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As mentioned earlier, I Chronicles, II Chronicles, Ezra and Nehemiah provide a thematic unity. The author of the first two do not correspond to one or more of the latter two, although belonging to the same school literary and almost certainly were part of the staff of the Temple.
Specifically, Ezra and Nehemiah recount the events of an entire century, from 538 a. C. (Decree of Cyrus the Great) to the end of the activity of Nehemiah (432).
The share Nehemias specifically deals with the rebuilding of Jerusalem (Neh. 1-13).
Nehemias reaches 445 in the city and is responsible for rebuilding the walls. His term as governor runs until the year 433. More or less around 424 is the second mission of Nehemiah.
Despite the length of both books and the long period that they occupy, do not contain even the slightest mention of the period between 516 and 448 BC

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Israel National News
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