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The Leader Of Enterprise Management Today “

Today the company is highly competitive. It has a capacity of permeability and adaptability almost immediately and imperceptibly to market conditions and customer needs, with an effective system of feedback and analysis of information from the environment, a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, and above all, highly profitable. With the features mentioned above can say that is the description of the model company that all shareholders, customers, employees, society and stakeholders in general with which they would like to be involved. Any company that wants to grow, although not explicitly stated, this model seeks to become the medium and long term. The road itself is not easy, this adds to the company management does not know how and where to begin the process of change. They spend thousands of dollars in consulting, systems support, implementation of management tools such as those established with ISO 9000 and the fashioned Scorecard. In the best case is achieved standardize and facilitate the collection of information about the company, achieving a more orderly and clear read on the same results were obtained prior to implementation. The “business today” must be guided by the “leader today,” without this combination is very likely to continue bad spending more money on consulting and implementations that no allowance for expected. The top management must become the “leader” of the “Empresa de Hoy” to achieve this desired model. The “leader of today” is the one with the ability to collect and interpret the environment in which the company operates, is capable of making decisions based on that understanding and monitoring the results achieved with them.


Entropion: TALK OF THE OPERATING ROOM When should operate the entropion This question is important, perhaps the most important of all they can do the owners who have an animal with this problem. To decide the time of surgery, we must consider several factors: – Age of animal: puppies in full growth are not candidates for definitive surgery entropion and that its growth will give a false appearance of the eyelid and the surgeon can cut more or less than they owe. Ideal wait until at least 6 months of age. If entropion is light I try to wait until one and a half, even, in some races, up to two years.Bloodless surgery (placing traction points are possible) can be practiced at any age and are the proper technique for growing puppies. Shar Pei puppy – Injuries: severe corneal injuries require early surgery (after 6 months or earlier in certain races) but depends on the development of the animal. Points can be fitted pull, flaps, correct the injury while the animal reaches the appropriate development to undergo definitive surgery. The presence of chronic injuries of the cornea indicates the need for surgery in young adults or mature animals.

Network Marketing

Are true or not these statements can or can not be demonstrated scientifically … Well, I do not know … ‘m not a doctor. I am a business woman. That is, I can not say whether the statements are true or not. But what I can say is that the statements it makes sense to me.

And … how to transfer this principle to our business area? … that’s what I want to clarify here. ***** Notices of many of our colleagues who are on the same network marketing industry often find the following texts: “New Business Opportunity! … No Risk! … No investments! … Easy! ..

etc. etc. “But to build a successful business person needs to: – Take the risk – Invest – Move the product or service (in use, it is sold or consumed) – lends new partners and generate profits on a regular basis if you do not you agree, it means that your Network Marketing company you should do for you. But if your Network Marketing company and does all that for what and why should we pay bonuses? “By the simple fact that your name is in your database? Do not you think unlikely the same? Sorry … ehh … I do not know if I mentioned … the industry in which we move is called Network Marketing and “Network NGO” “Yes, but if we do this type of advertising we attract more people.” It may be well. But for us it is important the following: What kind of people we really want to build our team? And what kind of people we attract that kind of ads? Probably people who do not want to invest even one Euro, which does not want to learn, who do not want to risk anything, you want all given away.


There are real fights and multimillion investments to accommodate Grand Prizes. In this regard, after the good performance of a Brawn team that almost did not exist, “the clever billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, has agreed to sponsor. And fortune that drives this show extends its network beyond the sport itself. Thus, the Magazine, supplement to El Mundo, records that according to some sources, Antonio Lobato copper and 600 per season to narrate the races to La Sexta in Spain.

A good salary for a journalist, now that so much talk about the high salaries of managers. But if they are paid, why are going to reject? Antonio Lobato has been achieved, the hand of his countryman Fernando Alonso Asturias, becoming a star, ie create a brand from the success of other related. The branding on the success of others can take various forms in the business world, since the extension line (we have Coca-Cola, a product of great success, we create Cherry Coke, cherry flavored).

At times even unrelated products are created with the original, or connected indirectly. For example, Bic, who extended his concept of disposable pens to lighters or razors Depending on the connection between the consumer receives the initial concept and the second creation, the effect can be positive or not (the gurus marketing, Ries and Trout, generally deny line extensions). Does it make sense to bring it to market a colony? Might have it, as it is linked with fashion. Would it make sense to use a mineral water based on their concept of fashion? Probably not. As for the second brands, sometimes leading brands create a second brand to address a neglected segment (for example, the low price), or buy a company for it.

For example, the German BSH, a joint venture between Siemens AG and Robert Bosch Gmbh, sells numerous brands to serve different segments, including that are Bosch, Siemens, Balay, Lynx, Ufesa, Neff and Gaggenau). However, another good conditions is using various brands, which expressly deny manufacture for other brands to reinforce its quality positioning, such as Kellogg’s, or Danone, for example. Pablo Rodriguez is a graduate in Business Administration, Auditing postgraduate in MBA and Master, passionate world of economics and business management.

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and placed him in third place of your test, give a total of 168 points to catapult the college into the top of the standings over a hundred participating schools. So our beloved school is first to 8 points separate its immediate follower who is our eternal rival, the San Jos La Salle. That this is an example of excellence, we can also be excellent because after all we are “LAUNCHED upwards.”