2: Do not

2: Do not worry about his ethical and spiritual education. Wait until he becomes of age so you can decide freely. 3: When you say bad words, r aselas. This will encourage him to do funny things. 4: Do not scold or tell something is wrong in what he does. Could create guilt complexes. 5: Pick up everything he leaves lying: books, shoes, clothes, toys. So get used to bear the responsibility on others. 6: Let them read everything that comes into their hands. Take care of your dishes, cutlery and glasses are sterilized, but that his mind is full of garbage. 7: Rina often with their spouse in the presence of the child and not hurt him too the day when the family, perhaps for their own behavior, was shattered forever. 8: Take all the money you want spend. Do not go to suspect that to have the same work is needed. 9: Satisfy all your wishes, desires, comforts and pleasures. The sacrifice and austerity could lead to frustration. 10: Put on your side in any dispute you have with your teachers and neighbors. Think they all have prejudices against his son and they really want to annoy him. The Decalogue is the popular juvenile judge of Granada, Emilio Calatayud known for educating and guiding their judgments. I know he has daughters. At a meeting in Seville Adolescent Medicine asked what would happen if one of those present to prescribe contraception to her daughters without his permission and his response was devastating: “I would put in jail because he had custody. I could not know if you have made statements about what is happening: the morning after pill and abortion without parental consent. I am keen to know what you think.

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