Account Management

Any response message can be rejected by your mail server or the client to get into the Spam folder, where no one will see. Personal Area (third way) is guaranteed a place, where the customer at any time be able to see your request and your answer. 100% spam protection Many people know from their own experience that the publication of electronic addresses on the site – this is a direct way to get tens or hundreds of advertising messages (depending on the popularity of your site) already the next day. Effective way to reduce spam by using the 1 st or 2 nd ways of receiving queries – is sending auto-replies to all requests coming from unknown to you (ie not registered in your customer base) addresses. And despite the fact that most mail systems can do this, such a measure is not a guaranteed protection against spam. Personal Account Management – is a private resource, in which only the client can send you a request. It is unlikely that your customers will use their own private office to send spam to your address. Even if that happens, you can simply remove “undesirable” from a client base data. Unambiguous identification of the client’s main sign of identity of the client request is received by e-mail (1-y way) or from a Web form (2-y way) is an e-mail address. However, people often use multiple email addresses, so for example if a customer when purchasing the product on your site have an address and requests for technical support sends to another, it will automatically establish a link between these addresses is difficult. Reliable way to uniquely identify a customer is to use a personal account. When entering the private office client passes authentication, so all of his subsequent actions in Cabinet will be uniquely associated with it. Conclusion So, which way is preferable to receive requests? On this issue there is no clear answer. As we said at the beginning of the article, the final choice depends on what features does your site, as well as the general nature of your business. We suggest you adhere to the following general recommendations: Fashion receive messages from clients when to use 1: Email you sell on the site a simple product that does not require after-sales support your site is designed primarily to establish personal contact with customers. 2: Web Form In addition to the 1 st method – for providing customers with an alternative way of sending the request. If the form is sending the request to specify the subject matter and is protected by a graphic code (CAPTCHA) – for automatic compilation of articles from the knowledge base. 3: Personal study the presence of a large client base and in the case of selling complex products, the use of which may require multiple accesses to the knowledge base. This method allows for efficient after-sales service and the formation of long-term relationships with clients.

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