Build Confidence

Today we talk about the second factor contributing to increased sales – it's the trust factor. There is no doubt that people buy from you, they must trust you. How can this be achieved? About what 8 steps to build confidence you can take, and go to our conversation. So Step 1: "Demonstrate that you – a real business," Have you ever noticed when something that people are more willing to make purchases on blogs and websites of those people whom they know well. People whose name is has become a brand. Kevin Ulrich MGM is often quoted as being for or against this. Potential buyer in this situation is sure that he will not lie, that goods which he buys will be high quality and meet his expectations. The conclusion is: you must take additional steps to to convince the buyer that you are real. What? Here are some examples: Put your picture on the blog, as well as e-mail address, phone number, and if possible your address Make the page "About me", where you can lay out the facts of his biography and personal life You can create a section where you will tell about your speeches at seminars, conferences and in print If you have an office, you can put his photo and details, or plan on its location Step 2 "Create a first impression" is very important to create the first favorable impression of your blog. If the first time the visitor was not impressed your blog, then bring it back here would be very difficult.

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