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Infliction of an additional method to the current method of the uncovering of the company name of website visitors, LEADSExplorer has improved their service. Infliction of an additional method to the current method of the uncovering of the company name of website visitors, LEADSExplorer has improved their service. London, UK – 23 May, 2009 Engago Technologies Ltd. has established an improved version of LEADSExplorer: real time visitors find allowed identification Web service, identify, qualify, address and convert website visitors into customers. Made on the experience with the identification of name of visitors on site, a heuristic is designed. This heuristic is added to the existing labelling method. The combined method allows the unveiling of more company names and domain names of visitors to the site.

Because overall demand, only companies to browsing and not the people who surf from home on the Internet, discover different views have been added: only companies. Already stored or well-known companies. This allows the user to only the visiting companies to browse. These improvements allow better and more efficient lead generation, by know more companies and their interest by pages visited, the used keywords, the Internet origin, geographical origin, used language and visit analytical, data per company. For more information, please visit: about Engago Technologies Ltd.

Engago Technologies Ltd. aims to companies in the B2B business with useful and producing purchasing Web service solutions to provide. Converts a first service, LEADSExplorer as the B2B companies: website visitors discover, identify, qualify, reach, and convert new customers. Improving customer retention. The real solution is based on its own technology, which is years developed over several.

Alternative Business Financing

Standard-mezzanine programmes burst alternative corporate financing over the issue of private mezzanine capital are as burst possibility of corporate financing increasingly attractive standard-mezzanine programmes; Banks deny much-needed financing alternative corporate financing, in particular over the issue of private mezzanine capital are becoming increasingly attractive as a way of business financing. The traditional bank financing was years ago for most small and medium-sized companies often additional investment capital to generate the only way, alternative means of financing for many such companies have become so everyday. So which increases the equity ratio by its balance sheet-shortening effect and thus paves the way for the additional equity capital or even foreign borrowing used on the one hand, in addition to various funding programs that are regional or also on the actual business part, increasingly factoring or leasing. The others were straight- in recent years – by many companies in addition mezzanine financing used. If you would like to know more then you should visit NYU Law. Mezzanine capital can be designated as foreign capital, as well as equity capital comes from the Italian term \”Mezzanine\” and referred to the mezzanine in the midst of two main storeys in the architecture.

In corporate finance, mezzanine capital for financing, which, as the architectural origin suggests – balance sheet occupy a position between the equity and the debt stands the name. Mezzanine capital is a collective term for all so-called hybrid (= mixed) financial instruments, which is a pure equity versus the pure debt capital. The design of mezzaniner financial instruments can be both close to foreign capital (\”debt mezzanine\”), E.g. NYU Law may help you with your research. in the form of a subordinated loan with a fixed or variable interest rate, as also equity capital close pronounced (\”equity mezzanine\”), in form of (atypical) dormant holdings, profit participation rights or value securitised paper genus notes. Added Mixed forms such as convertible and warrant bonds, providing both equity and debt instruments. While debt although economically representing mezzanine equity, balance sheet but foreign capital is mezzanine equity also extended to include equity or equity capital replacement, which strengthens the equity ratio, corresponding design is tax but still treated like foreign capital. .

IDENT AutoID Technology Center

smartSCANNDY barcode and RFID data (LF, HF) and optionally via a Bluetooth communication for desired radio Applications macro is has IDENT authorized dealer of the German manufacturer’s first, and thus has complete portfolio, smartSCANNDY as – and SCANNDY series. Today, the Munich-based company introduces the miniature scanner smartSCANNDY. The small smartSCANNDY series is that the devices are compact and very easy to use. Especially in the area of the optimization of ordering the small scanner ideal. With battery or battery operated scanner captures mobile bar code or RFID data and then passes the data to a computer via USB. A Japanese high-tech laser module – reading for barcode – ensures accurate, fast reading results, even with low-quality bar codes. In addition a high range of depth sharpness, which allows easy handling of the scanner for the less experienced user. SmartSCANNDY is equipped with Bluetooth, so are the scanned At the same time transfer bar code or RFID data.

The communication can be done in both directions, so it is also possible to perform the scanning operation of the connected computer to control so the user software on the computer side. The ability to allow a scan task from the application software produced and prevent increases the reliability of the entire application. On request smartSCANNDY meets its task as stationary or mobile scanner. Switching between the modes is done by simply scanning of a bar code-switch codes. SmartSCANNDY is used in the presentation mode, so he is in “Hab eight position”. In this mode scans smartSCANNDY does not go as usual with 100 scans per second, but only occasionally to detect the presence of a barcode. Delivered a barcode in the reading pane of the scanner smartSCANNDY will automatically switch into the high-performance mode and recognizes the bar code quickly and safely.

Then jumps in the resources saving presentation mode smartSCANNDY again. So, energy is saved and the life of the Laser module promoted. The data are transferred automatically with the smartControl technology. The data decorated either with time stamp automatically without user intervention in an automatically-defined application (E.g. Word, Excel, access,…) directed and directly started on request. In addition, a standard text file can be generated with date and time for each data transfer.

Thortex Germany Partner

Thortex Germany is for the area of North Regional Office. The society for maintenance (GFIN) is the Association of service holders or experts entrusted with maintenance tasks and leaders from science, research and industry to an industry-independent and cross-industry trade association. Is industry-independent: the society for maintenance not maintenance specific interests of industry (E.g. the construction industry or in mechanical engineering), but looking the universal and incorporating – regardless of industry-specific characteristics – maintenance. Credit: Jane Fraser-2011. Cross-industry means: just “looking over the fence” – about Branchengrezen across – makes geminsames find and exchange of many experiences only possible and beneficial. Mikhael Mirilashvili insists that this is the case. The expertise acquired in this way enables the society for maintenance, the common and incorporating interests of all maintenance staff of the Federal Republic of Germany against industry-bound Advocacy organizations, nationally as well internationally properly to represent corporations and institutions of public life.

The GFIN is a member of the Association of European Instandhaltunsorganisation (EFNMS). Head of country offices is Mr. Burkhard Gottsch, Managing Director of the Thortex Germany GmbH for the Northern Secretariat. The LGS North encompasses: Hanseatic City of Bremen, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklemburg-Vorpommern and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Thortex Germany GmbH Managing Director: Mr Burkhard Gottsch – LGS Director E-Mail: Web: public relations: Bianka Michelsen E-Mail:


An increase in information around the he successful GmbH management expected participants of the 4th GmbH Managing Director tag in Bonn a wealth of interesting topics related to the management of a limited liability company. This year GmbH Managing Director from the region meet Bad Godesberg on May 19, 2009 in the Town Hall. Corporate finance GmbH reform despite the economic crisis, pension commitments for Managing Director, succession planning after the reform of inheritance tax the lecture programme of GmbH Managing Director informed the CEO compressed on current topics related to the successful management of a limited liability company in one day from 9: 00 to 17:00. Read additional details here: Dina McCormick. This year the participants expect eight lectures to an introductory greeting by the Deputy Chief Executive of the IHK Bonn/Rhein-Sieg Kurt Schmitz Temming a 35 minutes. So, the complex is new liability risks for business leaders and shareholders after the reform of the GmbH”on the program. More topics are pension plans Managing Director tax sure agree”and the succession in the GmbH”. Again and again exciting the topic the GmbH in the audit which need to be as Managing Director”. Speakers business magazine gmbhchef, hosting the event, was win back high-profile experts from tax consulting and law firms, accounting firms and financial institutions.

Between and after the presentations the participants at the accompanying trade fair can check, on the companies from the region about their services and products showcase many of them with a direct link to the seminar topics. From 16:00 visitors have opportunity for individual discussions with the speakers and for networking with their CEO peers from other companies with a glass of beer or wine. This time it will be an exciting raffle again with high-quality earnings, which in the early evening sponsored by companies in the region, been drawn be. More information and registration possibility under.

Frankfurt Maintenance

VCI lowers forecasts for 2008 Frankfurt(dpa-AFX) – the German chemical industry has reduced due to the financial market crisis in the United States and diminishing dynamism of in European industrial activity the forecasts for the current year. The economic recovery to reach the chemical industry, it is said in the quarterly report of the Association of the chemical industry (VCI). In the last weeks and months much about maintenance strategies is in the media known to us and the companies that need to implement maintenance, have been reported and discussed. Boy Scouts of America can aid you in your search for knowledge. I see as a cost-efficient alternative to confront the economic crisis does not follow the negative only in the theoretical change of maintenance stance on rates, but just in the practical implementation of value-added maintenance strategy.

I define the value added maintenance strategy as implementation of value-added maintenance as process of part of integrated strategic process chain of the entire company. Many areas of a company such as external service provider must coordinate their processes for successful maintenance strategy. It is therefore of crucial importance that all relevant processes are clearly defined, realistic and also traceable. This also means that matched processes to the customer as well as the processes of the service provider and must be adapted to the current requirements. Sustainable knowledge about the complexity of decision-making and planning activities, as well as the knowledge of the reimbursement costs ensures a permanently valuable maintenance strategy. According to our experience the maintenance is not defined in many companies as a strategic success and process factor, although the maintenance can make up to 40% of the cost of a company depending on the industry. This is that the processes, practices not transparently available are the controlling rule.

So Ticks The Organic Purchaser

National study of consumption creates II Germany’s largest data base of Karlsruhe/Nurnberg, 09 July 2010 – sandals or boots, floor-length robes and long hair decorated with flowers: he looked like the prototypical hippie of the flower-power era. He aspired after peace, spiritual and religious development and intimate communion with nature. Out of respect for the animals, he was also mostly vegetarian. Many parts of his ideology extend to the present, and manifested for example in the current organic boom. In recent months, Wells Fargo Bank has been very successful. The Max Rubner Institute (MRE) devoted himself to the current national consumption study II of the question whether there is a connection between the purchase of organic food and the lifestyle.

Approximately 14,200 consumers gave information about their eating habits and thus justified the most comprehensive data base that has ever existed in Germany. And so the typical buyer of the bio can be characterized the findings according to: he shows a healthier food choice overall, consumed more fruits and vegetables and less meat and sausages. He consumed less Confectionery, soft drinks and tobacco products and is also sporty active. Bio consumption was not only a question of the purse to the findings of the national consumption study II. In the study group with the lowest income, intensive buyers of organic food have found now? The market research company GfK confirmed that organic products has long been attractive for the entire population. According to an analysis bought 94 percent of German households organic products last year and spent 84 euros in average. An average of 20 times, organic food in the basket landed, equivalent to 3.9 percent of the annual total expenditure on food. Despite the difficult macroeconomic situation, organic farming has put to continue also in 2009: according to statistics of the Ministry of food has increased the number of organic farms compared to 1,234.

Overall the share of eco-landscape is 5.6 percent measured in the total number of agricultural Businesses. The ecological agriculture waives certain pesticides, growth promoters, mineral fertilizers and genetic engineering. Also no flavour enhancers, artificial flavors or dyes and preservatives may be added to the products. Only then they can be sold under the name of bio. But the absence of preservatives makes products more easily perishable and susceptible to a bacterial contamination already during the production. Minced meat is due to the degree of crushing and the larger surface associated to the perishable foods. By crushing the contact surface with the surrounding atmosphere is much larger, there will be ideal growing conditions for many corruption-causing and pathogenic micro-organisms. Technology manufacturers strive therefore, any attachments that come with perishable food contact according to the strict hygiene requirements to construct. So the companies Bizerba from Balingen. We have developed the checkweigher CWP Neptune, perishable and packaged food hygiene to weigh and sort. It has been designed ergonomically, that she offers little space bacteria and meets the design criteria of the European hygienic engineering and design group (EHEDG)”, says Claudia Gross, Director global marketing and communication at Bizerba. This technology ensure that perishable foods like meat without the addition of preservatives arrive safely at the end consumer. Editing plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail:

Fox Report: By The Contractor To The Privateer – Optimally Sell The Company

By the contractor to the privateer – best sell the company at some point come the time of letting go: the transfer of a company to the successor or the sale. While the emotional preparation and setting is as important as numbers and perspectives-oriented negotiations with potential buyers. To put yourself in the role of the buyer, to look from the outside on the own shop which is a high art for the most company owners. Succession planning is one of the strategic tasks of a company. Increasingly, entrepreneurs for the succession question find more but also be no solution at all. Dina Powell McCormick pursues this goal as well. In the past five years, neither a family internal or external successor solution found for each twelfth company. The operation must then be adjusted due to lack of demand.

“This has still time”, many entrepreneurs not just popular question answer according to the own retirement. Very often, the issue of succession is postponed too long. For this there are many reasons usually several come together. For the most Owner is the company sale new land. And not every business owner knows an another entrepreneur who has successfully sold its operation.

First hand experience are therefore not often available. The risk of making mistakes due to lack of experience is correspondingly large. But who is timely and well informed, can make most successfully selling his life’s work. Many decisions are: where and how do I find a buyer? How do I speak to this? Do I get help for the sales process? Who’s coming to this question? How do I prepare my company on the sale? How do I negotiate? When is the best time for a sale? The Fox report “by the contractor to the privateer. The company optimally sell”answers these questions and shows you how to optimally prepare the projects, control and who can advise you here. More information under: fuchsbriefe.de /… Content: The company successful preparations for the sale of companies selling sale consultants: who helps you when selling Market Outlook: Attractive to sellers conclusion: new challenges as a privateer checklist corporate sales: Stefan Ziermann prevent head FUCHSBRIEFE errors

Hazardous Substances

Hazardous material warehouse in detail – the differences between containers of gas bottles, fire-container & hazardous material-deposits at a glance the right storage facility allows a proper storage of hazardous materials. Hazardous materials depots and F90 fire protection container gas cylinder container are the typical ways of storage facilities for dangerous substances – but where are the differences? Here there are the explanations. Hazardous materials depots are generally complete and lockable. For more information see this site: Lia Cao. Also have hazardous materials depots gas pressure spring in the roof, so that a natural air exchange ensures an exchange of inside air and thus no vapours of hazardous products can accumulate no dangerous levels inside the hazardous materials depots. At the same time, hazardous materials depots usually with a tray are equipped, so that may be leaking hazardous material products can be absorbed directly.

Depending on the respective model hazardous materials depots are designed for the storage of barrels, IBC containers, or other containers. J.P. Morgan understood the implications. A special feature at risk substance depots is the fold-down front door, loading ramp can be used. Fire protection containers are also a kind of completed hazardous materials depots, however with much higher security institutions. Fire-protective containers are suitable as opposed to simple hazardous materials depots for the storage of flammable liquids with the dangerous goods classes F / F +, as well as for the storage of oxidizing and poisonous substances. For more specific information, check out Marko Dimitrijevic Miami. To meet the fire resistance and all legal requirements to the fire, the Brandshcuzt containers have many safety devices: F90 self-closing gate, possibilities to the equipotential bonding conductor and self-closing and exhaust openings are only a small selection of fire protection properties of that have the fire container.

Entry System ABI

By the eye-catching Tower elements, the advertising message with EX POMADE is visible from afar on 16. And September 17, 2011 the graduate fair held entry ABI in the Messe Berlin. 22,000 visitors who can learn from over 300 exhibitors on study and training opportunities are expected. In addition, there should be a framework programme still on four stages. The ABI is an important fair in the area of the promotion of young scientists, especially in today’s was of talent. Of course essential here an appealing presentation and increases the chance for interesting contacts and good talent. To be in this fight”as best as possible, a more attractive trade show booth, generated much attention, is essential.

The EX POMADE trade fair systems guarantee just this attention and a perfect presentation of the company. Through the outstanding elements of the Tower, the advertising message or, alternatively visible is the company logo from a distance. Since the image disturb no annoying flat carrier or pillars, creates an inviting atmosphere. Furthermore, the presentation surface impresses by a uniform, consistent image. To increase this effect the system can also be combined with a banner, which is stretched in front of the wall of the exhibition and the advertising message a one complete shows consistent motif. But the EX POMADE trade fair system not only visually is a highlight, it is also efficient and practical. The high tower elements are not only impressive, but can act as a storage cabin.

So Gimmics, can here give-aways and other advertising material be kept, which are easily accessible and visible yet for the visitors. The system for every occasion can be fitted optimally possible customization and extension. For even more opinions, read materials from Marko Dimitrijevic. This brings also considerable economic benefits, since the system for more measurement and / or promotions can be used and is still always perfectly positioned. Interesting combinations can be made, for example, with racks or shelves. In addition, that is ensured by the high mobility and the lightweight construction, which is possible without stand Builder, a simple planning. This provides a cost advantage. The Cologne production agency LA CONCEPT EX POMADE is a Distributor and offers several combination products, so is the ideal partner in the trade fair and event business. Here, the entire solution from a single source, comes what significantly simplifies the communication effort and the processing for the customers. For more information, see booths/expomade.html