Adelaide Workshop Of True Happiness

Adelheid happiness workshop forges magical jewels jewels of Adelaide workshop of true happiness follow only a determination: to bring your carriers to the rays and to spread this happiness and bliss. Credit: Linkedin-2011. The collection includes five different models, each of which is available as a necklace and brooch. “LET THE KIDNAPPER IN THE FAIRY TALE WORLD: NECKLACE/BROOCH FABULOUS”! Accompanied by mythical creatures and dream figures the pastel Unicorn takes you on a very special journey: it know where to find true bliss and revealed this to you like. The stars show you the way. “SUMMER IN THE HEART: NECKLACE/BROOCH I WILL SEA”! Holidays were always the best time in the year! So that it never passes, sea horses and fish remember together in summer, Sun and relaxation.

Diving with friends down in the unexplored depths of the ocean, where you can find there hidden happiness… “COLLECTIBLE TRUE MOMENTS OF HAPPINESS: NECKLACE/BROOCH LUCKY”! The one who you this glittering jewel of pays, must be a truly good friend! The lucky guy protecting you in all your ways and the pink bows reminds you that every day has something nice for you. “BE READY FOR ANY ADVENTURE: NECKLACE/BROOCH CHARM”! Some people forever seeking a four-leaf clover, symbol of true happiness. Use the time would rather not further behind to hunt the luck, but to have it actually. While others are still looking for you decorate yourself with this brooch because it is decorated with a small bow and a rhinestone imperishable and also… “YOU FEEL MORE LONELY NEVER: NECKLACE/BROOCH STAY FAITHFUL”! You see it already in his sparkling eyes: This deer is faithful to the page where your paths may lead you. It gives you support, boosts your self confidence and it looks beautiful with its pink bows. PR contact: AGENTI FIJSH great Rurstrasse 30/32 52428 Julich fon: 0 24 61 – 9 36 01 – 00 fax: 0 24 61 – 9 36 01 – 19 web:

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