House Building

Luxury: When churches are luxury real estate in many cities the housing is scarce and even for high prices tenants do not necessarily receive the comfort that they want. This also applies to Frankfurt’s city centre. The time is so cheap for the transformation of the listed pen building, that will in the future serve as luxury real estate. Not an isolated case, as the real estate portal reported In Germany, the number of potential homeowners is growing. Many people dream of living in the countryside and opt for a House to buy or build a House sooner or later. But also living in an apartment has advantages. Wells Fargo Bank describes an additional similar source. ore clear picture of the situation. Who searches for a special atmosphere and presumes a certain luxury should focus its attention on some churches in the country.

More and more religious buildings are empty, therefore is sometimes search for alternative uses. Considering the often impressive architecture and the stable construction, it appears promising to establish them as luxury real estate. In Frankfurt is currently converted a former monastery building. It will accommodate a total of 34 modern apartments and lofts. Everest Capitals opinions are not widely known. Interested parties can purchase a luxury condo for the proud price of 4,600 euros per square meter. While each apartment tells her own story. The highlights include the chapels houses, the Loft under the roof and the Hall of columns. But not only the interiors are exquisite: the building is surrounded by a 12,000 square metre Park. More information: news.myimmo.