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Learning Goals

When you want to make changes of life in certain areas, most people expect to certain external conditions for experiencing those life changes. To the extent that we hope outward manifestations to begin to act is very likely fall into a circle that does not lead to results and experience the same difficulties of always. Many people are still waiting for certain circumstances to act, and begin to manifest various excuses such as: if I had better income, when climate changes, will do so when viva elsewhere, is that that computer is very slow, the truth is that my wife supports me no, there are no conditions, etc. The truth is that the easiest thing in life is accommodation and perhaps all have experienced it in one way or another, to progress is necessary to start making changes now, Act, work on the basis of goals. Achieve real change requires continued commitment because custom in which our thoughts and actions change driven by external changes. One of the ways of achieving power and control in our lives is the continuous fulfillment of goals as Andrew Corentt sets it in his book the secret of the power of goals, each time that we intend to something and then meet our mind is associating the power of our life, of our word, in this book you will find the steps necessary to make your meta work, you can find the path of the high motivationsame that it will drive him to make extraordinary efforts and tasks, you will enjoy true inspiration and this will enable you achieve everything you have always wanted.

At the beginning you can start with small goals and achieve forge us a discipline, the problem is that most people want big goals in a short time when their minds are not accustomed to the achievement, we must go further in increasing and systematic way. Andrew Corentt in his book the secret of the power of goals tells us that for the most urgent things we must propose us compelling goals, which is a command that is sent to the universe with an extraordinary strength, where the subconscious mind will accept it and the universal creative energy. In this wonderful book you will learn how to harmonize their desires and achieve their goals materialize in little time and, practically, the only effort that should be done, is to set the goal, according to the appropriate techniques described in the book. Propose targets that if they work implies an internal change, when that information is carried to the subconscious mind to manifest all external conditions. When you are acting, if you do things differently, you are sending a powerful message to the universe on a goal in particular, with the law on the care you will create what you want, everything you perceive is part of him, you are the universe itself. If you wish to know power information to understand the universe and life itself and achieve any desire, we recommend the book the secret of the power of goals, can visit the following page: Climate change threatens Lebanon cedars, snow s Already Libnan World News Live from Lebanon lyrics translated Yeah Yeah Yeahs and control Free Meta Keywords Advice Buzy Blog Migrating a Silverlight Application to Windows Phone 7 Dan Wahlin completo WebLog Create Digital Music With Korg iMS-20 for iPad, Patch Cords Meet Multi-Touch; Sounds + Videos


What it inside happens of the company will have that to reflect in the house of the collaborator, the community, the region the city, this it is what I call repercussion waves. We can even though think about divulging the mark through the Twitter, Youtube, facebook, orkut, blogs, etc, the atingimento will not be the same, is the same that to divulge approximately for a public of 98% that nothing it has with our region. If this is good or not, it goes of each organization, to be known of polar region the polar region of the planet is interesting, but the question that I make is: which the financial result this goes to represent? Clearly that it is good for placing the company in the social nets, this of a it a virtual social identity, but for the internal communication does not have no relationship. The Marketing is the responsible one in the spreading of its mark external (Brandig Marketing), that nothing more it is of what a tool to attract the customers and consumers for its mark. The Endomarketing, before attracting external customers and consumers, first go to acquire knowledge the internal customers (Collaborating) of its mark through action of communication. The leaders are the main agents, are the main media of vehicle of communication in the organizations, are they responsible true them for the reinforcement of this relation, who goes to involve and to compromise the collaborators inside of one same one felt. We have that to understand the words, the verbal communication is above all the most important media of relationship walls, them, posters, folders, petty cashes of suggestions, email, Intranet, Internet, etc., are only one way of support to fortify the verbal communication. I have observed that the people inside of the organizations are making accurately the opposite, having given emphasis to the posters, email, Intranet, Internet, etc., ' ' achando' ' that they are making ' ' OF TUDO' ' , but the results are not visible.