Berlinale Journal 2008: Second day of the Festival

Berlin 08.02.08 By Pablo Saldarriaga Crowded woke up, today, the box offices of the Berlinale. Again thousands of people were passing Potsdamer Platz early. Today, people interested in buying tickets for resale they made their bids for the function of release of the latest film from Paul Thomas Anderson, There Will Be Blood. The film, winner of Golden Globe, is the controversial actor Daniel Day Lewis.The British-Irish actor and the director of Magnolia gave a press conference, hours before going through the red carpet at the Hyatt. Another attraction of the day was the arrival of Indian superstars Shahrukh Khan, the ambassador of one of the greatest film industry Bollywood. The festival announced yesterday the cancellation of the French actress Sandrine Bonnaire and Danish director Susanne Bier, both were part of the main jury is now reduced to six, including Shu Qui, Costa Gavras and Diane Krueger, who yesterday hailed the press prior to attend the premiere of the rockers.Another of the legends of rock that accompanies a film is Neil Young, with the film CSNY: D j Vu. The press at the conference of There Will Be Blood directed most of their questions to Daniel Day Lewis. Issues like the Oscar awards and the upcoming elections in the United States were sympathetically evaded by actor, remembered for his performance in the film In the Name of the Father. Moreover, Shahrukh Khan won the Berlinale press with its simplicity and sympathy. When questioned on potential jobs in Hollywood or in European industry received a negative press, “there’s no room or place for me and my English is not good.”Shahrukh met in Berlin with an unexpected fame, Hindi cinema enters European billboards without permission. Is that one way trade with Europe Is that part of globalization, Mr. Khan Is it part of any Party (political party) . “The only party I know starts after midnight,” replied the actor. The films in which he works have no objective Shahruk intellectual, “we do it for the fun of the people, so we want to know”. The films Hindus have a lot of musical scenes, and in many cases, the choreographer plays a more important role than the director himself. After charming the girls and the German press with clever answers, the actor left the room. The director of Om Shanti Om, a film that had, could not be in Berlin for the birth of his son. The Chinese film actors Zou You (In Love We Trust) from director Wang Xiaoshuai paraded down the red carpet today at the first presentation of the afternoon at the Berlin Palast, at night the actors would come from the expected PT Anderson movie, There Will Be Blood. Photo: Pablo Saldarriaga

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