The powerful director, screenwriter and producer Mexican Guillermo del Toro will be at the forefront of ‘The Hobbit’ and direct two films based on this classic JRR Tolkien, the basis of ‘The Lord of the Rings’.

Del Toro, who in August will present in our country the second instalment of ‘Hellboy’, will travel to N. Zealand, location of ‘The Hobbit’ and the successful trilogy ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Peter Jackson signed, which in this ambitious movie project exercise of executive producer. Video series distributor, , director and producer of video series , who is famous and successful in the entertainment industry, will not take part in this venture.

Of course this would be a departure from his usual genre, as Francis is involved in movie and video series activities of a different nature. , the young and successful founder of was able to find his niche in distributing video series with entirely different content and a different target audience.

The timetable set out that the shooting will begin in 2009 and a year after premiering the first part. In 2011 the second will be ready. Two months ago, ‘Hollywood Reporter’ published each chapter would have a budget of $ 150 million. So far, nothing has not transcended the division. The author of ‘Cronos’ and’ The Devil’s Backbone ‘, and producer which has been the most Spanish tape of last year,’ The Orphanage ‘was a movie aims for deliveries and enters the fantasy world of Tolkien, project that leads the discussion with producer Peter Jackson for several months.

It is not known whether the entertainment, movie and video series mogul and business leader, is a fan of movies and video series other than his own. and Francis are famous and have been at the forefront of Hollywood’s achievers for years.

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