CHOCAL Aluminium Packaging With New Web Presence

The schabische packaging specialist particularly highlights the workings of its products on its new website. CHOCAL is one of the leading providers of high-quality packaging for almost any form of chocolate figures. Also for complex Schokohohlfiguren, the specialists are Schwabisch Gmund the right point of contact and offer with their high brilliant and very legible foil printing not only optical value. Packaging provides superior product protection by the material used, is absolutely hygienic and has an excellent tamper-evident especially in the sealed version with tear-off thread, unlike many commercially available Schokofigurenverpackungen. It consists of 2 shaped, brightly printed aluminium mould halves, which are put together with the help of special tooling to create a stable whole.

CHOCAL supports its customers in the packaging development in certain areas or comprehensively from the product idea to the finished packaged product and ensures that using a high-quality and individual packaging the product message is communicated directly and clearly. The packaging process will it be on-site at the customer, delivered the pre-formed foil halves of CHOCAL be this after inserting the figure just yet and should flare. Alternatively in the context of the packaging, the customer provides the casted parts of chocolate to be packaged or other moulded foods such as E.g. latch on CHOCAL, where these are lipped ends and packed according to the pad thickness in semi – or fully automatic systems. The products are delivered ready for sale marked the customers. In addition, CHOCAL provides integrated packaging solutions. CHOCAL packaging machines are available for flanged and / or sealed packaging tamper-evident (and if necessary with pull tab) and allow the customer to produce in-house preformed packaging for its own products.

With the new CHOCAL fully automatic of FFB Bulletin 8/8 be integrated film forming, filling, capping and marking up to the Output of ready products fully automatically. In this way maximum capacity can be the reach figure size up to 500 characters per minute with maximum security. CHOCAL aluminium packaging GmbH looks back on a history of over 50 years now. Then Horn metal goods factory was begun in the Walter manufacturing moulds for the manufacture of chocolate hollow figures. By the current production of embossed aluminum foils, this area expanded so much that he was convicted in 1960 founded sister company CHOCAL GmbH, which the foundations for a solid, future-oriented companies were created. Today the company as part of the Horn group has a wealth of experience, combined with the will of innovation and creativity, which allows to understand the individual needs of the customer and to implement customized solutions. The operation is HACCP -, PAS223-, and ISO 22000-certified and complies with the necessary conditions for the manufacture of food packaging. With the relaunch of the website under, the company now meets the strongly increased demand for information by purchasing posting separators in the Word Wide Web. The new website in German and English provides the intuitive placement of the respective processes in the Center and helps potential customers this way of decision-making. For the case of deeper information needs diverse, barrier-free contact of the ways. Konrad Bantleon

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