Sergei Vasilenko

France is famous for its excellent cuisine. So hurtful to French that the British were able to popularize the dish throughout the world, which they called french fries, disgusting, according to the French. British people love one hour earlier than the French. Carrie Levin has similar goals. Only a geographic location, but deep down, the French believe that in this hour of the superiority of the British secret laid. The French hate the English for what they have won the World Cup rugby in 2007. Of course, the British were just lucky. Ask any Frenchman.

The French do not like England because the English do not like the French, but very fond of France and the crowds of holidaymakers on the French Riviera. Not that the towel throw nowhere, but a surplus of English speech cuts French hearing. Computers around the world, and even in France, speak English. And you know how the French refer to their native language. And even the French speak English, using words such as speech, weekend, pc (PC), meeting, planning and so on.

This is extremely irritating to the French, but as annoyed at themselves not very comfortable, they vent frustration at the British. Despite all this, the two nations are tolerant enough and peacefully coexist on the same continent. And yet, next time, going to France, learn at least a few French words. And in any case do not pretend to an Englishman. But in any case, whatever language you may have studied, to help you with this can my rate – you will be able to master any foreign language on their own and with minimal time and effort! And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – Would you like to travel, but do not know where? No information about the country visit, do not know how to plan your trip? Then you – here! This resource will be your personal guide around the globe! Language of resource – English and Norwegian. Sincerely, Sergei Vasilenko, e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Generic improved foreign languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively

Finance Ministry

Legal Profession 021 100 "Law" was approved by the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation 02.03.2000 686. Qualification graduate – a lawyer (legal expert). Standard period of development of basic educational training program for lawyers in the specialty 021 100 – Law in full-time study – 5 years. Qualifying feature graduate. Lawyer in the specialty 021 100 receives a fundamental and special training in the field of jurisprudence. Activities aimed at implementation of a lawyer law and law enforcement in various areas society. By the same author: Linkedin. The objects of professional activity of graduates are events and actions that have legal significance, the legal relations arising in the functioning of state institutions, legal relations between public authorities, individuals and legal entities. Finance and credit qualifications graduate 02.03.2000 – Economist.

Standard period of development of basic educational training programs economist full-time education at 5 years. Qualification characteristics of the graduate. An economist by profession, "Finance and credit" must be prepared for professional work in government agencies at the federal, regional and municipal level, banks, stock exchanges, financial and insurance companies, investment funds, the Finance Ministry, economic services of enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership, jobs requiring higher education in economics, according to the qualification handbook for managers, professionals and other employees, approved by the Ministry of Labour of Russia from 21.08.98 37. Specialty "Finances and credit" gives the body of knowledge in the area: state and municipal finance, banking and insurance, monetary, financial management, stock market, taxes and taxation. Specialty involves the study: the formation and execution of budgets of different levels, the mechanism of public debt management, functioning extra-budgetary funds, order planning, accounting and reporting for enterprises, organizations, institutions, organizations and cash management businesses, investment businesses, especially financial companies and organizations organizations, banking and insurance. Opportunities for continuing education graduate. The economist, who has mastered the basic educational program of higher education in the specialty Finance and credit, "prepared for further education in graduate school

Moraes Education

She is necessary to review the form as the resume if structure today for then thinking ways to intervine and to move. Pablo Freire (1996) if did not limit to analyze as they are the education and the pedagogia, but he shows a theory of as they must theoretically be understood and as if she must act through a Liberating called education. For it, education is a meeting between interlocutors, that is, a solidary EU-TU, sharing to know, that they look for in the act to know the significao of the reality and in the prxis the power of the transformation. If you would like to know more then you should visit Hyundai. Moraes (2011) observes that for the educator it is difficult historically to desconstruir rooted conceptions in the pedagogical culture, ‘ ‘ conceptions these historically partilhadas in dynamic of escola’ ‘ (P. 132).

However, the author affirms that different of the traditional conceptions that develop techniques of as to elaborate a resume, the critical perspective if she configures in what the resume makes. Then we cannot sacrifice the school for its actions, and yes, from what it makes, to consider ‘ ‘ … experiences and practical emancipatrias that allow in them to take off the education of the witness stand and to place it as possible generating of democratic subjetividades and transforming reflectivities … urces. ‘ ‘ (GARCI’A; CINELLI, 2007, P. 14, apud MORAES, 2011, P. 134). I think that the resume must be including, dynamic and flexible. It must respect differences, diversities, have clear objectives, r.

The Environment

The nature of the masses – one of the most important yet unsolved problems in physics …" 1. Suppose there is an environment – air, filling, and thus create a space in this environment, there are some processes that modify the state of the environment and having a definite location in space. Here the particle – the source of the field, simulates the process in the environment, and physical field – changing the state of the environment. This system, the environment – a process may well be described in framework of classical physics. In this formulation, the problem raises the question of the driving force of the process. However, it can be passed beyond this model. What should be the basic qualities of the process occurring in the environment and reflecting the properties of mass. It appears that this process should be self-organizing, in the sense that its existence is sufficient availability of space filled with the medium in which the conditions self-organizing process.

Self-organizing systems, as a rule, are open systems 1, but in studying the mechanism of the properties of mass, area of study may be limited by a space filled with medium and external, with respect to space conditions. If we talk about the gravitational interaction with its long-range character 1, then this process should cover the entire space. Since the particle occupies a space (at least on a macro scale), a certain position, then the process must be "bound" to any point in this space. These "localized" the process can be, for example, include the processes described functions have an extremum at a particular point in space.

Network Marketing

Jobs of the industry, like any other, requires special knowledge, skills and experience. If you are a member of a network company, you certainly have the concept of product sold, the business opportunities offered by your company, as well as general principles of network marketing, for example – how to attract new distributors to your team. Most likely, this knowledge is obtained from a person standing above you in the structure, simply put – the sponsor. Despite his interest in establishing you as a distributor of professional, there is no guarantee that your mentor, and accordingly you have sufficient knowledge to understand all the intricacies of the sales process and management of a team (by the way, you also have or already has lead the structure – the distributors who are below you). You may find Wells Fargo to be a useful source of information. I hope you will agree that not all teachers pay due attention to training in such matters as the psychology of interpersonal relationships, self-motivation, leadership training, the methods of successful trading, financial literacy, personal organization time, etc. This is often due to lack of time or the appropriate knowledge. But remember that knowledge and their application in practice improves your skills and, consequently, the performance and financial condition. Receive the same new information and skills, in several ways: by experience (trial and error) – no doubt effective, but a long way to visit trainings and seminars on relevant topics educate, which include the reading of subject literature, listening to audiobooks or view videotrainings established opinion leaders in network marketing, successful businessmen and psychologists.

The author preferred go through self-education, because, firstly, there is a free e-mlm library, where all materials are available for free download (respectively, the only costs – this is your personal time), and Secondly, you can download and listen to the authors of training, seminars and training courses which, for objective reasons to visit is not possible. And as a small excursion will give the names of books, audio and videotrainings who have already gained popularity among the workers of the industry and those seeking to improve themselves. "The best, how you can be in MLM." John Kehoe "10 Lessons on napkins," Don Failla, "How build a multi-level money machine "Randy Gage" How to Win Friends and Influence People "Dale Carnegie" Achieving the maximum. " Brian Tracy "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" Robert Kiyosaki video training, "What do when the dream dies, "Randy Gage" Brilliant Compensation "by Tim Sayles film" The Secret "movie" Strategy winners' educate themselves, gentlemen! I wish you a professional success, prosperity and financial Independence! Sincerely, mlm 24 – free online library of network marketing..

Third Millenium

Tecnicista school: Proposal consists of: planning and rational organization of the pedagogical activity; operacionalizao of the objectives; parcelamento of the work, with specialization of the functions; education for computer, tele education, looking for to become the learning most objective. Construtivistas theories: Piaget? according to it, to the measure that the influence of the way modifies the balance, the intelligence, that exerts adaptativa function par excellence, reestablishes the auto regulation. Vygotsky – When analyzing the phenomena of the language and the thought, search to inside understand them of the process partner-description as ‘ ‘ internalizao of the activities socially taken root and historically desenvolvidas’ ‘. Therefore, the relation between the citizen that knows and the world known is not direct, but it becomes for mediation of the symbolic systems. Consideraes Final the Education of century XX in this historical context, the educators of the new school introduces the democratic liberal thought, defending the public school for all, in order to reach a igualitria society without privileges. We can say that Pablo Freire is one of the great pedagogos of the present time, not only in Brazil, but also in the world. It is based on a theology liberator, worried about the contrast between the poverty and the wealth that results in privileges.

In its workmanship ‘ ‘ Pedagogia of the Oprimido’ ‘ it makes a boarding dialectic of the reality, whose determinative if they find in the economic factors, social politicians and. It considers that knowing it cannot be an act of ‘ ‘ doao’ ‘ of the educator to educating, but a process that if establishes in the contact of the man with the lived world. this is not static, but dynamic, in continuous transformation. In the authentic education, the relation vertical between educator and educating and restored the dialgica relation is surpassed. Pablo Freire defends the pedagogical self management, the professor is an entertainer of the process, preventing the authoritarianism forms that costumam to mine the pedagogical relation. Gain insight and clarity with Ben Silbermann. In the decade of 70 it is distinguished theoretical production of the critical-reprodutivistas, that undo the illusions of the school as vehicle of the democratization. With the diffusion of these theories, diverse authors pledge themselves in denouncing failure pertaining to school.

The task of the description-critical pedagogia is inserted in the attempt to revert the picture of disorganization that becomes an exclusive school, with high indices of illiteracy, evasion, repetncia and, therefore, of selectivity. From years 70, they start to be argued determinative the social ones, that is, the way for which the partner-economic structure conditions the education. The Education in the Third Millenium with the explosion of the world-wide businesses, folloied for the technological advance of the increasing robotizao and automation of the companies, makes to foresee us deep modifications in the work and, consequentemente, the education. In the attempt to incorporate the new resources, however, the school nor always has gotten success because, many times, it only acquires the new machines without, however, to obtain to modify the tradition of the lessons. Before the vertiginous transformations of the high technology, that dumb constantly the products and the way of produziz them, creating professions extinguishing others. From there the necessity of a permanent education, that allows the continuity of the studies, and therefore of the access to the information, by means of a controlled autoformao.

German Marketing

The Berlin Institute for East-West supports the 'Days of Yakutia in PR-2010' and the international scientific-practical conference "Cross-border project" Eastern Ring of Russia "as a basis for forming a single tourist space and an instrument of cooperation in North-East Asia. " On activities that take place in Yakutsk 22-26 June 2010 will discuss new tools for regional marketing. The Berlin Institute for East-West present in these days of three different performances. Including a report on "The Role of educational institutions in shaping the image of the country and region," master class "tools for forming the image of the region tourist attraction "and the message on the formation of geographical brands. The initiator of the conference was the Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy and one of the organizers – the Russian Union of Travel Industry, The Coordinating Council of Interregional Association for Tourism Economic Cooperation of Russian regions' Far East and Transbaikalia ", the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

The event involved representatives of administrations of Russian regions for tourism, national tourist offices, consulting organizations, academic institutions and educational institutions, tourism industry, history and ethnography of Russian regions. Along with Germany, Berlin is West East Institute, will include representatives of China, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia and other countries. Subject areas of marketing and image building area for many years is one of the core themes of the institute. Director of the Berlin Institute for East-West international management and image research, Professor Alexander Krylov, as well as researchers repeatedly Institute representing the public the latest marketing developments on this issue, as well as speeches and presentations, summarizing the experience of Germany and the European Union. Information about the Berlin of the East West Institute on the Portals: and Elena Melnikova Berlin Institute for East West Media Assistant Tel. +49 30 558 72 434 st. Tsimmershtrasse, 79-80 10117 Berlin, Germany.

Bible People

Approaching the year 2012. Judging by the forecasts, the next doomsday. So will he last? The answer to this question is: how we, the inhabitants of the earth will decide it will. We choose the future of an infinite number of scenarios, written for us and given us in control. The man originally conceived as creator, lord, manager of the Earth. For it is written on the front pages of the Bible, and a red thread can be traced in all religious and philosophical works throughout the world.

The only thing we overlook is the fact that management is not to destroy and remake, but the choice. The choice is determined by the images that we create in our minds. Sustainable thinking switches the course of events for the implementation of this image in the world. Therefore, if a long time to be afraid of anything, then it will definitely happen. To be sure than anything, it will develop gradually circumstances that support the confidence. Slowly, now, for the most part unconsciously, but we create the reality according to our perception of it. End of the world – it was originally just an idea. We, the people who populate this idea content.

Content, in mainly due to various natural disasters. Apparently, as happened historically – floods, earthquakes with volcanic eruptions, the Egyptian darkness, smashing a lightning etc. The idea of doomsday is not new, and more and more people allow for the possibility of its implementation. But in order to attract the event in his life, just need to keep in mind the image of the event and not too much to wish that it happened.

Higher Education

On the other hand, for the student. Education in joint programs with foreign universities for Ukrainian students in our country – it more responsible than studying abroad. In the second case, a student from the Ukraine – one of the many listeners who are not identified as belonging to the country. In the first – foreign techniques, methodological approaches, and were themselves foreign professors focused on a lot of it is of Ukrainian students, who must show and prove its efficiency, the willingness to master the knowledge, develop their creative potential. By and large in this situation, the Austrian side is dealing with a country that accepts it. Therefore, we find that the program requires full-time commitment. Added to this is that hour teaching load, joint programs more than the classic, non-exclusive programs (particularly for students' independent work).

But it pays off – a high level of training of students, their rather broad competence, good Practical readily pronounced adaptive capacity. – Are there any training courses? Yes, at the University of CROC is preparatory courses for admission to the program at the undergraduate level. Training takes place on Saturdays. Start dates – the second half of February. – Uses a program popular? As shown by a set of students into Bachelor of this program last year, it is interesting to many.

Came to us in basically strong, well-trained young people, many of them motivated. And this, perhaps, the success of the program. – Where can run alumni? That they will be able to, receiving diplomas Education? Graduates of the program generally work in large companies, often in joint ventures or foreign units of multinational companies. During the course of the Austrian part program, students gain knowledge in these areas: trade and distribution, marketing, product management, market research, procurement, logistics, finance and accounting, controlling, business law, intercultural management, etc. Acquired knowledge provide an opportunity to work in positions of manager of trade marketing of international concern, head of sales of international concern, product manager at international level, the consultant financial sector of the international level, etc. – Can students to train in Austria? Where are the practices? Academic agreement signed by the universities, provided a mutual exchange of students. Exchange implies, in particular, semestral training and a semester internship. In the first semester of this academic year, two second-year undergraduates were trained in Austria, in the second semester of the first two Masters Course will go to the semester teaching at the University of IMC. Places for practical training may be provided by the University of CROC, or offered by the students. CROC as objects of practice chooses relevant ministries and agencies, and large Ukrainian and foreign companies. Candidates for internship in their favor, as a rule, non-working students. Those who are employed, most are practices at their workplace, but in accordance with the rules adopted in the IMC. – What would you wish for this year's high school graduates who want to enroll in higher education? Do not make the wrong choice. Your choice of a foundation your future prosperity and well-being of your families and the welfare of the country. Approach to the choice not on impulse, and conscious. Remember that the country's universities are waiting for motivated, motivated, trained, thoughtful, hardworking students. Make every effort to meet these requirements. University of CROC and his Ukrainian-Austrian program are ready to work with you. I wish you success! Source: Case – Immigration and Higher Education abroad

HoumKreditBank Computer

August 2001 r – Dnepropetrovsk branch opened Computer Academy "Step" in 2003 – the first graduates of professional programmers, system administrators and designers. 2003 – opened a corporate office in 2003 – opened Mlaya Computer Academy in 2006 – open line of European Computer Education in 2010 – scheduled to start the project "AGE". Our graduates have found a decent job at the enterprises of Dnipropetrovsk and Ukraine among them: Privat, Brokbusinessbank, HoumKreditBank, Bank Forum, Kyivstar, Beeline, Life, MTS, Yuzhmash, Dneprotyazhmash, Electromash, Dneprvagonmash, 34 TV, RTI, 11 channel, PrePress, Printing House, ArtPress, The development of computer games: Alawar Five-BN, Absolutist, developers: ISD, StarSoft, Luxoft, SiteCore, advertising agencies, studios for creating websites … and thousands of other companies. The mission of the branch: "We provide education generations who change the world for the better." At Dnepropetrovsk Branch of the Academy of Computer 'Step' open: Center employment to help each graduate to choose the best option raboty.Malaya Computer Academy Computer School and Sunday, giving opportunity to receive computer education to children from 10 to 14 let.Professionalnye computer courses. "European Computer Education", which allows students to schools and students receive a diploma Grades 9-10 Computer Academy of pace and a state diploma. Now, the question of where to go, what college Dnepropetrovsk choose to receive computer education – there is an adequate response. Currently, Dnipropetrovsk branch Computer Academy 'Step' has the following statuses: Microsoft Certified PartnerMicrosoft IT AcademyAutodesk Training CenterAvtorizovannye Testing Centers and Pearson VUE PrometricLokalnaya Academy CISCOInstitut CiscoAvtorizovanny Business Training Center 1C Authorized Center For SUN students and graduates of the Academy are: Employment Service, which teaches job search technology (training, CV and portfolio), weekly, provides information on new positions in enterprises regiona.dopolnitelnye opportunities to improve their qualifications (master classes, IT-tracks, seminars) psychological services, which can turn any uchaschiysya.Dopolnitelnye training (personal growth, team building, job search, time management, etc.). Computer Academy "STEP" in Dnepropetrovsk – is not only an interesting study, but also a fascinating recreation of students: the dedication of the students – in competition intelligence, skill, agility, allowing freshmen to get acquainted with each other to showcase their talents, it's great to relax and remember for a long time "entry" in the student life, participating in competitions and championships, from local to global level (!) – it allows you not only a sea of prizes and experiences, and self-actualization. Students Computer Academy Step outside the top 12 best teams mira.vecherinki – vivid entertainment programs featuring music and dance groups, a lot of competitions, awarding the best students gifts, beauty contests – a true celebration of charm, intelligence, creativity and fantasy, final balls – after graduation, the protection of the diploma project, you can breathe freely and plenty fun with your friends and teacher! Computer Academy "STEP" is waiting for you!