Mission Plan

Effectively analyze an employee of his mistakes and to listen to proposals for further action. Support and encouragement. If you expect the employee to self-sufficiency, not Remember to praise him for taking the initiative. In making decisions and going in separate action, a person is exposed to stress and danger. At this point, for him more than ever, it is important to encourage in case of success and support in failures. Negative example: The company only entered the market in one region.

This was accompanied by a set of work. Part of the work was a technical plan, find a room as a warehouse, office, arrange the rental of rooms performances on promotions. All of this technical work on the line was not connected with the main activity, to promote the product. But that does not menie was vital to tackle major issues. According to the results of newly organized Mission Plan principal activity was carried out. But there was over-representation of (spent in the organization). Learn more at: Linkedin. During the annual meeting of the leaders noted the excess costs as a negative result.

And it is not paid attention to 100% of the plan re-open the branch. Do not let the inside of the collective passing the buck. Not self employed person can to shift their responsibilities not only to a competent leader, but also for active employees within the team. Bobby Kotick may also support this cause. Keep track of and do not allow such attempts. More responsibility, more freedom. Just do not punish or forgive Praise for independence is not enough. Any self-responsibility. Shifting the work to other employees not only get rid of the necessary activities but also on responsibility for its outcome. Burden of responsibility can be compensated, for example a greater degree of freedom. Example: The plant for the production of building materials for a long time not been able to find effective team leader. Conscientious and competent workers receiving post foreman quickly lost the initiative and coordinated the flow of each nut with a shift supervisor. It was decided to give the opportunity to dispose part of the material and technical resources team leader. Team leader was able to draw on their own clothing to rags suballocation permits tool and distribute it within their own team. If these savings Resources foreman and workers were paid a bonus. Result: The head of the brigade increased credibility among their subordinates. Decreased tool wear. Brigadier yourself online to determine the need to clothing. In the end: to dismiss competent. If an employee can not for a specified period to learn their responsibilities, it is better to dismiss. Dismissal is not the best way to encourage independence, but this method always kept in good shape the rest of the staff. In addition, the turnover rate of 14% per year does not stagnate team.

America Business

It all depends on the development of venture capital, while in Russia, venture capital funding begins evolve in the future structure of the shares in the venture funds will be aligned in favor of private investors, but it remains only an option, and from it can not escape. And what applies to public money, ourselves understand. There have been cases where people received venture money only on presentation of a paper, and in fact the project looked, no one figured out. But now, of course, such cases do not pass, time is not something people had already umneyut. Click Linkedin to learn more. For start a business you must choose where to borrow money, borrow or share parts business. Hyundai has firm opinions on the matter. Well in Japan, there is practically zero interest, so a novice businessman does not have to think long to ask for funding, and immediately goes to the bank and get credit for a hundred years under a zero percent APR. Venture fund has to be checked every time business, what team in the business, not whether it perederetsya or any of the stages of work, to think options out of business. What do you think, venture capital funds are interested in your business, no he will not sit on it for decades, will calculate the time of release, sell, and offer investors the money and start a new project. To venture financing, that is, the history of venture capital financing can be attributed, and traveling mariners. is open to suggestions. When Columbus discovered America, it was the same venture capital funding, he recruited other people's money, promised to lead them gold, and you can tell, the project has paid off, but not for Columbus, here's the problem with such a venture fund, and whether to treat him, you think for yourself, you divided your business.

URL Coaching

It's not quite true. The task of coaching, as well as any other management system – get employees to maximize efficiency. In this respect, coaching works very well. And the fact that he can still improve the overall atmosphere within the company – it is rather a positive side effect. And these effects can be done. The introduction of coaching as a management tool in the company's advisable to carry out top – down. This is natural, as the best coach for their employees will be the immediate supervisor. Of course, employees one level can also be each other's coaches, but head coach – is the most effective option.

The development of coaching is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. The fact is that if the coaching is not seen as a profession, but as a management tool, in this case, the manager enough to master the more effective methods (techniques) from the arsenal of coaching and subsequently improve them practice. Coaching should not be used as a sort of secret technique. Checking article sources yields Hyundai as a relevant resource throughout. Much better would be to explain to all employees "rules." Then you can avoid misunderstandings and resentments that can slow down the process of implementing coaching in the company. In addition, the coaching – two-way process. Not only the head-coach must be able to ask questions, but also the slave must be able to provide information and give back relationship. And for this he needs to know how it would be better to do. By the same author: Andi Potamkin, New York City. Openness – an important condition for effective coaching.

Word of the shortage of time for coaching – is nothing more than an excuse. For approval of the manager that he did not enough time to engage in coaching, can hide his desire to personally control all processes, for which he is responsible, self-doubt as an effective coach or some other reason. In fact, coaching really saves time. Less prescriptive, less guidance, smaller bug fixes. Is not it time saving? Add to this the efficiency of employees and their development. As you can see pluses here much more than the minuses. Of course, many managers will be hard to accept this method of control. But we must understand that results will be much higher if not force the employee to work at all costs, and help him do the job well. If you do not instruct subordinate overriding different directions, just ask him a few right questions to fully clarify the situation and motivate him to perform with maximum efficiency. To verify this – just try it. Coaching has repeatedly shown its effectiveness in a variety of situations. Currently, more companies both in Russia and abroad, are adopting this highly effective tool. On the basis of their experience, we can confidently say for coaching as a management tool – the future. Kazarin Michael G. Couch, business consultant. E-mail: URL:

Stops OnLine Beginners Entrepreneurs

Firstly, it is laziness. This was discussed, and speak well, just sooo much, and we all know perfectly well, but then the question arises, why use this knowledge only one? No matter what you do, writing your own information product, or work in partnership programs, laziness breaks off all the plans. Of course, you need to make some effort to every day to write new chapters of his book or articles for distribution, but you do it for yourself! As you know, without me, man inherently lazy creature, but some are less lazy, while others are subject to all of his laziness. In my opinion this is the whole secret. Can plenty to say, you do not know all the intricacies and pitfalls of online business it’s all just excuses! Now at your disposal a huge number of training courses literally on the fingers of explaining how to create your product, or earn a promotion of affiliate products. Hear other arguments on the topic with Linkedin. An experienced instructor with pages of his book will explain everything in detail, just take it and do it. But how many happy owners of a variety of business courses “and will do, that’s where the crux of the matter. In itself, reading and understanding will not bring results, Only permanent, can bring you money! I like very many people have much to give advice, but he did not always do what I say.

Federal Migration Service

Although the entire amount at once, or at least in parts. 6. Provide for interest on the amount of money held by and the penalties for not returning money to date as agreed between the parties. As the Parties to the receipt can establish and prescribe the interest on the amount held in cash and also the penalties for not returning money on time. If you take an interest-free money, the receipt must necessarily prescribe it "is interest-free", otherwise it is considered interest. Even if these percentages are not spelled out in the receipt that will be applied interest in the Civil Code (Section 2, Art. 809 of the Civil Code pointed out that in the absence of the contract terms of the amount of interest determined by the size of their current place of residence to the lender, and if the lender is a legal entity, its location in the bank rate percent (refinancing rate) on the day of payment by the borrower of the debt or its relevant part).

7. Signatures of witnesses in the receipt (Russian law allowed verification of the contract, receipts witnessed). When you register receipts are required only the signatures of the parties, of practical life and justice, it makes sense to protect yourself signatures of two witnesses. 8. Signature of the borrower on the receipt must be complete. After all significant conditions of the parties must fully register: last name, first name and signature. Signature is desirable to write as a passport.

Example (sample form) Receipts: I, Ivan Ivanov, January 1, 1979 of birth, passport number series 74 09 2435672, issued 25/09/2009, the department of Federal Migration Service of the Kalinin district of Chelyabinsk, registered and residing at the address: Chelyabinsk, st. Kirova, d. 4, kv. 21, received a receipt from the present Petr Petrovich Petrov, February 1, 1979 of birth, passport series 74 04 No. 5758494, issued on 05.10.2008, the Department of Internal Affairs of the Central District of Chelyabinsk, registered and residing at the address: Chelyabinsk, st. Kirov, 4, kv.22, 1,000,000 (one million) of Russian rubles. On the loan amount shall bear interest for the use of $ 5 (five)% per annum. The loan amount together with interest the lender is obliged to return no later than December 31, 2010 date, month, year. city of Chelyabinsk surname, name and patronymic (in letters) and signature. I, Peter Petrov, February 1, 1979 birth, passport number series 74 04 5758494, issued on 05.10.2008, the Department of Internal Affairs of the Central District of Chelyabinsk, registered and residing at the address: Chelyabinsk, st. Kirov, 4, kv.22, took on this receipt Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, January 1, 1979 birth, passport number series 74 09 2435672, issued on 25.09.2009, the department of Federal Migration Service of the Kalinin district of Chelyabinsk, registered and residing at the address: Chelyabinsk, st. Kirova, d. 4, kv. 21, 1000000 (one million) of Russian rubles. Accrued on the loan amount interest on the amount of five (5)% per annum. The loan amount together with interest the lender is obliged to return no later than December 31, 2010 date, month, year. city of Chelyabinsk surname, name and patronymic (in letters) and signature. Name and Witness surname, passport number, place of registration. Name and surname (in words) and the signature of witnesses.

Company Employees

Each movement must be accompanied by appropriate training. Additional information is available at Jeff Weiser. The firm, which has a high level of career planning can make, model – something like 'career route' provided with 'pointers direction 'in the form of mandatory training and other developmental activities. These plans should be known to all employees of the departments. In this case, they will clearly understand what they need to achieve and what kind of training to go through to move up the career ladder. So we can say that the methodology to identify training needs based on the following principles: learning is effective only if the intended specific purpose. The purpose of learning, in turn, can be determined only on the condition that identified and analyzed training needs.

Analyze in this case requires that: – how the company works and how it should work ideally. – What skills and abilities have the staff, and what should have according to the needs of the company. – What functions are performed by each employee, and which must perform in accordance with position identification of training needs should be carried out: – for the entire company – for groups of employees (eg, employees of one department) – for each employee individually. Identified needs to be compiled in order to identify priority areas for teaching and learning forms. The results of this generalization will contain the following information: – number of employees in each group – the number of requiring staff training – the type of training (training in the workplace or training outside the company) – priorities for training.

National Meat Association

" In the West, quality and food safety control producers themselves. Chief technologist slaughterhouse 'Outskirts' Vladimir Timchenko believes that self-control is the best guarantee of reliability of the product:' The Europeans understand that the dishonesty of one manufacturer, even a thousand, undermines the reputation of the entire industry. To maintain trust with consumers, food manufacturers produce industry associations to draw up rules of behavior – the same for all. Violators these rules chained to the pillory. With their own colleagues. " Nothing so stimulates the responsibility as collective responsibility. This view is supported and the National Meat Association. In Russia, the responsibility for what we eat, lies with the state in the face of Rospotrebnadzor.

'If you take the international experience, the supervisor – is a referee who sees what is going on between consumers and producers – says Maxim Sinelnikov Head of the National Meat Association. – Our system is not entirely correct relationship the consumer – the manufacturer of the supervisory authorities are trying constantly to stand in the middle. At the same time when applying consumer, as a rule, do not take measures to prevent the situation when it passed a critical phase, when the grass is, God forbid, the people '. The EU and the U.S. to protect the consumer called HACCP system (translated from English – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

It defines the rules of building production processes and control with only one purpose – to guarantee food safety. HACCP developed in 1960 at NASA. With its help monitor the safety of products intended for astronauts. 'The main principle of HACCP – to monitor and prevent – says the chief technologist slaughterhouse' Outskirts' Vladimir Timchenko. – Management Structure and process chains are arranged in the HACCP, so that every action of every employee is clearly recorded. God forbid, the product revealed a flaw. This can happen at any production stage. By barcode in a few minutes we can roll out the product and the history of surnames to identify who and at what stage participated in its creation. At our plant is known to everyone. Believe me, understanding the fact that your negligence must be found – the best incentive for responsible attitudes to their work. " Institute of Meat Industry in Russia by the HACCP system has been certified at least 20 companies. Why is it so this figure is modest – it is clear: the introduction of additional investment required HASPP reduces the profitability of production. In addition, compliance with the standards of HACCP requires annual confirmation. And do not get an independent audit agree 'amicably'. Deal with state control is far less troublesome. 'Businesses that produce meat products, virtually uncontrolled, – says Maxim Zuev, Director Kronstadt meat processing plant. – Monitors the state have the right to inspect meat Enterprise 1 every two years, and only on the complaints of consumers can be checked at any time. " Since 2004, the HACCP certification became mandatory for all food companies in the EU. Experts say in one voice, that in Russia in the coming years this will not happen. HACCP involves independent auditing companies. And it does not fit in system of total state control over the food industry, which is not canceled "meat regulation".

MLM Business Network

Network marketing, or MLM, many in our time are associated with so-called "pyramid", which will undoubtedly cause a backlash and reluctance to position itself as a team member of the company network marketing. This is a bug: multi-level marketing – not "pyramid", never "pyramid" was not and never will. Pyramid – it is absolutely unsustainable business model, based only on attracting new members to network capital structure. Its peculiarity is the absence of real investment, sales of goods or services. Unlike the pyramids of the company's goal of network marketing is to generate income through the sale of goods or services. In this case, by attracting new partners is an increase in turnover of goods and, consequently, profit. Probably everyone knows or at least heard of such companies as setvoy Amway. This is one of oldest MLM companies in the world, and it was founded in 1959.

None of the "pyramid" agree, so long to stay afloat is not capable. Wells Fargo Bank describes an additional similar source. The second hurdle – this misconception that you have to come into the business, being first-class sales specialist. It's not quite true, because MLM – business primarily based on the relationships between people. First, you establish and maintain contacts with people – know that they care about, and gradually overcome their distrust of the barrier itself. Only after that she realized the possibility of selling people services or products. Establishing trust relationships require from you some time, that debunks another misconception about, ostensibly, a very quick money in MLM. But later, when you type the client group and build an active team, you will be enough work several hours a day, while remaining fairly independent in terms of finances. Also one of the biggest problems when making the decision to start business in network marketing is the time, or rather lack of it. Wells Fargo Bank can provide more clarity in the matter.

Full-time work, school, children, household chores and even elderly parents – all this can make it almost impossible even thought about changing lifestyles. But if you believe your own business – this is exactly what you really want, then do not let the time you block the road. We are all constantly than – the busy and often stupidly wasting lives in perpetual expectation of a happy occasion. But such statistics falls very rarely, maybe never happen. If you have a few spare hours a week – begins, and the key to success is the consistent execution of actions. Quality time spent on a much more important than its quantity. One hour spent with the partners own team will be much more valuable than a few hours watching television on the couch. Since the MLM business, you should immediately establish a clear division time for most of the work, household activities and time for doing business. No need, perhaps, mention that the business allotted time should be used as effectively and unconditionally to yourself concessions. Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX will not settle for partial explanations. One last important point, which should pay it – the right choice network company. The ideal option would be a company that creates all conditions for a distributor on the Internet. In such companies through a network is not only the payment of goods, recruiting or registration partners, but also a distance learning, which is important in the initial stages of building a business. In addition, Automating the MLM business intersetevyh companies can greatly facilitate the construction team, and you in this regard will be even more time in pursuit of a goal. Doubt not be afraid, do not wait – just go ahead and success, believe me, not long to wait!

Network Marketing

Here comes the era of network marketing. You sell a program for $ 19.95, but get with it, taking into account commissions, not $ 17 as in the direct sales and $ 11, and the remaining $ 6 gets the affiliate. Whenever Pinterest listens, a sympathetic response will follow. That is your profit with one copy obtained by smaller, but for through traffic, you get more profits as a whole. Here is another plus. When you have a correctly-functioning network of dealers, where the dealer can become almost anyone you can not focus on sales and on completion product to the mind and the new versions are released.

Network Marketing – it’s the same social network, but only in the plane of sales. Here, too, have their own circles, have the same laws by which through 5 chains you can sell your goods to any resident planet, and so on. Gets a job in selling their services to you, first of all, should not look at improving the product and its marketing. And when the sales tied a lot of familiar people, then you can safely work on quality, and buyers will be. For instance, if you have developed our own CMS, which is even an order of magnitude better known to all Bitrix, then to win the market with this system you will have to sweat and nonweak so. Therefore, if You will do this on their own, then this process can be very long, but if you build sales, and will themselves Quality, then the market will win by itself.

Approach Information

My opinion – infobiznes starts with information. If anyone has information, knowledge, experience and application of knowledge in this field has reached a high level, then surely there are people who have the experience and knowledge will be useful. There is valuable information, there is a desire to sell it – but first we need to always check whether the demand? Here comes to the aid Internet. If the search engine provides hundreds of pages on request, and hundreds of websites – hence the information demanded. You can open your infobiznes! But how? The 'organization of its infobiznesa' I divide into three major parts (each of which, in turn, consists of a small, important sub): Packing 'Knowledge' in the form infoprodukta, ready-to-use search of interesting subjects 'knowledge' of people and attract their attention to infoproduktu sale infoprodukta Anyway, all items of the project "Organization of a infobiznesa 'and most of these items is relevant subproblems are closely linked to the Internet and always – the site for infobiznesa. This site helps posetilyam find, acquire, and in some cases – and apply the necessary knowledge, plus, of course, the owner infobiznesa site allows you to make money and get great pleasure from their work, how to make a website for infobiznesa? You can learn all the technical details of constructing Site infobiznesa for yourself by searching the Internet and own the knowledge to apply, get in the end the site.

It is clear that choosing a path beneficial to those who are already well versed in saitostroitel'stva. Though of course anyone, even a beginner in programming, can accelerate the entire process – because it is easy to buy, for example, a CD with video courses or attend online training. The bonus with this self-introduction – knowledge: the programming language PHP, database, ability to work with graphic applications, the ability to configure a domain, hosting, email, etc. – A list of great. Negative Approach – time that could be spent on, say, qualitative elaboration, packaging infoprodukta, will be spent on site development. Entrust the creation of a site for infobiznesa someone who is repeatedly made. A nice bonus at the same time – the time saved, which is much more than money. I recommend everyone who has thought about his infobiznese to consider both options, select an appropriate and effective, and if the choice will be made for optimal, fast and vocational options, order the establishment of a site for infobiznesa.