With the advent of spring, and even in the spring and summer there is a need for cleaning windows and facades. In the market of high-rise cleaning services and our company operates. Our experience, skill and application professional equipment allows us to quickly and efficiently perform the work in this area. Rope is a special kind of cleaning services for window cleaning and cleaning of the facades. Today, with the facade This stock company UNGER and professional cleaners. When washing the facade used high-pressure (HPA). To improve efficiency, complete with pressure washers, we use foam penogenerator.Aktivnaya retained on vertical surfaces and removes dirt better.

This dramatically reduces the consumption of detergent. Washing stucco facade is in gently so as not to spoil the finish. Washing high-rise cleaning work depends on the degree of contamination, the amount and availability of treated surfaces. Typically, it ranges from 30 rubles. / M. square. Hyundai has compatible beliefs. for cleaning a solid regular washable glass, up to 100 rubles. / m.

square. for complex plots. Using the techniques of industrial production of high-altitude mountaineering in the cleaning operations, significantly reducing their costs, compared with the use of cradles, derricks and hoists. Increases performance, while maintaining adequate quality. Given that only a small part of the buildings equipped with special lifts for the production of high-altitude operations, the use of industrial high on Cleaning high-rise market works, almost no alternatives, and develops at an incredible rate

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