Better Availability And Security For IT-Infrastructrures, With CAD Data

Essential addressed with the real-time monitoring solution company bytes ‘Guard and alert’ with large Oracle databases Hohberg, 07.04.2011. Security and high availability IT infrastructure ensures the essential bytes GmbH & co. KG, Hohberg, with their guard real time monitoring and alarm. Especially companies with very large databases benefit greatly from an optimized IT environment, for example, in the fields of automotive, aircraft and mechanical and plant engineering, architecture and construction. Everywhere, where large scale CAD drawings, construction plans and similar 3D images for current projects in access must be, the application provides a valuable service.

The availability and efficiency of applications is increasing noticeably, downtime and work interruptions can be avoided permanently. Downstream processes such as production and logistics this also benefit the construction. Automated bottleneck analysis improves the performance of the IT infrastructure. With the solution he monitors IT administrator using a convenient, Web-based interface system across all processes, networks, computers, and databases. Netzwerkswitche and their ports are constantly reviewed to ensure a smooth traffic within the network.

All relevant components with guard and alarm are continuously monitored, then weaknesses can be within of soft – and hardware detect and fix even before this acute problems arise. System outages hamper business processes significantly and cause usually multiples of the costs incurred for the implementation of a proactive monitoring. Therefore, it is obvious that for each company a prevention makes more sense than the response to acute disorders”, says Peter Geigle, Managing Director of essential bytes. Guard and alarm is based on the open-source solution of Nagios, which was extended by a number of plug-ins and modules. The application raises the accumulation of existing in many companies by monitoring tools for individual components off and checked the network holistically and systemwide. Previous routine work are minimized by using the solution, for example, no manual log file analysis and status checks must be performed proactively.

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