind Georges de La Tour (painters both no presence in the museum until that time), the Fable El Greco and part of the Countess of Chinchon, Goya, paid in part with funds from another state (the latter described as “acquisition year” worldwide by Apollo magazine). The Countess of Chinchon, Goya, the most significant acquisition of the Museum in recent years. Looking back in time, were also very outstanding donation of Baron Fr d ric mile d’Erlanger (1881) and the legacy of Ramon de Errazu (1904), Paul Bosch (1915) and Pedro Fernandez-Duran (1931) and Grant Cambo (1941).The grant from the Belgian banker Emile d’Erlanger was the series of black paintings of the Quinta del Sordo, farm located on the banks of the Manzanares River which had belonged to himself and Goya d’Erlanger had acquired in 1873, making the switch to canvas paintings that were executed on the walls of the house.After trying unsuccessfully to sell in Paris ended up donating it to the Prado, almost as a way to get rid of them, noting that, at that time were not overly appreciated. The Mexican of Spanish origin (Basque-Navarre and Andalucia) Ram n of Errazu bequeathed in his will to the Museum oils and watercolors of nineteenth century artists, most notably Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo Raimundo Ernest Meissonier and French (the Portrait of Josefa and attempted Manzanedo Mitjans Manzanedo Marchioness of this painter bequeathed actually the Museum of Modern Art, but ended up in the Prado to absorb that in 1971) and Paul Baudry, who bequeathed the Pearl and the wave, one of the highlights of the nude that were painted on the Paris of the Second Empire, which was acquired by the Empress Eugenia de Montijo after exposure in room 1863. Paul Bosch of Barcelona was one of the largest donations in the history of the Museum.

History The

History The Mayo Clinic (1889) emerged from the alternative medicine practice of Dr. William Worrall Mayo (1819-1911) and his two sons, William James Mayo (1861-1939) and Charles Horace Mayo (1865-1939) . Dr. William Worrall Mayo emigrated in 1846 from Salford, United Kingdom, the United States where he became a doctor. The founders of the Mayo Clinic are Dr. Mayo, Stinchfield, Graham, Plummer, Millet, Judd and Balfour. These founding partners shared in the profits of the private practice of medicine and hired paid staff. In 1919, they created the Mayo Properties Association (in Spanish, society Properties May), and went from private practice to become a nonprofit entity. The Mayo brothers, who maintained ownership of the clinic and their equipment fully ceded to the newly created company, following the current Mayo Clinic.In 1892, Dr. Augustus Stinchfield was invited to join the project by Dr. Mayo, who was considered the best doctor in Rochester and vicinity. Once he agreed, Dr. Mayo retired at the age of 73. Dr. Henry Stanley Plummer became a partner in 1901. It is considered by many as the “architect of modern medical practice and primary reason for their early success. He designed many of the systems used universally today as individual medical history based on dossiers and a telephone intercom system. While highlighting the Mayo brothers as surgeons, Dr. Plummer has been widely recognized as a developer and implementer of diagnostic and clinical aspects of medical practice. Dr. Louis B. Wilson was hired in 1907 at the behest of Dr. Plummer, to create research and diagnostic laboratories.The Plummer Building (in Spanish, Plummer Building) of the clinic was designed by William Dawson and Jonathan Ray Corwin architectural firm Ellerbe Round, according to the suggestions of the clinic staff and the guidance of Dr. Plummer. Upon its completion in 1928 was the tallest building in Minnesota, and it was up to the construction of the Foshay Tower (in Spanish, Foshay Tower) in Minneapolis. He joined the National Register of Historic Places (in Spanish, National Register of Historic Places) in 1969, and its bell tower has recently undergone an award-winning restoration. The study consists Ellerbe as responsible for the projects of the Red Building, 1914, the Mayo Institute of Experimental Medicine in 1922, the Plummer Building, 1927, the Mayo Building in 1954, the Gonda Building in 2002 and Rochester Methodist Hospital (in Spanish Red Building, Institute of Experimental Medicine in May, Plummer Building, Building Mayo Gonda Building and Rochester Methodist Hospital respectively).The historic Red Building of 1914 listed as a national monument on the National Register, was demolished in the eighties to build the Siebens Building (in Spanish, Siebens Building) designed by HGA. May the Rochester campus occupies approximately three times the size of the Mall of America, a mega shopping 300,000 m . The Mayo Clinic in Rochester employs 30,000 people. Bronze statue of the Mayo brothers, Drs Will and Charlie, in front of the Gonda Building. William Worrall Mayo

International Campaigns According

International Campaigns According to the Control Arms campaign, which form part NGOs such as Amnesty International, Oxfam and Greenpeace, Spanish arms exports in 2003 amounted to EUR 321.9 million, forty percent of the destinations of arms Spanish may be violating the code of conduct for the European Union. The Control Arms campaign has been pushing for nearly two years to the Spanish government, which has finally received the support of the Spanish president, Jos Luis Rodr guez Zapatero, joining this global initiative and had the support of countries like Britain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Kenya, Brazil, Cambodia, Finland. The main customer for the Spanish handgun industry returns to the U.S., primarily in the form of guns.This volume of exports, compared to the massive demonstrations taking place in this country for a better control for access to these weapons, notes a lack of sensitivity on the part of exporting firms and the Spanish authorities responsible for authorizing this such sales. Another case is the sale of arms to countries on which the EU has expressed its concern for its continued violation of human rights such as Israel, a country that Spain exported firearms of caliber less than 20mm worth 35,000 euros and Saudi Arabia which sold 23 million in ammunition. Even more reprehensible if anything is to sell large quantities of ammunition to Africa. Despite the moratorium established in 1998 by the Economic Community of West Africa, in prohibiting the importation, exportation and manufacture of light weapons, Spain has continued to sell large quantities of ammunition in this African region. The most alarming cases are: Ghana (2.7 million euros in 2002).During the summer of 2000, moreover, given the evidence they were deviating from Ghana weapons and ammunition to neighboring countries in conflict such as Sierra Leone, Nigeria or Angola, the Ghanaian government banned indefinitely any related activity trade or production of small arms. Aboutaam The other case is the sale of ammunition for light weapons in many SSA countries, stressing that Sudan has a serious humanitarian crisis that is under an arms embargo since 1994.


HOW MY BUSINESS PLANS Make a good career to get either in my work and as a person. working in a place of my liking and earn a good salary, to give a good life so my daughter. Being in a business-to my height. Achieve speak fluent English with foreigners. MY PERSONAL PLANS Finish my studies and pass it my practice to a degree. Owning a car Remove my house and keep it nice for us to live with my black Give good education to my black, in a good school to come do a great person and a professional.

Composition The

Composition The World Business Council for Sustainable Development consists of 207 international companies united by a shared commitment to sustainable development through economic growth, ecological balance and social progress. The incorporation of new members to the WBCSD is done with a prior invitation of the Executive Committee to companies committed to sustainable development. Its members include multinational companies like General Motors, DuPont, 3M, Deutsche Bank, Coca-Cola, Sony, Oracle, BP and Royal Dutch Shell. Member companies pledge their support and contribution to the WBCSD by making available knowledge experience, and human resource capacity. Also, they are required to report publicly on their environmental performance and aiming to extend its reporting to cover all three pillars of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental. A key element is the personal commitment of the executive directors acting as board members.They are influential advocates of political policy positions of the WBCSD, and its working groups co-lead. They also organize support for the program of the WBCSD work program and ensure the adoption of sustainable management practices within their companies.

European Business School

European Business School European Business School (EEN), founded in the hands of D. Jesus Lopez Davalillo in 1986 is a leading business school, oriented to training of postgraduates and executives in Europe and Latin America whose headquarters are established in Madrid (Spain) where it has five other teaching venues, Murcia, Oviedo, Salamanca and Valladolid, as well as being established in Argentina, Bolivia (4 seats), Ecuador and Peru. European Business School is characterized by providing an eminently practical training with a strong international and innovative, working closely in developing master programs with educational institutions and business, keeping always in mind to maintain a high level of renovation and innovation. It was one of the first institutions to incorporate areas of expertise in aspects of personal development into their programs while also adding a series of seminars to develop the effectiveness and professionalism of the students.CURRICULUM Master Program Business Administration (MBA) develops from the integration perspective of the manager or entrepreneur in the role of business in a comprehensive manner as well as pragmatic. It is taught in graduate and executive versions. The Master program in International Business European Business School (MNI) has a clear objective: To train professionals who will contribute to the success of companies and projects with international projection and development of business organizations worldwide since the Senior Management of the Companies. Master Program in Human Resource Management European Business School (MDRH) trained in the methods and techniques for planning, management, control and development of human resources in its various dimensions viewed from the perspective of the overall performance of organizations . It is taught in graduate and executive versions.The Masters program in Integrated (Environment, Quality and Prevention) (MGI), enables participants in the implementation of Integrated Management Systems (Environment, Quality and Prevention) to provide the students with specific knowledge related to this area. It is taught in graduate and executive versions. The program Master in Marketing and Sales (MMK) is developed from the perspective of comprehensive and integrated knowledge of the company in its management areas to focus on tools and techniques of marketing, business management and sales. It is taught in graduate and executive versions. ALUMNI Former students of European Business schools are grouped into their own association: Alumni EEN

2: Do not

2: Do not worry about his ethical and spiritual education. Wait until he becomes of age so you can decide freely. 3: When you say bad words, r aselas. This will encourage him to do funny things. 4: Do not scold or tell something is wrong in what he does. Could create guilt complexes. 5: Pick up everything he leaves lying: books, shoes, clothes, toys. So get used to bear the responsibility on others. 6: Let them read everything that comes into their hands. Take care of your dishes, cutlery and glasses are sterilized, but that his mind is full of garbage. 7: Rina often with their spouse in the presence of the child and not hurt him too the day when the family, perhaps for their own behavior, was shattered forever. 8: Take all the money you want spend. Do not go to suspect that to have the same work is needed. 9: Satisfy all your wishes, desires, comforts and pleasures. The sacrifice and austerity could lead to frustration. 10: Put on your side in any dispute you have with your teachers and neighbors. Think they all have prejudices against his son and they really want to annoy him. The Decalogue is the popular juvenile judge of Granada, Emilio Calatayud known for educating and guiding their judgments. I know he has daughters. At a meeting in Seville Adolescent Medicine asked what would happen if one of those present to prescribe contraception to her daughters without his permission and his response was devastating: “I would put in jail because he had custody. I could not know if you have made statements about what is happening: the morning after pill and abortion without parental consent. I am keen to know what you think.

Transplants Cardiac transplantation

Transplants Cardiac transplantation is one of the greatest advances in medicine and represents a therapeutic option for patients with terminal heart disease, in whom it is not possible to provide other medical and surgical options definitive, due to severe deterioration of myocardial function.

History In

History In its principles to be very focused goregrind Chronic Infection and made up according to themes that style, where they release a demo promotion in 2000 with highly corrosive: chronic infection, Defiler, internal rot, Leucorrhoea, Acarus scabiei and Hysterectomy The influence of the band with time changes and will develop more technical but if you lose there guttural voices born in 2001 the promotional demo “Suffering in Life” with 4 tracks: Behind the door, Torture Corporal, Repulsive Conception and Cannibal Instinct. Also in late 2001 Compiled involved in Argentina’s most important is the NAHUEL this time was its third ion and entering compiled with 2 demo tracks from his latest promotion: Repulsive Conception and Cannibal Instinct. To enter the mid 2002 compilation “BUCKETS OF BLOOD Vol 1,” released by Canadian label Bloodbucket Productions.After many lineup changes left to chronic infections almost 3 years without doing anything and only in 2005 launched a mini-CD “Under the skin,” pulling the subjects more brutal death metal but with great technique, subjects are: Mass grave, Parasite, The color of the quartering, Buried alive and irreversible. The publication of test video “Irreversible”. Released by the CM (Canal de la Musica) in the CM program Heavy. In February 2009 it was recorded “Behind the Light” CD of the band first independent production. Recorded at the studios of “La Nave de Oseberg” (Buenos Aires) Mixed and Mastered by Sebastian Manta. Consisting of 11 items and 1 bonus track.