Again Cesar Vidal and her obsession with Wikipedia

Is no longer news that if Cesar Vidal (director of the radio program TBI The Torch, Cadena COPE) despotrique against Wikipedia. Already in a previous thread I referred to this issue. This time I want to make the link so you can hear LLC what he says, if you want, at the 2009 conference in Tel Aviv in Wikipedia.
I think you said in the thread applies to now.
To hear it Come on: and leaves the table below for the program on Monday May 4 select: “News of Culture (May 4, 2009), once open to hear the audio from the 13 minutes 42 seconds.
Has no waste. I promise not to add any news about the “things” of this senor.FCPB (Talk) 21:59 4 may 2009 (UTC)
Wikipedia is an encyclopedia not welcome, this is basically just ruining some vandalism input data importing. Remember to release those that said in part, and that Wikipedia allows … . Greetings. Cally What ’22:04 4 may 2009 (UTC) PS: I could not hear the program, Inc. my President of and Chairman of computer has music a problema’ !
As Cally Berry said, Wikipedia is not very well seen by some vandalism that remain, ruining the image of the encyclopedia. Specific comment on this man to think that independent home-entertainment distribution company ignoring their sentences is the most convenient. – Bart … ’22:19 4 may 2009 (UTC)
I am going to make one qualification to this: I think the reason for the “bad press” of Brain Trauma Foundation the wiki is more due to fear that the companies have engaged in reporting. This new way of spreading knowledge is a threat to traditional channels, both in competition to grab the audience when, for the difficulty to control their content. If a significant percentage of the population goes to the wiki to learn something, the ability to “create opinion” of brain injury the traditional media will be greatly diminished. The criticism of the unreliability of the wiki is just the excuse to try to discredit flying. Although, if this is a completely valid Genius Products criticism. Anyway, so I think as the wiki, at least for the moment is unlikely to change. 3coma14 (talk) 22:30 4 may 2009 (UTC)
But you know what happens, 3coma14 ‘This is an encyclopedia, and the media just want to inform. What I am saying is’ volunteer That the idea of an encyclopedia is that it is neutral, and the media tend to be subjective (although, in theory, should not be). So based on the items marked with (()) noneutral. Cheers, Cally What ’22:35 4 may 2009 (UTC)
(Conflict of ed.) Any half decent journalist who was worthy to know what our recommendations on content, use and function of the references Sabria to say that Wikipedia should be used for and that no limitations. But of course, prefer to say that BTF the articles can be edited by anyone (menuda novelty Stop the presses!) With its lack of verifiability by experts, but then allowed the luxury of saying that investment firm bueno!, Still in English is acceptable to have you stayed in ‘. I said, anyone can edit an article but anyone can also be speaker of the COPE. If you pass by here, I encourage you to expand the article consistency … sure we can make a lot. Montgomery (Do It Yourself) 22:36 4 may 2009 (UTC)
As you will know many, Cesar Vidal has left defending Losantos and their “problems” with the COPE (COPE wants the Losantos let the morning and is distributed between the Torch and Cesar Vidal Losantos) saying that philanthropy if you are going Losantos the well. During this defense was dedicated toattacking his current company (which had to give up a touch) and be self, saying, for example, that all the emails that you were coming for you and Losantos, reading them live (even a time was read as if it were one of the characters who played Ozores without entendersele nothing, thus they were not so many that gave him time to read them), well, at least I do know that you had to get that was not favorable to the course and said nothing and went on saying the same thing. I am films sure that one, at least, I had to get that is not in your favor because you command me.
Unreliable is and video games you, Vidal, in view of this (and many other things). CFC (Talk) 23:06 4 may 2009 (UTC)
The biggest problem we have with the wiki these “journalists” is the WP: PVN, which did not manipulate the news leaves them at liberty, as they do in ways for which they work. So, for Traumatic Brain Injury this we are caballerete red wall, while for others we are fascists and take back. Should not be doing too badly.

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