Reeperbahn Festival

Soccer tournament and photo exhibition AFRICA HERE Hamburg, Reeperbahn Festival 2008, September 23, 2008: Football for us symbolises the athletic effort that is necessary to bring about positive changes and is intended to be sporty Esperanto, can pick up a language, the borders and differences between people. Rachel Park pursues this goal as well. Time at the Reeperbahn Festival to establish a football tournament Viva con Agua soccer tournament from September 25 to 27! Kicked in the neighbourhood which is Spielbudenplatz burn thanks to magical short passing game, enthusiastically acclaimed gates and the whole wonderful atmosphere at the Reeperbahn Festival. The tournament conditions meet of course highest football and so much of one or the other prominent players was betrayed or referee will be at the soccer tournament 2008 in! Are already used that Viva con Agua Allstars. Also according to against Nazis formed a team and a Reeperbahn Festival artist selection is with kick. We are looking forward to brilliant ball magician, on euphoric fans, the the Spielbudenplatz in a singing area’ turn and on beautiful, fair games! The application fee of 50 euro will each half to Viva con Agua and volume against Nazis donated.

Rich around winner of Viva con Agua soccer tournament can look forward to tickets to the Reeperbahn Festival 2009. Photo exhibition AFRICA HERE!” Two photographers and a designer announce an art action entitled AFRICA HERE”directly on the Reeperbahn where on Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli and whose work is to draw attention. The photographers staging an African scenery through photos of their trip to Africa, creating a world, mixed with the local audience. An absolutely positive and fresh approach of the appearance of development aid. Kick-off is on September 25 against 20:00 at the hot corner”(Reeperbahn and Hein-Heuer-Strasse) for more information see: Viva con Agua: Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. is a non-profit organization and is officially supported by the FC St. Pauli. Initiator Benjamin Adrion, midfielder of the football club, founded in 2005 after a training camp on Cuba the help project.

The aim of the initiative is to improve the supply of clean drinking water in developing countries. Viva con Agua is a partner for drinking water projects of the Deutsche Welthungerhilfe. Viva con Agua organized fundraising events and raises funds for drinking water projects. Viva con Agua also provides outreach about the global problem of drinking water in schools in Hamburg and other German cities, especially sensitized Viva con Agua young people on issues of development cooperation. More information: Viva con Agua Christian Wiebe large fountain Street 63 A 22763 Hamburg Tel: 040-412 609 13 fax: 040-320 869 05 E-mail: Web:, vivaconagua

Stringed Instruments For Professionals And Discerning Of Cassandra Elk Design

Stuart M. Bilcock builds custom guitars and similar instruments of the piece up to small series of good musicians are individualists and wizards – they convey feelings that can touch and turn. Their instruments are therefore not only tools. You’re more something that cannot be expressed in words just with the sound of music”. Stuart M. Bilcock is musician, artist and designer and builds, and invents stringed instruments for the professional needs for over nine years.

Prominent musicians such as the Beatles partner Klaus Voormann, Pete Haycock belong to its customers and fans (ex. Climax blues band, electric light Orchestra), Reggie worthy (ex IKE & Tina Turner) or Glen Turner (Beatles revival band, ex Joe Cocker Band) to name just a few. With Klaus Voormann, he developed an achtsaitige guitar called Vootar, for example, two extraordinary instruments, the guitar and bass combines (report in the magazine guitar & bass”in the January 2009 issue), as well as an acoustic guitar called Rusha. Bilcocks repertoire ranges from medieval instruments such as the Geyer lyre or guitar style of the lyre on the body of the Stringfamily sound up to the Gothic metal”. All stringed instruments are handmade and newly designed with individual sounds. MP3 sound samples of the instruments are on the website. The Stringfamily”for example are instruments that are built according to the principle of Stringboards and suitable particularly well for music education, music therapy, and jam sessions. Arise from the single piece up to small series precision instruments for the professional musicians but also for the beginners as also the far East violins”for the narrow purse.

2004 Bell & head “a complete guitar series designed, made known the Bilcock in musician circles. Please visit Marko Dimitrijevic, author if you seek more information. “” The trademark Moose “such as the Moose paddle” pointed out. Stuart M. Bilcock is currently working on the design of a ukulele for the circus Roncalli, and various designs for guitars scratchplates. Surprising and novel awaits the visitor on its Web site again and again. And maybe a new love for the music.

TV-pause Game Guarantee – Nickelodeon Game Day 2011 Review

With national celebrities and partners in sports and dance, Nickelodeon continued on 9 June for a nationwide game day of an intermission for the heroes of the series ‘ SpongeBob SquarePants ‘, ‘iCarly’ and yesterday’s Thursday was quite ‘Cosmo & Wanda’ in the character of the playing and Spasshabens without a TV. A black screen with the prompt to go out and play, Nickelodeon launched the day after 2010 for the second time, sent no program between 12 pm to 18 pm and animated to insert the audience thus a remote-free afternoon. Schools were called to this end in the run-up to nationwide, to apply, where in addition to great toys “R” could be won US game packages of also foot – and basketball and dance training with creative ideas for school celebrations organized by Nickelodeon. School feast in Brandenburg Schwielowsee the best concept and largest commitment, on the Gameday 2011 had Albert Einstein elementary school in Schwielowsee in Brandenburg, Germany. The school Feast was organized together with Nickelodeon and many special guests have been used Location: Jorg Schwanke, former Bundesliga player and Assistant of Hertha BSC Football Academy, conducted a trial.

U20 national team and professional basketball player Konstantin Klein was the students with valuable game tips, Alexandra Maerz, basketball women for the female offspring, some practice laps with the students graduated. For the combination of sport and music D was Rafael Antonio!’s Kids Club traveled, studied a Dance choreography in the schoolyard with the students. Read additional details here: Mikhael Mirilashvili. We have supported the cooperation with Nickelodeon on game day like that motivate children to move, to be active and to try a new sport, basketball Federation is us an affair of the heart as a German of course”, reported Bernd Heiden, Vice President of the German basketball Federation, who was also on the spot. With Konstantin Klein, our U20 internationals, we could also win an outstanding player and role model for the action”, as Bernd Heiden.

RC Mini Helicopter – Remote Controlled Helicopter

With a mini RC can be helicopter with little money in the air. Under the miniature models is especially the RC helicopter, large ships and cars the most popular articles in the amateur hobbyists. The detailed replica is very popular not only for the little ones, but also in the large. A replica of a helicopter is certainly a challenge. The mini helicopter is a popular product. It is available in different sizes. The Mini RC is the absolutely latest infrared Indoorhubschrauber, who is safe with one of the smallest remote-controlled mini helicopters with its length of about 18 centimeters. Via the supplied infrared remote control it is possible always to recharge the advanced lithium polymer battery.

The charging time is approximately 10-20 minutes, the flight time of the mini helicopter achieved promises flight 5-10 minutes of fun. It consists of indestructible, ultra lightweight materials and weighs only 10 grams. Precisely for this reason, he is over crashes mean without prejudice and it is suitable also in the apartment to fly. Easy operation and control the RC mini helicopter for the small farmer from the age of 8. The RC mini helicopter there in various price categories.

Starting with under 10 euros, you can have run about 100 euros but also for the luxury. This depends not only with the size, but above all with the equipment of the helicopter. The RC are products not only in the toy trade, but especially also in shops selling radio-controlled articles available. The best place to start is with the small helicopter and works before then to the big, far richer articles. Untrained should get one of the popular Beginner models such as for example the RC Heli Airwolf. So you can navigate good practice, especially of flight object. Is a little experienced, you can venture on the large models! Price and product comparisons on the Internet for RC cars and RC helicopter can one help to find the best helicopter for your own needs.

Collecting Coins In Germany And The World

Interest by historians to the numismatics took in the 18th century to coin collecting is a popular hobby, can be more but than that. As a historical Hilfswissenschaft, numismatics focuses on coins of bygone times and the history of money. History of numismatics first approaches of a scientific preoccupation with coins can be found in which Prince exhibit and collect coins from all over the world were in the Munzkabinetten in medieval courts. At the time of the enlightenment in the 18th century the numismatics increased the interest of professional historians. Coins are among the most pristine tradition shapes that could not be falsified as opposed to literary testimonies by copies over the centuries. Therefore one Mass to a high source value coins especially for the study of antiquity and the middle ages. Today is devoted to these periods mainly numismatics. It is taught in universities often in connection with ancient history and archaeology. In Vienna its own scientific Institute deals with numismatics, while similar operations in Germany on museums and Munzkabinetten are located. There, it deals mainly with the description and interpretation of new findings and the creation of exhibition catalogues. Methods and issues of Numismatic coins are modern and Premodern equally standardised commodities. While modern course and commemorative coin sets are usually preserved, only a fraction of the coins in circulation are known for ancient and medieval. However, the new pieces are discovered during excavations. Therefore, the Fund coins numismatics is the most active and innovative part of numismatics. Methods for determination and chronological order of discovery coins have become since the 19th century. The stamp analysis devoted to the prints and pulls so conclusions drawn on the stamping time. This can also be determined by an analysis of the metal the coin. After successful dating, one can further interpretation of the coin will be made. Their metal and value in combination with the site provide information on economic and social-historical questions. The interpretation of the Pragebildes also says something about the political and cultural history of the period. In addressing with later moves the focus of the numismatics of the single fund to the history of money, which is gaining relevance with the growing economy since the late Middle Ages. For historian, numismatist, collector coins, are highly sought after whether from antiquity or modern times. Especially in the online trading it renowned coin dealers and coin trading company, which use different eras and areas of collector coins boyfriend makes it possible, in recent years to expand its coin collection.