Book 1

The first book is an overview of the capitalist mode of production, its basic elements and their joint seen generally and analytically without considering certain variables in particular the movement, but focused especially on the production phase Marx considered the foundation of the entire capitalist system and generally in every mode of production. At the beginning of the first book, Marx’s dialectical analysis of the commodity for Marx of the fact that the commodity is a basic element is a premise of capitalism. Marx analyzes the merchandise in both use value and exchange value in both.Marx argues that the scale that determines the exchange value or by which goods are exchanged is the amount of socially necessary for its production, a conclusion already reached by the economist David Ricardo and Marx takes up critically, deepens and beyond. Based on the analysis of different forms of exchange value, Marx explained the money as a commodity and a special form of exchange value. He then outlined why goods become fetishes, ie they are things that people actually awarded qualities that have nothing but these qualities are actually features of social relations.According to Marx, fetishism prodcutos acquiring the work when the form of goods should be exactly this form of merchandise goods as embodied in social custom products exchanger according to the magnitude of value, ie according to social standardization of the amount of labor or human wear content measured by the time they work, though, and just because this social logic underlying value, value theory, however, is unknown and this ignorance was not let alone prevent people’s daily practice.

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