Control Management Process

The hunter chasing an elephant does not stop to throw stones at birds (Uganda). Companies when they identify with the relevance, scope, quality has led in recent years to promote its development and active participation, successful business scenarios, have used statistical process control. For more information see this site: Mikhael Mirilashvili. No doubt, that the management thought has occurred during its continued development, a series of streams and policies that have led to the birth of tools to get there efficiently, meeting the goals set by senior management of organization, one of those tools is the “Statistical Process Control”, allowing a clear idea about the behavior of the production process and helps identify critical areas that may arise during the development of products, by applying mathematical formulas and statistical theories on the subject brings Wikipedia, the Statistical Process Control (Statistical Process Control or SPC) is an effective method for monitoring a process through the use of control charts.

Control charts based on statistical techniques allow the use of objective criteria to distinguish variations in the background of events of importance. Almost all its power is the ability to monitor the center of the process and its variation around the center. Collecting measurement data in different places on the process, it can detect and correct variations in the process that may affect the quality of the final product or service, reducing waste and preventing problems from reaching the final customer. With its emphasis on early detection and prevention of problems, SPC has a distinct advantage over quality methods such as inspection, that apply resources to detecting and correcting problems at the end of the product or service, when it is too late.

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