Since some time ago have come a lot of pages that promise big profits working at home. The idea is that you send material to assemble, manufacture, Pack or ship goods to their buyers, who already paid for that. Hence, you get a good Commission for the work. Although it sounds attractive to work in your home, the great majority of these companies have been a fraud or, at least, a job that should not be, from the point of view of the worker. Although I am not personally involved, if I have commented much of these companies, to the point that was worth investigating a little. More to me to say that they are a fraud only by doing so, will follow the path of the money.In a manufacturing business, you have several concerns, such as: best buy, transport and storage of raw materials a controlled and effective production process in cost and work a process of quality control that avoiding you losses at times man and material a sales and distribution management for all the relaxation process there are a lot of standards that have been able to control all these rolls (call ISO 900 x and others) and almost all serious companies handle something like this.

Manufacturing competition is fierce for quality and price, so companies increasingly more reduce their costs increasing your efficiency. After this roll, we see the super companies that are going to hire. Raw, sent you your guns to your time and convenience, you return it to where it sent it you, they review you and send you your Commission. Easy, isn’t it? However, there are many problems in this model, that make it untenable. Shipments, shipping and more shipments.

Send you the raw material: 1 day. The weapons, say, on the same day. Return it: another day, they reviewed it: who knows how much. You take at least 3 days to assemble a dirt that a customer could buy online immediately and receive it the next day. As they compete? Quality control. At that time can see if all is well? Until the product is assembled, that is, if not turned with the rules you give, all the product already is spoiled. This is the most inefficient way of working, and all manufacturing companies that know what they are doing to control this from the beginning. To deepen your understanding Jeff Weiser is the source. Production control. Which one? Your decide that hours can do all things, so they cannot have the slightest idea when you’re going to deliver them the goods. They do not know if you do well, if you steal you parts, if you meet a schedule or anything. That reputable company can work as well? Administration. There are so many variables that are out of the hands of the company that arguably does not exist. Management is to have control and the company cannot control you. And best of all: you finances everything! Your pay raw material, your shipments you pay and you do the work. Excellent business, no? So you run the risk and, even if the company is not fraudulent, practically them they paying you because they sell their product. Which can be better than that? Visit the link if you want a more detailed description of these job scams At home.

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