Business Ethics

In German-speaking countries, a distinction between economic and business ethics. Economic ethics is concerned with the theoretical relationship between economics, economics and ethics set apart while the business ethics with all aspects of business dealing with morality and ethics. In the English-speaking Business Ethics is taught as a subject for a long time in higher education, which is rather rare to find in Germany. Despite large overlaps in the subject area, the focus of much discussion in English on empirical and application-related issues, while the German debate is strongly marked by theoretical controversies. As one of the great creative forces in our society, the economy has a big responsibility. With this critical issue is concerned, the economic ethics. For companies in Germany has a rather low priority business ethics. In the United States enjoys a far higher priority.Many management consultants point to the dangers that go into the companies if they clearly act selfishly and cause damage by their image among potential customers and business partners. But even in-house money ethical behavior is of great importance. It can positively influence the motivation of employees, which affects the medium term and economically. The churches developed under critical rejection of libertarian economic theory, an alternative, less "market fundamentalist" economic approach, building on fundamental Christian beliefs. This model combines the organic matter with the social and economic issue and the long-term survival of humanity.

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