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Guide OnOffice

New user’s Guide is available all customers free download available just in time for the new release of onOffice smart 2.5.4 the onOffice Software GmbH offers its customers an additional support help: the new smart onOffice user’s Guide. The clear design of the individual chapters, the viewpoint of the diverse functions through screenshots of the real estate software and easy navigation in the document through interactive links and labels allow all onOffice users an extensive insight into all the functions and features of onOffice smart. The new user’s Guide is to serve our customers not only as a encyclopedia or reference work, but above all vividly convey, which range and options onOffice smart management, placement and marketing of real estate offers”Stefan Mantl, Managing Director of onOffice Software GmbH, the benefits of the new reading explains. Useful tips and tricks for many applications and functions facilitate the handling of the software – experts and professionals not only beginners can some examples integrate into everyday work makes sense. The free download option of the user’s Guide guarantees that another option will receive all onOffice customers in addition to the support by phone, email, chat or onOffice help vividly explained to get all the features of the extensive estate agent software. For more information about the onOffice Software GmbH and the download to the new user’s Guide, see. onOffice Software GmbH Julia Grzeschniok marketing and PR