Classification Cosmetics

Each inherent desire to please. And what should we not say that inner beauty is more important than a person of foreign, well-groomed face allows us to achieve the desired faster. At the same time have a well-groomed and willing to face women and men! According to international experts, about 30% of male patients are cosmetologists and plastic surgery clinics. Today, many companies have created a special line of 'male beauty' is in mainly public and wealthy people and not just businessmen, and politicians noesche, actors and former athletes. Look good, have a beautiful face and nice look and it becomes trendy. Many are willing to pay for it's a tidy sum. And it needs to understand what features a beauty and what it can do for IMPROVED skin. What do people expect when choosing cosmetics? They aim to select those cosmetic products that are ensure their proper skin care and cosmetics uludshat health kozhi.Sovremennaya divided into two broad categories: mass cosmetics and professional make-up.

Mass Care – located in the free market, on its own criteria of price and quality is divided into sub-classes: luxury, pharmaceutical and mass market. Mass-market as much as possible a large class: this includes all the mass cosmetics intended for everyday care, and while it does not solve some really solid with skin problems (even if it is promised in the abstract). Such cosmetic products can vasosvobodit only one – a sense of contraction and drying the skin after washing. On the other hand, prices and quality in this category of cosmetics can be very large. This class belongs to the whole makeup rassiyskih manufacturers, and products of Polish, Bulgarian and Baltic cosmetics companies, and all the brands that are sold through direct sales, such as: Oriflame, Avon, etc. In pharmacies, often represented by two types of beauty: the beauty of mass consumption, which can be sold in pharmacies, and medical Cosmetics, which for some indicators was not included in the category of selective (luxury cosmetics). Selective cosmetics, make-up or call it a luxury of the elite – more brands belonging to leading fashion houses or companies have their own research institutes and laboratories.

For sale is a beauty in specialized departments of large stores, and certainly with the consultant. The cost for this makeup is high, as the buyer pays in I-x for the high quality and secondly for well-known brand (about 30% of the cost). The quality of almost all elite cosmetic brands are very similar, and their main difference from the mass market, the ability to vtoy Oli another degree addressed dovolnosolidnye skin problems, that is to deal with problems such as wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, dehydration or greasy luster, etc. And most of these cosmetic products are more dorogui and beautiful packaging. In the professional category of cosmetics in a separate group is allocated home care and natural cosmetics which are a good addition to professional cosmetics.

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