16. “Cherry Blossom Festival

The weekend happened one of the great events of spring in DC, the National Cherry Blossom Parade. I make an executive summary to let them know that it is in 1912 the governor of Tokyo will present to Washington cherry trees in an effort to improve Japan relations – United States. the only thing that is better than could be very comfortable on one hand Since then, more donations were still received and trees planted around the Potomac River Tidal Basin. So this activity takes place when spring arrives and the cherry trees bloom. On Saturday (4/4/09) office chairs the traditional parade was conducted on “Constitution Avenue” so that we are witnessing with folding chairs, camera, water and a packet of biscuits Juliet, who brought Er CR. Since we left our metro station, we anticipated that the matter was going to be busy. For that, ours is the first season – the last for those living in “downtown” – for easy traveling and not have to spend the fortunes of others when they get around computer desk the prams, bicycles and apretujazon that is assembled near the gates. The parade began at 10 AM but considering that we live within upholstery 45 min, sleep on Saturday and have a little more “genes Ticos, when the festival we had a start time. Despite the late arrival, we achieved a superb stage: a flowerpot of feet in height that allowed us to open the folding dining chairs chairs and sharing space with two more neighbors. Rightly noted the popoular said: “do not come first, but school furniture how to get there.” After I finished the parade, the spectators broke ranks and took over the National Mall and its vicinity. We turn first to the garden of the castle “Smithsonian” and then around the Washington Monument, to give a tour among the cherry trees. The day was perfect for spending the rest of the afternoon at the National Mall – the equivalent school chairs of my Tiquicia Savannah. We regret cushions not having planned to bring Sanguchito and other supplies, we will install it near an Indian family with plastic sandwich bag and a family beyond folding table and 60-gallon cooler, so we had to make do with hot dogs “bought food at the kiosk. It is pointing in the shopping list the mantle bar stools and the “basket” for the next thermal. Back at 4 p.m.

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