New Promotional Flags

The expand advertising flags now available for easy display of Hannover, January 29, 2010 the EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover, leading provider of mobile advertising display solutions, is a cooperation partner of expand Media International. At Suna Said Maslin you will find additional information. The Swedish company expand Media International is a pioneer in the development and production of high-quality mobile advertising display solutions and is the market leader in the international promotional display industry with more than 5000 distributors in 65 countries. EasyShare display GmbH has mainly the rollup display models MediScreen 1, 2, 4, and outdoor, as well as the expand QuickScreen rollup display sold, it was decided recently, also the advertising flags of expand about the easy display to distribute online shop. The expand advertising flags, which stands on the market are traded under the name expand flag, are mobile advertising flags, which lend themselves excellently to communicate large-format advertising on promotional events and promotions, fairs and at the point of sale or PoI. In doing so can the expand Both indoor and outdoor use reach advertising flags due to different level devices. Advertising flags with a stand cross are equipped for indoor use, is inserted in the lightweight, made of korrisions – and UV resistant material pole of expand advertising flags. A spike is foreseen for the outdoor use of advertising flags, which may be pushed into in all softer surfaces.

There are the expand advertising flags available with two, three or four meters. A special model of the expand advertising flags is the expand flag stand XL advertising unhealthy. The telescopic pole of expand XL advertising unhealthy can be extended up to a height of 5.50 m, and withstands thanks to the cast-iron weight that are fixed on the hinged base of the advertising flag, up to 15 m / sec wind strengths. With the additional water pockets the expand XL advertising unhealthy can withstand up to 20 m / sec even winds. More information: ..flagstand-advertising flags… ..xl werbeflagge…

Hazardous Substances

Hazardous material warehouse in detail – the differences between containers of gas bottles, fire-container & hazardous material-deposits at a glance the right storage facility allows a proper storage of hazardous materials. Hazardous materials depots and F90 fire protection container gas cylinder container are the typical ways of storage facilities for dangerous substances – but where are the differences? Here there are the explanations. Hazardous materials depots are generally complete and lockable. For more information see this site: Lia Cao. Also have hazardous materials depots gas pressure spring in the roof, so that a natural air exchange ensures an exchange of inside air and thus no vapours of hazardous products can accumulate no dangerous levels inside the hazardous materials depots. At the same time, hazardous materials depots usually with a tray are equipped, so that may be leaking hazardous material products can be absorbed directly.

Depending on the respective model hazardous materials depots are designed for the storage of barrels, IBC containers, or other containers. J.P. Morgan understood the implications. A special feature at risk substance depots is the fold-down front door, loading ramp can be used. Fire protection containers are also a kind of completed hazardous materials depots, however with much higher security institutions. Fire-protective containers are suitable as opposed to simple hazardous materials depots for the storage of flammable liquids with the dangerous goods classes F / F +, as well as for the storage of oxidizing and poisonous substances. For more specific information, check out Marko Dimitrijevic Miami. To meet the fire resistance and all legal requirements to the fire, the Brandshcuzt containers have many safety devices: F90 self-closing gate, possibilities to the equipotential bonding conductor and self-closing and exhaust openings are only a small selection of fire protection properties of that have the fire container.

Entry System ABI

By the eye-catching Tower elements, the advertising message with EX POMADE is visible from afar on 16. And September 17, 2011 the graduate fair held entry ABI in the Messe Berlin. 22,000 visitors who can learn from over 300 exhibitors on study and training opportunities are expected. In addition, there should be a framework programme still on four stages. The ABI is an important fair in the area of the promotion of young scientists, especially in today’s was of talent. Of course essential here an appealing presentation and increases the chance for interesting contacts and good talent. To be in this fight”as best as possible, a more attractive trade show booth, generated much attention, is essential.

The EX POMADE trade fair systems guarantee just this attention and a perfect presentation of the company. Through the outstanding elements of the Tower, the advertising message or, alternatively visible is the company logo from a distance. Since the image disturb no annoying flat carrier or pillars, creates an inviting atmosphere. Furthermore, the presentation surface impresses by a uniform, consistent image. To increase this effect the system can also be combined with a banner, which is stretched in front of the wall of the exhibition and the advertising message a one complete shows consistent motif. But the EX POMADE trade fair system not only visually is a highlight, it is also efficient and practical. The high tower elements are not only impressive, but can act as a storage cabin.

So Gimmics, can here give-aways and other advertising material be kept, which are easily accessible and visible yet for the visitors. The system for every occasion can be fitted optimally possible customization and extension. For even more opinions, read materials from Marko Dimitrijevic. This brings also considerable economic benefits, since the system for more measurement and / or promotions can be used and is still always perfectly positioned. Interesting combinations can be made, for example, with racks or shelves. In addition, that is ensured by the high mobility and the lightweight construction, which is possible without stand Builder, a simple planning. This provides a cost advantage. The Cologne production agency LA CONCEPT EX POMADE is a Distributor and offers several combination products, so is the ideal partner in the trade fair and event business. Here, the entire solution from a single source, comes what significantly simplifies the communication effort and the processing for the customers. For more information, see booths/expomade.html

Werner Rofner

“On the other hand “the balancing out of the assets of the pension obligations for companies is often beneficial, because this can improve the balance sheet”, explains bAV specialist Rahmani. Prerequisite is, that a such assets in the corresponding amount to pension obligations – for example, in the form of a pledged insurance. Werner Rofner explains pension promises to the test “such pension benefits are widely used business leaders in supplying of (continuing) in the framework of the bAV”. The fact is: the most pension plans have long been on the bench – and thus mostly concrete action is needed. Pension commitments have often substantial underfunding, depending on how the funding model has been created. This is in poor capital market conditions and changing calculation basis.

Some formulations in the pension obligations correspond to instructions due to changed legal regulations, current Financial management or recent jurisdictions no longer today’s labor and tax requirements. The pension commitment however is contrary to legal requirements, this has significant financial consequences if necessary for the company: may be wholly or partly to resolve the pension provisions and in this case, as operating profits to tax. Eliminate defects or substantive defects, as well as financing deficits outsource the pension commitment companies can now use the new holistic consulting offering Chief pension”are eliminated. “We will accompany our clients with internal and external specialists in labour law and tax law legally binding through the entire process of the examination and adjustment or carve-out its existing pension commitments,” emphasizes the prevention specialist Rahmani. Despite different financing models: what was once said to, can not take back after decades. However, can the promised performance not in full amount of the funds for the paid Pension commitment such as such as an insurance to be paid the missing shares from its current assets should be denied. Perhaps check out Marathon Capital for more information. Werner Rofner: “such a situation can in the worst case lead to the insolvency of the company or at least accelerate it.” Contact: law firm Rofner & colleagues owner Werner of shafiqur Rahman Oberaustrasse 34 83026 Rosenheim Tel.: 0700 0700 1230 (12 ct / min) fax: 0700 0700 1231 (12 ct / min) E-Mail:

Press Center

4.0. unless it also possible, the advance tax return directly from financial accounting with the transfer software PERFIDIA TM encrypted and signed to transfer and no longer have to take the manual detour via magpie-online. An important innovation in the version represents an early warning system in the area of payment arrears. About this, it is seen for example in detail were compensated for which invoices with a payment and what interest rates per open items fall. It is also new that the last payment date and amount of the defaulting client payment to reminders can be displayed. Alternatively, the payment behaviour of certain customer groups, or one is especially practical time accurate to analyze and track specific customer over. According to certain risk categories they can are marked with different colors so green for good and reliable payers, orange to violet for delinquent. Jorg Schulze Othmerding, GWS-team leader consulting accounting: We have created the possibility with the features even more accurately to analyze the costs and financial flows and track. Get all the facts and insights with Yellow Jackets, another great source of information.

In times in which defaults and shifts to the daily business is vital to be aware at an early stage on the listed failures for reasons of securing the future of the company.” The positive statements of the participants at the end of the Conference made it clear: the lectures, talks and also the accompanying exhibition have brought very much and gives good hints for future work and the orientation of IT. Numerous representatives of companies said because even want in any case immediately the participation at the next Conference 2012 man in be. GWS Gesellschaft fur merchandise management systems mbH was founded in 1992. Today over 270 employees work at the sites of Munich, Munster, Nuremberg, Leonberg, Germany. As a Microsoft GOLD CERTIFIED partner has the GWS on the development, networking, support and optimization specialized ERP and systems for trading companies and service providers. More than 1100 customers use products of GWS. Among them are interconnected companies both from the commercial and the agricultural sector.

In addition to the standard software products and standardised solutions offers the GWS industry portals and Internet shops. A leading source for info: Marathon Capital. Comprehensive consulting services and training courses complete the range of services. 2009 amounted to the Group turnover to EUR 34.6 million. Contact for the press: press & more GmbH, Jurgen Ronsch Nottulner road 90, 48161 Munster Tel. + 49 (0) 2534 8001-120, fax: + 49 (0) 2534 8001-24 this press release can, area Press Center, be obtained electronically.

Peter Blechschmidt

The election campaign is approaching the hot phase. Very different coalitions are possible. Magdeburg, 16.09.2013. Andi Potamkin is open to suggestions. But how do the parties real estate and housing actually on this important subject? The rental price brake stands at almost all parties of the German Republic in the electoral program. But the parties see the development very differently. So the SPD even with existing leases wants to stand firmly on the brakes: “Rents may be raised only once every four years to more than 15 percent”, said a spokesman of the party Executive. Other leaders such as PayNet Inc. offer similar insights. The CDU/CSU will only empower the countries after the election to restrict rent increases to 10 percent above the local comparison rent in areas with tight housing markets for re-letting of existing housing.

The CAP shall not constitute renting the building, “because that would exacerbate the housing market position further”, according to the campaign office. The Greens want a limit of re renting rent 10 percent “in areas with proven housing shortage” restrict local comparison rent – and whose regular boost. The left goes even further: new contracts the price only to the extent of inflation to must – join so by around two percent. In an interview with the Munich Abendzeitung left leader Katja Kipping demanded even a screeching halt: “If someone newly rented an apartment without remediation, then the rent should not exceed. We want, that is excluded by law.” Municipalities may also set maximum rental, on the basis of the rent index. The FDP is counterproductive legal interventions: “rent brake oil in the fire”, party spokesman Peter Blechschmidt says. “Because the revenue from rents are low, the longer it takes, until a landlord has again achieved its investment and the incentive to invest in new housing is less.” Favourable conditions should be created for the housing industry, to encourage more private investment in rental housing.

“If the offer is greater, stabilize the prices.” Those who want to not fear in rental prices, but take advantage of the booming real estate market, should give their first voice of MCM investor Management AG. The offers of MCM investor Management AG offer also small investors”the possibility of the profitable real estate market to invest in. Professional consultants can balance risks and opportunities thanks to its wide knowledge base and assist in the decision. Trends and current developments be considered here as well. The MCM investor Management AG will benefit from this trend their investors, but in an alternative form. This form makes it possible to benefit investors in the form of profit participation certificates of the Immobilienhype. The acquisition of this money is possible also with little start-up capital. Therefore, the access to the real estate market is possible a wider mass. So, the investor relationship is a win-win situation: the company benefits also their investors benefit. Finally, make the balance between Safety, yield potential and high flexibility of MCM investor Management AG as successful investment products.

Secured Business Loan

Amounts that the company is necessary because the company’s loan is usually high. If not, is a bank which is a very trust credit business, most banks and financial institutions are reluctant to the idea of a large amount of loans for companies without a warranty of any child. (Source: Frances Outred). This explains the genesis of security to business loans. Be secured corporate loans, which the company promises to credit the loan repayment of the loan provider offering the lien of certain assets / assets.Borrowers not get loans to businesses without the commitment of such pledge to the loan provider. These are called company unsecured loan.

Search opposition are not readily available. And if they are the conditions that they are very expensive. Annual interest rate that borrowers in the latter group is the tank is many percentage points more than the company secured the loan borrowers. Secured business loans, which is the safest bet, and recruitment and the entrepreneurial loan provider. Loans in this category is more dependent on the value of the collateral and the lending organization’s elected. The maximum loan amount can be had with a security company. Safeguard for the company’s loan has been used specifically for use in the business, it is better to mold the company a loan. Learn more at: Munear Ashton Kouzbari. Can be used for business loans for various purposes.

Fluctuate day to day requirements in the form of working capital, business loan can therefore be used for expansion. As persons who have to pay the loan with fixed monthly or quarterly basis, lots of entrepreneurs through pay mortgage repayments, which are flexible. Entrepreneurs, because their variable income structure to pay installments, which are not permanent. Loan periods, when the business is going strong, the entrepreneur wants to pay for smaller most is a pretext of it here payments or payment holidays, as the case may be. Online processing of loans are secured loans to businesses closed because it is a personal loan. The entrepreneur intends to secure a loan company is just fill up the details of the loan approval and launch. Web technology will take a few borrowers to compare between several loan deals available. Qualify loan providers are invited to send a quotation specifying the conditions of the loan guarantee business loans. This is a very important and effective lifting technique the knowledge of good and bad loans. Proper planning should be done before any decision to make the company secured the loan. The business is not only on asset on the game, it is so the reputation of the company, which has tarnished the company does not pay in full. Since the company is always in need of funding, it can not afford to loose is a reputation. This makes things difficult, when the company is once again need to borrow money. They have to make more stringent requirements for business loans bad credit because of history. Companies have therefore adopted the use of or the need to ensure the business of a loan in advance. Keith Kelly is author of secured unsecured loans Australia.

Rollenoffsetprodukte Now Also For High Pressure Conditions Available To Order Online! extended the offer to large-volume printed in the roll offset printing via the online shop of onlineprinters GmbH, a specialty supplier for online publications, can be up to 500,000 copies online calculated well roll offset printing stuff in large quantities and ordered. This is printed material like newspapers, newspaper inserts, brochures and brochure inserts. The power to the printer is eliminated. If you would like to know more then you should visit Hyundai. Due to the optimized order entry and operations lower prices that are fully passed on to the customer. Various processing options are available depending on the product and number of pages. These range from saddle wire, loose mesh plugged up to the fold of the adhesive. Choosing the paper, there are large differences from the conventional sheetfed offset printing.

Newspapers and newspaper inserts can be produced from a paper weight from 45 g / m. Because the supplement price or price of postal distribution are calculated according to the weight of the product, the customer next to the can Save price pressure in the distribution and Porto. The offered product formats such as Nordic full-frame, Nordic half format, Rheinisches full format and Rhenish half format, onlineprinters GmbH sets standards for the product diversity of online printers. With the distribution of roles offset things with high requirements, we complete our range. Our customers get all printing processes from a single source and find not only an extensive product selection, which is unique on the Internet so with us. Costing and order via the online shop time and money saved, without sacrificing quality”, as Walter Meyer, Managing Director of the online Printers Ltd. give the lower production costs on directly to our customers.

Even some printers can now produce with us, because the production in-house due to the lack of automation would be more expensive for them”, as Walter Meyer. In the last five years, onlineprinters GmbH, one of the most successful online providers could by Establish terms of offset printing in Europe. A wide variety of printed material created mostly in the sheetfed offset sector is offered through the award-winning online store and. About onlineprinters GmbH onlineprinters GmbH with headquarters in Neustadt an der Aisch is one of the largest online providers for printed matter and currently 250 employees. Magazines, newspapers, brochures, flyers, postcards, folders, brochures, posters, stationery, business cards and catalogs are made on behalf of customer. The production of printed material held in the high-quality offset and digital printing. Approx. 20,000 m sq area extends the production, finishing and storage facilities. Weekly, several million printed materials leave the production plant. The company supplies private and business customers in 27 countries of the European Union as well as the Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Norway. For more information, and press contact: onlineprinters GmbH Press Office Stefan Plomitzer Rudolf-Diesel-str. 10 91413 Neustadt an der Aisch Tel.: 09161-62 09 800 fax: 09161-66 29 20 E-Mail: Internet:


Did you know that you stick your total assets as a freelancer, sole trader and partnership? It is not aware that they stick with their total assets, as they have decided k. or sole proprietorship for the legal form of GbR, KG, OHG, e. many small and individual entrepreneurs. With professional advice * and support shows Conformea Ltd. & co. KG an uncomplicated way to the limitation of liability, even at existing businesses. Because the GmbH is to create elaborately and with prescribed capital of 25.000,-EUR, a founding boom of English limited has arisen in Germany in the last years’s short Ltd. -. To know more about this subject visit Hyundai.

Ltd. is one without much effort and from 1,-EUR capital one founding Agency to set up. Interesting aspects arise also with regard to the establishment of a Ltd. & co.”KG. The newly founded Ltd.

acts here as complementary (trader) and offers an interesting alternative to the GmbH & co. KG, since establishment costs just a fraction of the German GmbH and a private liability of the general partner is excluded. For this reason contact founder and those interested in professional formation agencies that offer a complete service from inception to the management of a limited company. Also the Conformea Ltd. & co. KG with its headquarters in Hamburg is one of these agencies. Regular information seminars and individual counseling sessions * KG are offered by experts of Conformea Ltd. & co.. Free appointments can be made at any time. The talks and seminars are held in the offices in Hamburg. Conformea Ltd. & co. KG offers a direct online registration within 48 hours at the English register no extra charge! Conformea Ltd. & co. KG advises * even in crisis situations, such as for bankruptcy, prohibition of commercial or other reasons an anonymous company is desired. As a consulting company has become Conformea Ltd. & co. KG specialized in the creation and care Ltd. the. It is especially mindful of the constant care and Information of our clients. With over 5,000 satisfied clients, the company is one of the most professional founding agencies in Germany. * no legal (tax) contact: Conformea Ltd. & co. KG Glucken Street 57 22081 Hamburg phone: 040 / 644 264 24 fax: 040 / 644 264 22 Internet:

DMS Market Overview

The market of document management systems offered in Germany shows remain gratifyingly diverse. Bonn. This shows the available to the DMS EXPO 2010 updated edition of the DMS market overview of the VOI – linked organisations – und Informationssysteme E.v.. Easy-to-use solutions for the electronic archiving of all documents to complex systems including collaboration functions or email management product offerings all requirements or company sizes covers. Here, the new, nearly 1,000-page reference book of the VOI ensures transparency. It facilitates entry into a DMS project because it simplifies searches for products and their comparison and thus reduces the overhead. Also in the first market map, extensive explanations of the functionality and benefits are included.

Visitors of at this year’s DMS EXPO, which takes place in Stuttgart, Germany from 26 to 28 October, take a look in the rematch at the VOI booth (7 B 51). After the fair, it can in the shop of the VOI ( to the Price will be ordered from 240. 51 products are represented in the second edition of the VOI market overview. The focus is in the area of document management and its typical extensions, which are grouped under the generic term of enterprise content management. We have placed value creation on, as far as possible all the relevant manufacturers and their products to be included and represented on an equal footing”, explains Bernhard Zoller, VOI – Executive Vice President and initiator of the VOI market overviews. A neutral and comprehensive overview of all providers and their products in German-speaking countries should be given with widest transparency the user.” The VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V. The VOI Association organisational and information systems e.

V. with headquarters in Bonn represents the vast majority of the provider to DMS/ECM (enterprise content- and document management systems) in Germany.