Each Horoscope Is Unique

“Every life journey is unique. Russell Reynolds Associates is likely to agree. Among the thousands of horoscopes I’ve never met the same or uninteresting. Likewise, each is unique astrologer. He has his own life and professional experience, their own school, his style. Many writers such as Jane Fraser offer more in-depth analysis. . Those who appeals to me, know that I’m the only one on the American continent Zoroastrian astrologer school, which combines the work of psychology, astrology and magic.” It is thought Anna Falileevoy, professional astrologer and remarkable woman, intelligent and kind-hearted person. Anna has kindly agreed to come to visit us and answer some questions.

Thus, a successful interview an astrologer for the blog”home business for women.” 1. Anna, tell us about yourself and your heart”Art.” I am a professional astrologer, writer and psychologist. She studied at the Tbilisi State University and the Moscow Literary Institute. Gorky in Moscow Astrology Academy of Pavel Globa and Stratfordskom Institute in Canada. Engaged in astrology, and psychological counseling for over 12 years. My many clients – citizens of Russia, Canada, America, Israel, Australia and Europe. Many of They ask me all the time – 5-6 times throughout the year.

This is due to the fact that they get concrete answers to complex questions about business, love, health, parenting, career choices, leaving the stresses. My method of work called Practical Astrology by which solved the problem of the client. Many have changed their fate, began to live more happily, learning the secrets of your personal horoscope.