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Ever thought you how to keep your customers and which are not to be with other companies where to be treated in a more cordial way? Ever thought you how to keep your customers and which are not to be with other companies where to be treated in a more cordial way? Has arisen when a company needs a service or product the first thing that comes to your head are not services provided by the company which included mouse pad or the heel of sticky notes? One of the most common forms between companies are advertising products, not to mention them most used items are keychains. Give a keychain to one of your customers can do that that customer’s faith in you as well as give you cache your company. Despite being one of the cheapest advertising products is one of the most simple and effective to make its sales increase and its clients to persist with you and are recommended to future clients. One of the utilities of the keychains in addition to that we all know how it is to carry keys and that they are not lost It is easily to remember you don’t want to forget and keys that will not know that is referred to as much as others to see. This is very common in companies with many employees. We know that advertising gifts are to increase sales but one of the objectives of a company is to build a loyalty between employer and worker, and that best way to give a gift that besides being a gift is useful. If you are a large or small, with large, clear objectives and want to create a loyalty be future clients or suppliers, customers, workers, put in our hands and we can offer you a wide range of advertising products for every occasion.


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Attracting Customers

Companies spend thousands of dollars each year to find out everything about a (particular) product. They send their agents of sales to products schools to learn the features and benefits of their products, through the process of becoming experts of the product, with the hope that the knowledge that acquire impel them to sales success. Unwittingly, promoted and financed a process that ends up creating beliefs and no support in the minds of its sales staff that actually inhibits their success with the possibility of losing two sales revenue and profit margins. Those beliefs are as follows:-to disseminate knowledge of the product to my prospectus I will build my credibility and hare more sales. -So the prospect understand the value of my offer I have to educate him. Unfortunately, found such thoughts, or no beliefs of support, which end up creating problems very difficult to sell. Once we understand these beliefs support problems can begin to change our thinking and behavior that will lead us to greater success in sales.

Despite being credible to your prospect, it is important to rely on them to provide a solution that limits the risk to which faces when making a purchase decision. How to build that trust is proving to your prospect, through a complete understanding of their problems, which reduces the likelihood of making a mistake in the recommendation that you do. Logically, to gain an understanding of the needs of your prospect, is obligation to ask some questions. Through your questions, you get a better understanding of their situation and therefore reduces the risk of a recommendation can be incompatible with what they need. Get questions about typical problems and understand the impact they have in your prospectus is much more important to give you information. In addition, demonstrated that education of the values of your prospectus allows use your information and recommendations as a way to store against the competition. This search model allows you to obtain competitive bids around its recommendations which, literally, extinguished their value and end up creating equality. Educate your prospect can make you feel good, but it will end up being your ruin. It is a blind alley that will force you to define your difference for one low price!

Bank University

Studies always will be one of the activities more rewarding for people since through the study people can develop greatly in their lives, acquiring knowledge that will be useful when wanting to play in the working life and so have a life with some excellent conditions thanks to be located in a good job that means a good remunerationwithout forgetting the most prevailing, it is to play in something of the total liking; However to think about everything which may represent the future and what you have devised, the first steps should be in higher education which is what will determine the ability to intervene in a professional field, which must have sufficient capital to pay the different financial burdens for representing the University and all kinds of higher level studies, which is a problem that can often stop the beginning of the road, so that in many occasions in the absence of the necessary financial resources, the only way out is to resort to student credits to gain access to a good education. Of such form on many occasions touches to resort to different funding bodies to be able to enjoy the benefits of being inside a University through student loans, and may pay the costs which represents University life, as it happens from the moment of the registration and various payments that must be made in each semester or year to cancel the cost of the study period. At the time of registration should be different accounts then resort to student loans and an amount determined for knowing how much should afford throughout each period. Student loans are not limited only to respond by costs which means the registration, but that many times some entities offer the possibility of cover through the figure of the student loans certain materials necessary for the action of the students, the best example of application of student loans in this way are presented for the acquisition of a computer. To access student loans there are diverse options to enjoy the advantages of this excellent service, so the best known and most applied is that give banks and financing, so the person concerned goes to the Bank to apply for a student loan that conforms to their conditions and after a study and the compliance with certain minimum requirements student credit; realizes Another option is that the credit is provided from the universities themselves, since there is a credit Department within the University structure, as well from the same University generate student loans; another of the options that are used much for student loans are certain State entities, which for the student loans are based on the academic performance of the person requesting it. The biggest advantage of credits student is allowing the cost of academic periods after certain amount of time, both so the beginning of the payment of appropriations student is asked some time after graduation, accompanied by a term of up to 10 years to repay the loan..

Best Class

As a general rule be It is located in the back seat. It reaches the class when it has begun, creating discomfort for his disruption. It does bear because you question things that have answered during the course of the class (when it was absent). On occasions is it appears only when there are assessment, passed this, returns to disappear. Running against time in his eagerness to get the title and holds have before time; It is that they are thinking of ask for salary increase at the company for which works because it believes a professional. It is not nothing modest and seeks to learn all that he is a doctor. He speaks more than a crier and passes asking questions outputs of tone in the least appropriate moments. At all times it is intervening and contradicting, insists repeatedly with the same, until the teacher ends up ignoring it.

There is no clarity in the concepts, is difficult to understand situations of a technical nature. Improvised often, speaks many things that neither code of ethics of college student 73 _ he even understands, is a poor imitation of cantinflas and their academic grades are not exactly the best. When there is no class jumps of joy, as mico in tree, because you can go home or stay in the classroom doing circles to dialogue with peers of all, less than study. If the result that throws the test matches that which is here exposed: don’t be alarmed, nobody has put it in evidence; It is possible that it is in transition to get to have a dinosaur brain. Well, if it reflects and makes an act of contrition is promising that it will change, it is now possible to postpone that moment. But if it matches the behaviours presented by more than 70%, start to worry because the only thing that detracts is changing the figure to be equal to a dinosaur; in this case advised find partner and make sure that it is going to be a good professional, or go where a psychologist that remove you the obsession with dinosaurs and decide to change by other species of wildlife.


Every time we are more connected, but in turn communicated with each other less. We must rethink our relationship with the book and reading, especially in academic circles who believe that the problem of education and that the causes of our backwardness are in lack of technological means, but they alone will not solve the problems that our country and the world need to be resolved. It’s back view and ask ourselves what is and what does mean a book, and the Act of reading is its role in our personal and social lives, but we are not talking about lazy reading, disrupts that read by obligation, or to prove that we are a day or that we master this or that topic or author, but reading as a unique and transformative experience. All experience is an unexpected character and according to its intensity puts in motion and tension all our being, and thus our thoughts, but it remains empty if you do not have a living experience. All experience is active, i.e. made with everything what one is and has, and therefore is modifier, so any new content experience is the subject of expression and language. As well, the encounter with a person can modify our behavior or our ideas, the same happens with the book. There are many stories that we know about how the reading of certain author put in crisis the life of many readers.

Recall how the reading of Plato, Goethe, Spinoza, or Nietzsche, have disrupted the lives of many people, especially young. The experience is why something in that experience, thinking and interpretation, the past, the present and the expectation of future come together. Why actual experiences are neither objective nor subjective, but they are a reality offering, and here is your character unique and non-transferable. The experience of attending a concert is always different and bring different reactions.

Emotional Intelligence

And the intelligence emotional intelligence always we have heard that the CI was determinant to know whether a person would be successful in life, a test could mark the future of your academic and professional success. However, several years ago that since the business realized that are other capabilities necessary for success in life. And not any IQ test measured these. Think for a moment the importance of emotions have on our lives everyday and quickly you will notice that most of the times mark all our decisions almost without noticing us. I buy your car doing calculations of profitability? Chose your partner because objectively was the best choice? Do you chose your job because you offered better salary? Most of our decisions are tinted (if not mastered) by emotions. Before this we must admit that there are people with a domain of his much larger than other emotional life.

And is curious to see that little correlation there is between the classical intelligence and intelligence Emotional. An extreme case would be the typical nerd, that led to the limit is an intellectual machine but with disastrous emotional life. On the other hand we can find with people who don’t step elementary school but to lead a successful life and have an orderly and enviable life. These extreme cases are not common, but it is necessary to realise that we must pay greater attention to this type of skills that can make our life much or more than the C.I.


People have different personalities and several tastes for things which there is in life, this is also reflected in the possibilities that have the time to choose some field especially for study, since the studies carried out must accommodate the skills and abilities that are taken and also resulting from total pleasure to who are going to make a very important task as it is carrying out studies. Thus a options that they can accommodate the tastes of certain group of people who are identified with the arts and expressions, is the option to study dramatic art, possibility that will develop and greatly improve skills that are taken for the recreation of scenes of artistic content representing situations by the gestural interpretation and various components of the environmentthey give an air of reality to the Mise en scene. The content that can be found to study dramatic art is very versatile, so are 7 points of drama special study, which are: the address of the scenes, the representation of dramaturgy, creation of environments as means of implementation of the stage designer, interpretation by means of different objects, the interpretation by corporal means as facial gestures and body movements, the textual interpretation and the interpretation in the field of musical theatre. All of these can be seen in a general manner in carrying out the task of studying drama, but if you want you can perform studies focused on one point, which would represent a specialization to study dramatic art. The realization of some of the specialties that are presented to study dramatic art to represent four years of academic studies, which allow to achieve a title superior in dramatic arts, which is comparable to a University professional title. A point which of great importance which should take into account when it comes to the realization of the related topics to study dramatic art, is that this type of art finds its essence in the ability to relate through the dramatization and representation. So in the process of studying dramatic art elements will be presented as the creation of a complete work of theatre, which requires giving life to a plot made based on actions and events around a central idea to study dramatic art, you should highlight points as the dialogue, since through this is achieved giving a greater connection with those who will see the result; the union between the dialogue and representation through movements and gestures; the writing and production of the play where were carried out a large number of acts that will give life to the text; as well as other means that allow representation much more real as it is the costumes and the scenery. We can say in general terms to study dramatic art mean to give life to a process of formation of a work where they meet points such as conflicts, tensions and different emotions.

Academy City

2008 Celebrates the year of the Renaissance in this city after celebrate 550 years of the inauguration of King Matthias. On this occasion the city organizes interesting artistic, scientific and gastronomic events. Budapest is the official capital of Hungary, its main commercial, industrial and transportation center. Its location offers a strategic point for the crossing of the Danube River. In addition, the Gellert hills that surround it provide natural protection, that made her territory desired by different civilizations throughout history.

Among them are the Roman Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The city, which covers territories on both sides of the River, is the result of the unification of three cities (Buda, obuda and Pest) undertaken in 1873. Initially, the name that had the city on both banks is Pest, Word of Slavic origin which means oven and refers to thermal springs that are below the Gellert. The name Buddha appeared after the invasion of the Tatars, who incited the Hungarians to build strongholds throughout the country. In the middle ages, this area was the permanent Royal seat.

With the Turkish invasion, and its domain that lasted for 150 years, both cities were looted, burned and destroyed. Once obtained his release, he began the development of the city, especially to cultural and intellectual level. Towards 1700 the first printing press was founded, the first newspapers were created and the city housed the only University in the country, Nagyszombat. In addition, the national theatre and the Academy of Sciences was founded. Budapest is known for being the city of spas. Account with around 100 sources with medicinal waters and 12 thermal baths. It is also known as the Capital of the medicinal waters. The known thermal baths Gellert, Szechenyi and Luckacs found in Buda. They are also the Turkish baths of Rudas, Kiraly and Rac, built towards the end of the 1500 and still are running.

Combined Fire Fighting

UKTP 'Blizzard' Concept extinguishing fire extinguishing foams different there is not the first day. Foam of low multiplicity provide a similar range of water supply, but can not provide insulation foams like a hearth, and the average high multiplicity. A foam of medium and high multiplicity are unable to provide the latch pumping distance. Installing the Combined Fire Fighting (UKTP) 'Blizzard' is a unique development NGOs 'Sopot', not having independent in the world. UKTP 'Blizzard' is designed to supply fire extinguishing foam at much longer distances than previous developments in this field. The installation is a foamer. Original decision in the facility design is a special combination of foam generators and low-medium ratio. The conception of the Institute of Fire Prevention of the Interior Ministry to study the effectiveness of fire extinguishing foam and with different degrees of dispersion.

In fact, UKTP represents a synthesis of the two devices. Using the first device (similar to GPS-600) served an average multiplicity of foam with excellent insulating ability. But This device provides a small range of filing. In contrast, the second device provides supply foam of low multiplicity, which is supplied over long distances. Combining the two jets can greatly increase the filing range, without compromising the insulating properties of foam.

The main applications of the above units – oil industry. Plants performed well in this area. Also set a 'blizzard' used to create light and thermal shields in place accidents and disasters, as well as natural disasters, decontamination and decontamination, to disguise the object of civil and military aircraft. There is a large number of models and designs UKTP: mobile, handheld, in the form of tips for Automotive ladders of fire trucks, remote control, etc. The main advantages of setting 'Snowstorm' – high productivity and economy. 'Snowstorm' consumes much less foam with a more efficient fire fighting.