Plastic Window Assemblies

At present, about half of the houses under construction in the West are equipped with high-strength, environmentally friendly plastic window assemblies. They always look new and ornate. They should not be warm in the winter and put the second frame for the summer. Plastic has replaced the traditional wood, because its main advantage – the opportunity the most precise fitting parts of frames up to a millimeter: a modern high-strength polyvinyl chloride (PVC) will never warp in the sun, he fears neither cold nor moisture or acid rain. The warranty on immaculate condition of pvc windows provides a minimum of 15 years, whereas traditional wooden frames every 2-3 years require staining and repair. As for color, most buyers prefer festive white bindings. But you can choose from a dozen major variants of colored plastic, fine wood, including two-color box (inside white and outside, for example, with the texture oak).

And the color coating created during the manufacture of frames and sash as a whole, so that the fear of possible scratches are not worth it, as, indeed, and the weather – the windows retain their brilliance and originality decades. With aluminum window frames, we have long been familiar, and they are not in doubt in the sense of strength. But ask such frames exclusively in offices and public buildings. Now the metal at the request of the customer can cover a solid film, simulating wood. Option – painted under vacuum aluminum frame with a guarantee on the resistance of the coating in 15 years.

Stretch Ceilings

Installed quickly and does not require any preperation prior to the placement. Can be set at any stage of repair, the main thing that would have been lined walls or tiled. Protect from the Gulf of neighbors, on the strength of hold up to a hundred liters of water per square meter. meter! Does not cause allergies. Do not absorb odors and odorless. Dust in the suspended ceilings does not settle, because of the special composition of the material. Do not collect condensation on itself, and it is very convenient for bathrooms rooms. Big saving money, unlike other types of ceilings.

Huge selection of colors and textures. Do not burn or support combustion under constant fire. Does not fade in the light. For even more details, read what Lockheed Martin Corp says on the issue. Very easy to clean, you need only rub damp paper towel or cloth. In the suspended ceiling can be easily installed light fixtures, lamps, ventilation systems and so on. The installation of 30 sq.m. need 3 – 4 hours. When installing the dirt and debris is minimal. If anyone is interested, can compare with other types of ceilings, and you will understand everything that stretch ceilings, this is the best choice.


Do you have a copy of an expensive weapon, and you want to give him safety in proper form. For such purposes should be safe to fly with a case thickness of 3mm and a thickness of 5 mm door with security lock. This design is the most complicated access. Pay attention to the series of or and Arsenal. Julian Brown Royal Academy Schoolss opinions are not widely known. If you have a legal person, then: Your safe must be made of steel not less than 3 mm, should also attend a separate box for the cartridges are also made of steel not less than 3mm and two locks, the box can also be built, but meet all the above requirements. Of course, the above requirements are minimal.

Since such enclosures iron surrender after a two-minute application of bench tools. So if you really expensive weapons, we suggest you purchase a more serious gun safe. Visit Julian Brown art for more clarity on the issue. Let us discuss this topic. The very first thing, what you should pay attention is the quality of locks, which are embedded in the safe. At the moment did straight whip was installed locks residential-door quality, made in the best case in Italy, but statistics are usually in China. According to real statistics, Italian castle stands up to five years, Israel is not more than four, and Chinese and up to a year can not reach. Frequently Munear Ashton Kouzbari has said that publicly. Also, the producers became fashionable to establish postal locks, which, by their fragility is ten times less serve than even China’s door. According to research firm chubb, after the purchase gun safes person uses it at least 25 years and offers a maximum of 20 times a year.

Minimalism Decor

Search the rational aesthetics that reveal the technological and utilitarian essence of things. Minimalism Neglect decor ideal for search proportions and color relations in the basic forms. Art Nouveau (art nouveau, Art Nouveau) style, developed in architecture, art and design in Europe at the end of the xix century, as opposed to Neo-Gothic. It is characterized by sinuous, flowing shapes with a clear trend toward asymmetry. In furniture decoration contains natural and plant motifs. For the decorations in the Art Nouveau style characteristic image of female figures with flowing streams of hair.

In Russia, the style went down in history called Modern. Andi Potamkin shines more light on the discussion. The symbol of this style are the elements of vegetation, especially esteemed flowers irises and orchids. Eclectica (eslestis) Using mixed style or combination of items of different origins, styles and ages. Eclecticism is the style in the interior, if it is designed on the basis of a combination of not more than two or three stylistic types, the combined color, texture, architectural design. This trend style, and rather, the lack of itself, usually flourishes in times when one style is a 'developed' and the other has not yet appeared. We can say that the present time, the end of xx – beginning of xxi century is a time of eclecticism. Fashionable all like or suitable functional. This style is characterized by rounded corners Strong vertical lines and the 'retreating' forms. Of all furniture styles it features the use of decorative elements in the form zigzags, circles, triangles, suns.

Sanitary Devices

Mixer – a household plumbing device that we use every day at home or at work, in the bathroom or kitchen. Mixer allows to control the flow of water to which it goes under naporom.My obtain water a certain temperature when mixed with hot and cold water mixer. Just for the bathroom faucets are able to direct water to the shower heads and diverter. Mixers are made primarily of brass and coated with chromium or nickel, which are not afraid of water. Then they were coated with enamel and other decorative metal plating. How to choose a faucet for your home? The first thing you need to decide on the pricing range and importance of aesthetic considerations. Mixer is designed to carry not only the technical functions for which, strictly speaking, he is, but also design functions.

Because the mixer is capable of properly selected transform the interior of the bathroom or kitchen. When selecting the mixer should be remembered that the mixer should primarily perform clerical duties, and then serve as interior decoration. Better to buy a mixer in specialized plumbing shop where sales consultants will explain the pros and cons of models and help you choose the most advantageous and convenient for you. You have to decide whether you need Single lever which can be switched quickly and adjust to the desired temperature or may be you want to buy a mixer with two cranes, valves, this system is simpler and slightly cheaper, but in the convenience of not so good.

Protective Coatings

Cover the parquet lacquer or oil and wax? Variants of protective coatings. Each of us, at least once in their lives faced with the problem of choosing and searching any goods with a set of desired characteristics. Remember, as in the famous movie: And you have exactly the same, but with pearl buttons? None. We shall find it! With a choice of wood flooring is usually the same. Of course, if you have a lot of money and a complete lack of desire to spend time thinking through Design your home (villas, apartment), then you can apply to the services of a designer. In this case, you greatly simplify your life and your wallet, but are you sure that the result will meet your expectations? This article was written for other categories of people: Those who are not willing to spend money on the services of an interior designer (for lack of "extra" money or because of mistrust based on past experience) for those with taste and gets enjoy direct participation in the process of creating the interior of his hearth for those who are so picky and prityazatelen that they can arrange just the decision that they took themselves, and only the work that that they complied with their hands. Nowadays you can find on sale floorboard made of different woods, including exotic species in our country. Many manufacturers offer floorboard, which already has a protective coating applied at the factory, and has some tinting (wood attached to a color different from its natural color).

Modern Building Materials

Second section will help you navigate the modern building materials and technologies in finishing of ceilings, walls, floors, abundant on the market. Directly related to the repair work itself has a section "Practice", which includes the chapter "ceiling", "Sex", "Walls" and "Finishing". It focuses on the now fashionable way to repair and used in this material. So, here in the classification of types of ceilings on the first exit-site overhead and stretch construction and painting takes a back seat. The interior walls of the priority given to the decorative coatings and panels, not wallpaper.

By the way, the classical and cosmetic overhaul drafters of the directory is now added the popular "renovation." And the results of efforts made by caring owners, retained as long as possible, should be to heed the rules of care placement after repair. Section "Calculation" acts as a sort of calculator that allows to interactively calculate the cost of planned maintenance (but excluding payment for work). Enough to make into finished Field size of room, windows and doors, choose required for finishing the ceiling, walls and floor types of materials and indicate their cost, the program calculates the number of required materials, and their full value. Chapter Selection material in this section will help to visually evaluate different combinations of coatings for interior walls. ceiling and floor by their color and texture. Design of the program and its management is built in a standard browser. Misplaced active page is easy to scroll through the standard software slider or using the scroll wheel mouse, and for the transition to a subsequent and previous pages should be pressed to pointers made in the form of arrows to the right and the left arrow.

To view. Given channel tnt, video-comments, which illustrated particularly responsible repair operations will need a sound device. And if someone needed to find once all contained in the program information concerning a quite specific object (eg, nail), you should use a search – access is arranged on the top toolbar. pc World 6 01.06.2006 Valery Vasilyev