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Leingarten Tel Snow

So nice the heat of summer and the colorful diversity of nature in the autumn are the winter months also have their appeal. Heilbronn/Leingarten, 8 October 2013: after a day spent strolling through the frosty winter forest home to come and warm up with a hot beverage, enlivened the well-being. To cuddle when it outside storms and snows, spoils the soul comfortably in the sofa by candlelight. Or to have his fun with the snowmen and a snowball fight, to go ski or sled, all include the wonderful winter time. The magical mood prevailed in the world of Visual Merchandising in the winter season in the nature. Decoration specialist Worner 2013 presents the latest trends in the current catalogue fall/Christmas in fully designed winter scenes, which provide for suggestions or invite to decorate, too. The traditional winter colors such as blue in all shades, as well as cold, pure white are the classics in winter arrangements. Associations with the skiing or sledding, a trip to the Arctic or typical winter animal encounters are wanted.

Owls, polar bears, moose, penguins or a Yeti in combination can with branches, snow ball chains, be glittered Icicle beading or white Dekoranken quick magical winter scenarios create. The so-called Paulson”in knitting and faux fur clothing fits perfectly into a cottage scene with wooden skis, antique finish wood boxes and fluffy faux fur raccoon look. An unusual and striking Dekovariante is the frozen room. Icicles and snow crystals hanging from the ceiling. Chairs sprayed with snow spray, a table covered with white pile grass, icy candle holders, table lamps and coffee cups are surrounded by frost. Together with the textile printing old house”as a backdrop is a cinematic decoration, which exudes the icy and fascinating charm.

But the reality of winter can be obtained in the showcase. Bring a winter roads banner, tire tracks or tires displays, blocks of ice and Scatterschnee real Street in the showrooms. Safety cones and road blocks make the illusion perfect signs. And also the cool winter in some color is replaced, the colorful ethnic style with its traditional mix of patterns as colourful eye-catcher, which positioned itself as warm counterpart to the cold winter tones. This trend is wonderful in combination with a Sorrel fur blanket, ethno flowers and glistening sequin chain. The winter can come! The current catalogue fall/Christmas 2013 and the webshop under give ideas for exciting decoration concepts. The following download link interested for free publication see pictures on winter trends 2013 “. PR/ image Note: contact for the media: Heinrich Woerner GmbH Liebig Street 37 74211 Leingarten Tel. ++49(0) 7131 40 64-621 PR/public relations: Astrid link email: marketing: Alexandra Novac email: ad: Stefanie Roth email:


Where did winch? Who invented it? In our time, resurrect the series of facts and find answers to these questions are really hard. Since ancient times, winch used to lift various loads. The basis of the winch is rotating block. One of the first winches were only a mechanism similar to the pulley. Burton – this is the relationship of mobile and fixed units are bent by a plastic element (rope, chain or rope).

None less modern winch is a relatively tricky mechanism. The device uses a special winch parts warn spontaneous lowering of loads. It is used for vertical uplift on yachts, as well as by She lowered elevator car in a high-rise building. Applies as well for towing of non-motorized boats and fishing boats on the winches out nets with fish. The winch is a device that pull force is given by rope, chains from the drive drum. In addition to lifting heavy loads every winch is widely used, and when you move a large object, based on automotive winches is the principle, and rightly appear automobile hoists a wonderful tool to rescue bogged down in mud car. There are lots of kinds of winches, each for a special occasion, in an environment where we can restrict their own physical force is used manually, and if his forces could not handle the rescue comes an electric or hydraulic winch. Constituting part of an ordinary electric winch with a motor, drum, frame and braking system.

The mechanism of automotive winch is mounted on the car, he intended to move it by twisting the cable, while the free end of which is attached to the immovable object – firmly established and far greater weight. The hydraulic winch is powered by hydraulic motor, usually actuated steering pumps. Hydraulic car hoist has a lot of fundamental advantages such as resistance to overload (overload motor is not broken, but simply stops working), the reliability of the hydraulic motor, and also can not exclude the possibility of working under water, as the motor is hermetically sealed. When choosing winches to take into account such factors as load index winches, the heavier the car, the higher should be indexed. Load index indicates the limit pressure, which can produce a winch when thrust load horizontally (to pull the vehicle over the asphalt enough effort at 100 pounds). Winch, having a high index of carrying capacity, are expensive, but they are reliable, wear under different conditions operation.

General Electric

The same things happen daily in all companies. Here they play three vital factors importance. Organizational culture: It is the most dominant variable since it defines the adjustment or not the company, if it is a reluctant organizational culture to change, is likely to be damaged to the final and therefore the life of the same. the speed of information is: essential to the speed with which a company can determine account rapid and greater adaptation to change. Leadership: Must be a charismatic leader, proactive, dynamic and have the attitudes and skills necessary to convince the company that has time of change, do not hesitate to address the problem because it is the worst that can happen in a moment crucial.La leader’s decision is vital to determining the timing and the type of change and adaptation to create the necessary ;to do. If Jack Welch, former chairman of General Electric, is considered one of the greatest business leaders of our time, the main achievements are: earnings $ 333 million in 1985 to 750 million in 1989 Expansion of the company through its motto forge an organization without borders. Cost reduction, step away from having 412 000 employees 270 000 employees, this was one of his most important and difficult decisions. The turning point then is the most crucial for the survival of it. As if many authors suggest that forecasts need to take into account for the change and to no surprise that we surprised the change. John Kotter: appointing many mistakes one of them is not to establish the true importance of the sense of urgency, emphasize loss gains when in fact the question I would have to be like to have a transformation program that lost at this stage take the opportunity to get out of it.

Classification Cosmetics

Each inherent desire to please. And what should we not say that inner beauty is more important than a person of foreign, well-groomed face allows us to achieve the desired faster. At the same time have a well-groomed and willing to face women and men! According to international experts, about 30% of male patients are cosmetologists and plastic surgery clinics. Today, many companies have created a special line of 'male beauty' is in mainly public and wealthy people and not just businessmen, and politicians noesche, actors and former athletes. Look good, have a beautiful face and nice look and it becomes trendy. Many are willing to pay for it's a tidy sum. And it needs to understand what features a beauty and what it can do for IMPROVED skin. What do people expect when choosing cosmetics? They aim to select those cosmetic products that are ensure their proper skin care and cosmetics uludshat health kozhi.Sovremennaya divided into two broad categories: mass cosmetics and professional make-up.

Mass Care – located in the free market, on its own criteria of price and quality is divided into sub-classes: luxury, pharmaceutical and mass market. Mass-market as much as possible a large class: this includes all the mass cosmetics intended for everyday care, and while it does not solve some really solid with skin problems (even if it is promised in the abstract). Such cosmetic products can vasosvobodit only one – a sense of contraction and drying the skin after washing. On the other hand, prices and quality in this category of cosmetics can be very large. This class belongs to the whole makeup rassiyskih manufacturers, and products of Polish, Bulgarian and Baltic cosmetics companies, and all the brands that are sold through direct sales, such as: Oriflame, Avon, etc. In pharmacies, often represented by two types of beauty: the beauty of mass consumption, which can be sold in pharmacies, and medical Cosmetics, which for some indicators was not included in the category of selective (luxury cosmetics). Selective cosmetics, make-up or call it a luxury of the elite – more brands belonging to leading fashion houses or companies have their own research institutes and laboratories.

For sale is a beauty in specialized departments of large stores, and certainly with the consultant. The cost for this makeup is high, as the buyer pays in I-x for the high quality and secondly for well-known brand (about 30% of the cost). The quality of almost all elite cosmetic brands are very similar, and their main difference from the mass market, the ability to vtoy Oli another degree addressed dovolnosolidnye skin problems, that is to deal with problems such as wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, dehydration or greasy luster, etc. And most of these cosmetic products are more dorogui and beautiful packaging. In the professional category of cosmetics in a separate group is allocated home care and natural cosmetics which are a good addition to professional cosmetics.