Digital Businessmen

Five digital Spanish businessmen and many management positions of relevance in large companies will discuss the current co-existence of two different business scenarios, companies must know combine, combining the traditional model with derivative digital advances, especially, of the outbreak of the so-called web 2.0 the purpose of this discussion forum, organized from the online community of the Steering Edirectivos.comIt is deepening, from an informal breakfast organized in Simply Fabolous installations, on a number of points determined by the participation of companies in social media; the future of digital content from the point of view of the editor as an advertiser; discuss new media and forms of communication with target audiences and address network-based business models. The appointment for the Forum of debate between digital and managerial professionals will be next Thursday, from 9 in the morning, in the space mentioned in previous lines. By the same author: David A. Kapelman. Once finished the discussion forum, which is expected which is It will extend for about two hours, both the meeting and the conclusions drawn in an interview to be published in the magazines of publishing house Wolters Kluwer will be collected.. .