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Thematic Planning

One of the main documents regulating the activities of teachers during the school year, is a thematic planning. Thematic plan drawn up by each teacher on his subject for each class. This paper shows that the teacher will go through during the year in accordance with the program. As a rule, the thematic plan is in tabular form, in which there are several mandatory for all items points. This is the lesson number, lesson topic, objectives lesson, tasks, equipment used, homework.

Depending on the specific subject in the thematic plan can be added more items, such as maps for the lesson, materials, use computer programs, etc. Usually thematic planning is made during summer vacations for the coming academic year. Term of making any type of – for a year, a quarter or a month, on the topic. After making any thematic plan must be approved by head teacher or principal. After this, the teacher can use them in the learning process.

If a sudden unforeseen omissions lessons (activated days holidays, etc.), the thematic plan made possible the appropriate changes. Big minus thematic planning that the teacher is present (not very small) instruments in their spare time, as Typically, during the period of the leave. Labor laws for teachers does not regulates the distribution of working time on documentation. It is understood that the documentation is to be carried out a teacher for a year, when he has the "free" lessons.